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Dangers at the CarnivalFor many children and adults, carnival rides are a source of fun and excitement, a classic form of entertainment, and a great way to spend time with friends and family. However, as the years have gone by, carnival rides have become less of a summer staple and more of a cautionary tale. Illinois roller coaster accident attorneys, as well as amusement park injury lawyers in general, have more work ahead of them than ever before legally representing victims of amusement ride accidents.

On May 5th of 2016, an eleven-year-old girl named Elizabeth Gilreath was severely injured as a result of a carnival ride. The long red hair she was known for got caught in a mechanism of the ride after she fell out of her seat, and as a result, her entire scalp was torn off. The ordeal lasted for five to ten minutes until the ride was finally stopped by an onlooker who noticed people screaming and a girl lying on the floor of the ride. The ride attendant fled from the scene, supposedly to get help, but he was not seen again. Initially it was unknown whether or not Elizabeth, who goes by Lulu, would be able to see again due to the extent of her injuries.

Long-Term Effects of the Incident

Flaws in the Foster Care SystemThe foster care movement in the United States was born primarily due to the lifelong efforts of Charles Loring Brace to provide a better life for the thousands of homeless and neglected children he found throughout New York City. He believed that every child deserved to have a proper upbringing by loving parents and felt that Christian farm families at the time were best suited to care for the children who had been discarded. Both then and now, the foster care system united some with loving families and was abused by others who sought to exploit children who had nowhere else to go.

Foster Care in the 1800’s

The Orphan Train Movement received its name by the way Charles Loring Brace would send orphaned children to new families via train. The movement helped over 120,000 children between 1853 and 1890 and would be the basis of legislation passed into law over a century later that regulates child protection and the process in which children are given into the care of foster parents. Brace founded the Children’s Aid Society and his two sons took the organization over after he passed away, continuing his work until the Great Depression.

Carnivals Push for Gains, Not SafetyWhile county fairs and carnivals held throughout the summer bring enjoyable fun, Ferris wheels and roller coasters, many hidden dangers may be lurking behind these entertaining attractions. This is because many summer carnival companies hire seasonal migrant workers who labor grueling hours under conditions that could threaten the safety and health of customers and workers alike.

Grueling Work Schedules

There are hundreds of traveling carnivals offering attractions to fill the midways of many state and county fairs all across North America. Most of them stay in business by hiring legal immigrants who often operate machinery 14 or more hours every day of the week. This heavy work schedule often leads to exhaustion, placing attraction ride patrons and the worker in great peril.

Regain Use Of Broken Arm

Terrible Playground Accident

It was a wonderful spring afternoon in 2011, and Amanda Bryant decided to take her children to the playground after school rather than return home and go inside. The family was only at the playground five minutes when Amanda’s daughter Catie ran to her mom seeking help: Ned was bleeding. Amanda was surprised that Ned, who was six at the time, was not crying, but she would later realize that was due to shock. Ned had suffered several fractures so severe that bones were protruding from the skin.

The Long Healing Process

Falling Televisions Pose a Danger to KidsWhile flat screen televisions may look great and are so much easier to move, people often fail to realize just how dangerous these televisions are to young children. When these televisions are not anchored to the wall properly, they may tip over quite easily, primarily because they are top heavy.

As these televisions have become more affordable and more popular, the number of accidents has increased drastically. Researchers at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio published a study in the Journal Clinical Pediatrics that highlights the fact that since 1990, the number of children who have become injured because of ‘heavy or unstable furniture’ has increased by 41 percent.

According to the researchers, a large part of the increase is because of the increasing popularity of flat panel televisions. As these televisions get bigger and bigger, traditional entertainment centers are not large enough or stable enough to hold these much larger televisions. The study found that almost half (47 percent) of the accidents involving falling furniture during the study period were because of televisions.

Sexual Allegations ignored in some communitiesThe allegations and reports of sexual abuse on children in the Catholic Church throughout the world have been well-publicized over the last few decades. However, even with the high-profile lawsuits and multiple million dollar settlements against the church, some allegations here in Chicago were dismissed. At least three Catholic Church parishes in Chicago’s south side that served a predominantly black congregations had allegations of child sexual abuse that, for thirty years, have been largely ignored.

Chicago Sexual Abuse Victim Labeled “Liar”

The allegations that seemed to fall upon deaf ears in Chicago’s south side were against Father Victor Stewart, among others. One of the victims, David Nolan, has been living with the pain of the sexual abuse that Fr. Stewart allegedly bestowed on him and many other young men in the community. Now 46-years old, David recounts his struggle, saying that he tried to report the abuse to both the Chicago police and the Archdiocese of Chicago, yet was ridiculed and called a liar.

Bounce House and Injuries

Three Small Children Fall Out of Airborne Bounce House

In a disturbing recent case, a bounce house containing three children was lifted into the air and caused the three children to fall out. Located in upstate New York, the bounce house appears to have been lifted by a gust of wind at about 3:20 p.m. A strong gust of wind suddenly picked up the bounce house, which was located near an apartment complex. The bounce house was lifted and dropped onto a schoolhouse in the area. Two boys the ages of 5 and 6 years old, and a girl the age of 10, were playing in the bounce house at the time of the lift. Reporters questioned witnesses, and their responses were that the bounce house was lifted 15 to 50 feet in the air.

When the bounce house was lifted at about 20 feet, the children were thrown out of it. The bounce house then continued to rise to about 50 feet. The 10-year-old girl was thrown out at a lower level than the two boys, and she has sustained minor injuries. One of the boys was thrown onto a parked car, while the other boy was thrown onto the pavement. The boy who landed on the car has suffered from a serious head injury, and the boy landing on the pavement has suffered from two broken arms, a broken facial bone, broken jaw and possible ruptured spleen.

Compensation for child carriersAccidents of all kinds leave a lot of pain and suffering in their wake. However, if children are involved in an accident, not only is the suffering doubled, claiming child injury responsibility and compensation becomes hard. Bikes with child carriers have become a very easy target for accidents. There are a number of reasons as to why this trend has surfaced over the years. Despite the high utility of these bike-accessories, there have been a number of observations scrutinizing the design of the carriers. However, what is more important is to realize is that even though the child carrier behind your bicycle may have been toppled over by mistake, you and your child are liable for compensation in such an event.

Who is to be blamed when a child is injured in a bicycle carrier?

Fixing blame on one party in the case of a bike accident with a child carrier is not easy. According to even the most professional lawyers, the decision of doing so is very difficult to make.

Safety in DaycareFor many families, finding a day care facility to trust with the care of a child while parents are at work is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Local day care providers offer a variety of services in a home, or at a center.

Violation of that trust leaving the child emotionally or physically injured can cause a lifetime of grief. Because of that, state legislators work to enact laws to set the licensing and operating standards to run day care centers and group homes.

In the state, the DCFS (Illinois Department of Children and Family Services) maintains the responsibility for setting licensing and operation standards at day care facilities. Hundreds of thousands of young children require the services of day care facilities in nearly every community, year-round. The state strives hard to set laws to protect these young children, and ensure their time away from home is spent in a safe environment.

Spaying and Neutering Dogs Can Lead to Less AccidentsResearch from the National Canine Research Foundation

The occurrence of dog bites is something every dog owner worries about in the back of his or her mind. If a dog bites a victim, an owner could be liable for paying thousands of dollars in operations or even be forced to put down the animal. Experts warn that there is no way to completely prevent the occurrence of a dog bite, however, there are ways to reduce the risk that a dog will sporadically bite a human.

Spaying and neutering dogs such as pit bulls can reduce the risk that these animals will bite people. In addition, dog owners can also take training courses through the Human Society to learn more about the behavior of their dogs. A training course can help a dog owner learn how to promote healthy behaviors in a dog and how to ensure that the dog remains tamed. Dog owners also learn how to socialize the dog with other dogs and people. The National Canine Research Foundation has found that spaying or neutering dogs has the ability to dramatically reduce the risk that these dogs will bite a human. The research also indicates that a dog that is not neutered is 2.6 times more likely to bite a human than neutered male dogs.