Broken Hip Blamed on Negligent Nursing Facility

Hip Fracture Blamed on NegligenceA patient recovering from hip surgery fractured her hip again when nursing staff at Brentwood Nursing Home failed to supervise her and she fell from her wheelchair. Her daughter has now filed a lawsuit against the facility, citing neglect, negligence and violation of the Nursing Home Care Act as the causes of her mother’s injuries. The incident occurred on May 4, 2014 and the lawsuit was filed on February 3, 2016 in the Cook County Circuit Court. In addition to the cost of medical bills, the plaintiff is seeking damages for the pain and suffering her mother endured because of her injuries.

Injuries Suffered in Under a Month of Care

Rosie Pigrum was admitted to the Brentwood Nursing Home on April 11, 2014 and reinjured her hip in a fall on May 4th— less than a month later. Her stay at the facility was short lived due to concerns her daughter had over neglect, lack of supervision and negligence. She was moved from the facility by August 13, 2014 and Rosie’s daughter alleged that she suffered medical complications and undue pain and suffering due to the incident. Damages being sought in the case exceed $50,000 and include the cost of litigation and attorneys’ fees.

The Nursing Home Care Act protects the rights of nursing home patients, which include the right to receive attentive care. Neglect and negligence can be considered violations of this law if it is determined that staff members did not meet their duty of care by properly supervising patients who are at risk of falls or who require assistance. If the Brentwood Nursing Home is found in violation of this law, it could be subject to fines and penalties in addition to being held liable for damages.

Understaffing Linked to Numerous Cases of Neglect

As more for profit nursing facilities enter the market, there are a growing number of neglect cases stemming from the inability of depleted nursing home staffs to provide attentive care to all of their patients. There is a strong link between understaffing and diminished quality of care, making it more important than ever to send a message to nursing homes that the wellbeing of patients can never take a backseat to profit margins. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is a leading nursing home negligence law firm that is dedicated to improving the quality of nursing care across the State of Illinois through the use of punitive measures that will discourage nursing home companies from their negligent behaviors and policies.

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