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Quick-Thinking and Courageous Brothers Save Lives in Illinois Truck Crash

Brothers Save Lives in Truck CrashAfter two brothers wrapped up their work for the day at their family restaurant in Illinois on April 21, they were on their way home when they observed a semi-truck veer into another vehicle and burst into flames. One brother instinctively stopped his vehicle, and both men jumped out as they ran toward different sides of the truck to help. They could feel the heat increase, and one brother elaborated that he heard two explosions.

Brothers Rescue Passengers

The 54-year-old brother pulled a passenger out after the Illinois truck accident and moved him to safety at the side of the road. However, the brother explained that the passenger was shaking in a spasm-like manner. In the meantime, his older brother attempted to direct traffic when he heard cries for help from underneath the vehicle. He reacted without thinking and explained that he was operating on pure adrenaline.

When he looked underneath the truck, he noticed it had run over a vehicle and pinned a woman and young girl underneath. The lady’s hair was already burning as was the back of the child’s clothing. He reached underneath and snatched the pair away from danger. Somehow he managed to carry the child to safety across the busy freeway. He expressed his concern that the vehicle might have exploded after the Illinois truck accident.

Law Enforcement Observations

Law enforcement personnel reported that the truck hit a vehicle when the truck changed lanes. The truck driver swerved and hit a second vehicle, lost control and collided into a wall. Police confirmed that the bystanders rescued the three victims. One person sustained serious injuries and burns and was taken to a medical facility; three additional people received minor injuries.

After the wreck, one of the gas tanks on the truck caught on fire. The truck driver received tickets for improper lane change, failure to provide insurance and failure to display a medical card and log book. Law enforcement personnel continue to look into the Illinois truck accident.

Brothers Final Thoughts

The brothers don’t think of themselves as heroes. They reacted quickly to the critical situation but wondered at their lack of thought as they ran toward a burning truck that could have exploded at any time.