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No Seatbelts in Bus that CrashedLow-cost bus services like Megabus are proving that a cheap ride can have expensive repercussions. 43 people loaded into a coach in hopes of winning it big at Salton Sea Casino in California last month, but their expedition ended in disaster when their bus slammed into a truck, killing 13 people and leaving more injured. Despite claims over bus driver negligence, it is a reality that lives could have been saved had passengers had access to seat belts. The bus accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have long decried lawmakers for not putting regulations into place which would require motor coach services to install seatbelts in all of their vehicles.

Regulations Have Stalled Despite Multiple Disasters

A proposal to require seatbelts on all public buses was made as far back as 1968 after 19 people were killed in a bus accident. It was not until this month that such a proposal will finally go into effect, proving that lawmakers have long catered to the needs of bus companies rather than forcing them to implement policies and install equipment that saves lives. Many of the buses that are still on the road do not have seatbelts and will not have them in the near future because they were produced before current regulations took hold.

Dangerous Records for Mega Bus CompaniesThe recent Megabus crash is the fourth collision that has occurred for the low-cost carrier since October 2014. The recent accident happen just south of Indianapolis, Indiana on Interstate 65. Initial reports indicate that the double-decker bus did not provide adequate time or distance to avoid hitting a semi-truck stopped in the roadway. In addition to the initial collision, subsequent passenger vehicles collided into the wreck causing a chain reaction. No one in the other vehicles suffered any life-threatening injuries.

Megabus is a major transportation provider carrying thousands of passengers to their destinations every day. Throughout every year, the company transports more than 18 million passengers across northern America. The company is owned and operated by Coach USA, a recognized interstate commercial carrier with more than 250 buses in their fleet. As a low cost transportation carrier, the bus line offers one-way tickets for as little as one dollar. Because of that, most of the company’s buses traveling the nation’s interstates are filled to capacity.

Even though the 19 injuries occurring in the April, 2015 bus crash were not serious, important questions have been raised about the company’s procedures on maintaining their buses along with driver training and road safety. While the carrier is able to offer low-fare solutions, they also have the ability to avoid various safety rules because they pick up and drop off customers at curbside locations instead of traditional bus terminals. Continue reading ›

Blue Line CrashesA recent Blue Line crash has spurred intense scrutiny of current emergency measures utilized by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The massive railcar accident occurred on September 30, 2013. Federal railroad experts are in the midst of investigating the crash and CTA emergency precautions so that they can make future recommendations to the CTA. The federal railroad experts have not stated which recommendations they plan on making to the CTA.The Blue Line crash occurred at the Harlem Station, and it is where the current investigation is being carried out. There were four rail cars and an eight-car train that were involved in the crash and ultimately towed for examination. It is expected that federal agents will complete their investigation within one year.

Testing for Abnormalities in the CTA Train Cars

The investigation of the crash is expected to reveal the probable cause of the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently in charge of the investigation. The Board has been collecting evidence of the crash and will be involved in testing the electronic system currently utilized by the CTA. The investigation process will reveal how the parked cars were released during the accident. The railcars are over 30 years old, so this old age could account for a worn-down system.

Bus safety with kids on the busA school bus continues to be the safest method of transporting children to school and back home. In fact, a ride on the school bus is often safer than riding a bike, walking, or using a private vehicle to drive the child to school. However, stepping off the bus removes the child from that secure environment, and places them in a “Danger Zone.”

It has long been recognized at the greatest risk of riding a bus is actually approaching it or leaving it. More children are killed every year getting on and off the school bus, than in school bus related accidents (see here) involving negligence. In addition, most children that are killed around school buses average 5 to 7 years in age.

A young child is most likely to be involved in an accident entering or exiting the school bus because they:

Lawsuit Filed Against Bus Operator With Poor Safety RecordHiring an experienced bus accident attorney is the last thing a bus company wants the families to do when a loved one has died in a fatal crash while riding one of their buses. In fact, bus companies will do whatever is necessary to convince family members of deceased victims to accept a quick settlement.

However, this effort by the bus company is usually a “low ball” offer, and not the true value of the case, based on the injuries and damages involved. The bus company recognizes that if the victim hires an attorney and takes the case to trial it could cost them substantially more. However, victims suffering injuries or have died because of the negligent actions of the bus company and/or the driver are entitled to receive fair compensation for their injuries, pain, suffering and damages (view our bus accident page here). The families of deceased victims are entitled to recompense for their loss.

Every year, bus accident victims or their families hire attorneys to achieve a larger verdict or a higher amount through an out-of-court settlement. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have represented bus accident clients. These reputable attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the devastating financial and physical consequences that a bus accident caused their clients and family.

blown out tireTire blowouts cause thousands of accidents every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that over 78,000 accidents are caused each year from tire blowouts and flat tires. These resulted in over 10,000 serious injuries and over 400 deaths.

With tires being such an important component for vehicle safety, tire manufacturers need to make sure that the tires they produce will not prematurely expire and cause these types of accidents.

Tire Recalls

$14 Million Awarded To Amputee Who Lost Leg In Bus Accident [Photo Caption: 21-year-old Ashley Zauflik lost part of her left leg in a school bus accident in 2007. (Photo courtesy of]

Five years after she was run over by a school bus, Ashley Zauflik was awarded $14 million by a local Pennsylvania jury.

The 21-year-old woman was one of 17 high school students who was struck by an out-of-control bus in early 2007. The accident resulted in Zauflik’s leg being amputated above the knee.