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A Police Officer Will Come to the Accident Scene

After an auto accident, you should always call the police. They will come to the scene of the accident and survey the scene.

They will speak to both the drivers and people who witnessed the crash. In some cases, they will issue a citation for a traffic violation. This can be very important to your car accident claim.

Accidents can strike at any time and cause you injury, expense, and other harm. Many times, these events and the corresponding loss will implicate policy limits (or policy limit) of insurance coverage offered by an insurance company or multiple insurance companies.

How do you obtain the relief and financial compensation afforded within policy limits?

Well, you need to send a policy demand letter that contains clear language as to the accident, injuries, costs, liability, and applicable policy limit or policy limits that the insurance company holds as well as a settlement demand or at least initiate settlement negotiations.

A t-bone car accident occurs when you least expect it. You are driving along, often through a green light or an intersection, and another driver fails to give you the right-of-way as they legally must.

The resulting accident could be devastating, especially because you did not have any warning to try to take evasive measures. These are among the most deadly and dangerous types of car accidents.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a t-bone car crash, we can help you. Call us for a free consultation to learn about filing a legal claim for your injuries.

All-terrain vehicles are exciting and a great way to have fun. They can also cause serious harm and damage if you do not operate an ATV properly.

Most states regulate ATF safety through related ATV laws. It is important to understand them so you do not run afoul of your state’s laws and so that you avoid accident and injury.

If you or a family member experienced a severe injury in a motor vehicle accident involving an ATV, contact our law firm today at (888) 424-5757. Schedule a free case evaluation with our ATV accident attorneys to discuss your compensation case.

Everyone knows that you need to buy car insurance and motorcycle insurance from insurance companies depending upon your vehicle.

Liability insurance is needed for the bodily injury and property damage you may cause or other related harm in a motor vehicle accident.

Note, some states do not require you to obtain insurance coverage or liability coverage.

The day that young drivers finish their driver’s education and exchange their learner’s permit for their driver’s license is a momentous one especially for teen drivers.

Leaving behind supervised driving and getting an unrestricted license can usher in a tremendous sense of freedom for someone of any driving age.

However, a driver’s license can also bring a licensed driver into danger if they are not careful.

After an accident, so much focus is on the drivers of the car. Many people overlook and forget that there may be injured passengers in either of the cars who have their own legal rights.

They can also receive compensation for their accident injuries. This can come from one or both of the drivers. First, they need to contact a lawyer if they have suffered injuries to learn more about their rights as a passenger.

When a driver fails to exercise reasonable care, they can be made to pay when you have been in an accident as a passenger.

The quick and explosive nature of any car accident may cause personal injury requiring medical treatment, diagnostic tests (x-ray, x rays, mri scan, mri’s, medical imaging, neck or disc tests and scan pictures, personal examination by a doctor, muscle diagnosis, etc.), and other medical treatment.

These are all designed to detect and diagnose the symptoms of serious pain and injuries that injured victims experience in a car accident like a herniated disc, soft tissue damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other

Getting an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) may help spot these injuries. Our law firm encourages anyone with serious personal injury to their body from a car accident to get an MRI scan and x-rays because these MRIs may show your medical injuries more than other tests.

A serious but all too common consequence of a car accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). They can leave you or a loved one critically injured with headaches or even worse after a car accident or auto accident.

They can leave you unable to perform daily tasks due to the headache after a car accident or motor vehicle collision. You will not enjoy life the same way or perform many of the same tasks because of the blow to the head from the car crash.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers works with victims of motor vehicle accident crashes including those with a traumatic brain injury or headache after a car accident (i.e. post traumatic headaches).

The speed and blunt force of automobile accidents can put tremendous trauma on different parts of the body including the shoulder.

Those blows can manifest themselves in different ways and different personal injuries. To address these serious injuries, you may need surgery, prescription medication, physical therapy, and other rehabilitative care.

This will not be easy. Shoulder damage from motor vehicle accidents can change your life. They often tax personal injury victims in the form of medical bills, missed work, handicaps, lost hobbies, pain, and other direct and indirect costs. We can help though!