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Money Won in Lawsuit Help Child with CPA lawsuit against the St. Luke’s University Hospital and one of its doctors for malpractice netted a former Lehigh Valley family $55 million. According to the suit, Dr. Ronald Kirner and St. Luke’s University Hospital ignored signs that Matthew Crowell was not receiving enough oxygen during his birth at the hospital’s Fountain Hill campus in November 2009. Matthew was delivered via Caesarean section.

The details of the birth injury suit

The suit alleged that Matthew already had problems getting enough oxygen, but was further deprived of oxygen when he became stuck during the originally intended vaginal delivery. His mother began hemorrhaging, which promoted the emergency Caesarean section. According to the lawsuit, the doctors failed to notice that Matthew was initially having problems with receiving enough oxygen. This led to the delay of the aforementioned emergency caesarian section, which might have avoided the problems altogether. Because the doctors proceeded with the vaginal delivery, Matthew became stuck in the birth canal. This led to further oxygen deprivation.

Errors made in medical facilitiesWhen it comes to choosing a medical facility such as a hospital or a clinic, you would want to choose the one that is best for your particular medical condition and a facility that has an impressive safety record. Knowing this, many medical institutions have gone to great lengths to create an impression that they are a leader in patient care. Unfortunately for many patients who have learned first hand that behind the shiny plaques and awards there are medical facilities that are run by ordinary humans– who are still capable of making mistakes.

The Top Children’s Hospital

You can find different types of hospitals ranked by U.S. News on an annual basis. You would be amazed to know that even the top ranked children hospitals in the country have some grave mistakes in all aspect of the care that they provide to patients and the way that they handle medical records.

Stem Cell can help people with Cerebral PalsyOne of the many diseases that may be benefited by ongoing stem cell research is cerebral palsy (CP). While currently there is no cure for the disease, groundbreaking work is being done with stem cells that may hold hope for those with the disability. Although there are already stem cell treatments being used on CP in some countries, the study being performed at Duke University may closer to creating treatments in the U.S.

Cord Blood Stem Cells

The stem cells that have been at the center of much research are the mesenchymal cord blood stem cells. These stem cells are extracted from the umbilical cord blood after birth. Due to ongoing research, many parents have their child’s cord blood saved and banked incase there is a future cure that may be obtained from these cells. Although stem cells can be extracted from areas such as bone marrow, the umbilical cord blood cells are considered a younger, more versatile version.

Pain due to cerebral palsyCerebral palsy is a debilitating disease, which causes motor problems and physical disabilities in many of its patients. It is a very difficult disease to live with as patients have difficulty perceiving the world like others would. They have issues with depth perception; communication impairments and many other brain to body connections are distorted. Cerebral palsy is said to be congenital, forming at birth or at a very young age. Many of the individuals living with cerebral palsy are young children who have a hard time communicating with others not only because of their disease but also because of their age.

Chronic Pain in Cerebral Palsy Patients

One issue that tends to be overlooked is the pain that is felt by cerebral palsy patients. Many children suffering from cerebral palsy are also suffering from chronic pain most often caused by hip dislocation and dystonia. Dystonia is a disorder in which the individual suffers from abnormal muscle contractions, which can cause twisting of the limbs and repetitive movements.

Beer for Cerebral PalsyAmong the numerous campaigns aimed at creating awareness for cerebral palsy, a Swedish group by the name of the Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living (GIL) is developing innovative ways for creating awareness for Cerebral Palsy. The development of the beer follows their initial invention of developing a physically challenged doll with cerebral palsy. Their campaigns have received mixed reviews from the public with some groups against the efforts. Their taglines such as “treat her like a real retard” for the cerebral palsy doll received particular opposition, claiming that such efforts only subject the disabled to ridicule.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common form of physical disability in children, a term denoting a set of different neurological conditions that affect the brain and the nervous system functions.  The result of brain damage during the congenital stage, it hampers human development by the loss or restriction of motor function.  It is caused by injury or abnormal development of the brain either before birth, during or immediately after in the first two years of the child’s life when the brain is still developing. It affects muscle movements and motor skills such as muscle control and coordination, reflex, balance and posture.

Cerebral Palsy diagnosisCerebral palsy (CP) is not always a straightforward disease to diagnose in a small child. Since the symptoms vary and they are often similar to other diseases, it can be difficult to pinpoint CP as the cause. Parents often are the first to realize something is wrong, even when the outward signs are minimal. By listening to their parental intuition, parents can get their child the testing they need to find out whether their child has CP or other ailments.

Early Signs

CP often begins at birth and although difficult to distinguish as an infant, the signs are there. Most children with CP are diagnosed before two years of age, usually when parents start noticing that their child is not able to perform some functions. Infants who have difficulty with motor skills, focusing and taut muscles are showing signs that they may have CP.

cerebral_palsy_when_to_seek_legal_adviceA diagnosis confirming cerebral palsy in a child can change the dynamics of any family that could last a lifetime. Also referred to as static encephalopathy, cerebral palsy is actually a group of chronic disorders that impair the child’s control of movement. In many incidences, the condition develops during pregnancy, at the time of childbirth delivery or in the child’s first years of life. Many times, the condition is caused by an injury at birth that could be the result of human error or medical malpractice.

Characterizations of Cerebral Palsy

Often times, the condition affects the body’s nervous system that directly controls or regulates muscles. The medical condition is characterized by seizures, paralysis and spasticity caused by trauma during crucial development stages. Many patients with the condition experience mental retardation, delayed motor skills, and visual disturbance.

New Medical Treatment Methods For Cerebral Palsy Opens New Doors To PatientsA few years ago, there were only a few medical treatments that were made available for children who are afflicted by cerebral palsy. Now, through the advancement of medical technologies, children with CP can now resume their normal lives as there are more medical treatments available to reduce the symptoms of CP, as well as rid it completely.

An Inspirational Story For Children & Parents

After I read an article about a young man diagnosed with CP who went on to become an accomplished athlete, I have begun to accept and consider the major improvements on the medical aspect, particularly on the treatment of cerebral palsy.

Birth Injury Lawsuit A Chicago area hospital and treating obstetrician have agreed to settle a pending medical malpractice lawsuit for $12 million. The lawsuit was initiated by the mother of a 9-year-old girl who suffers from profound brain damage that allegedly occurred during the mother’s labor and delivery at Advocate South Suburban Hospital.

Alleging that the hospital staff and attending obstetrician violated hospital policy, the lawsuit was premised upon the failure to identify signs of fetal distress that had become apparent during the labor process by a fetal monitor that was measuring the baby’s heart rate.  Instead of ceasing the administration of pitocin and ordering a Cesarean Section, doctors neglected to respond appropriately to the indications of distress.

The failure to identify and react to the distress resulted in the baby’s irrevesaible brain damage and cerebral palsy.  In addition to having prominent cognitive disability, the girl also has physical disabilities related to her CP which essentially confine her to a wheelchair or bed as she is completely reliant on caretakers for assistance.

Medical Device That May Help Relieve Pain Related To Cerebral PalsyFor many of the estimated 800,000 people in the U.S. living with cerebral palsy, life can be difficult and often painful. Due to their disorder, people who have cerebral palsy can have a wide assortment of physical and mental challenges that they are forced to manage throughout their lives. Although there is no cure, breakthroughs in medications and therapy can help with many of the symptoms and reduce the pain and dysfunction associated with the condition.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy (CP), put simply, is a brain condition that impairs motor function in the body. There are different types and a wide variety of symptoms, varying from mild to severe. Some symptoms of the various types can be seizures, muscle tightness and spasms, mental retardation, and many other maladies. The causes for the disorder are generally attributed to brain abnormalities that can happen before birth or within the first two years of development, due to lack of oxygen, infection, brain trauma and other complications.