Alcohol May Be To Blame for Fatal Golf Cart Accident

Accidents with golf cartsJennie Welch, 25, succumbed to her injuries in the afternoon of 14 July after falling from a moving golf cart. The police arrested Jason Pelton on drunken driving charges.  Welch, from Brighton, Massachusetts, suffered a severe head injury as a result of the accident and died at the IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

The police were called early Sunday morning around 3:55 am to the intersection between Cypress lane and West Road in Dune Acres, where the accident had occurred. Pelton, Welch and a Chesterton man were reportedly returning from a wedding reception where they had been drinking. Coming down a steep hill, the cart began to vibrate, the deceased fell off and was severely injured.

The accused, Pelton, of San Francisco, had a blood alcohol level of 0.13 percent at the time of the accident that is considerably above the legal limit, which is 0.08. After the fall, the accused and the Chesterton man initially thought Welch was joking, only after driving back they discovered that the deceased was unconscious and bleeding profusely. According to police reports, Welch was sitting to the right while Pelton in the middle had been operating the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The 27-year-old driver immediately ran for help to a local home, the emergency medical services were immediately summoned. However, the victim died a few hours later owing to considerable head trauma. The driver failed numerous sobriety tests and was visibly under the influence, he was arrested on numerous drunken driving charges

The effects of alcohol on the body

Drinking Alcohol affects the body in many different ways these include physical as well as mental changes. These include many adverse effects on the human body, increasing the chances of accidents as the person loses hand-eye coordination. Alcohol is a known depressant and slows the body down, affecting the brain’s responses, and instills a false sense of confidence in the person. People tend to take more risks and start to behave recklessly. It affects judgment, slows down our body movements, and impairs vision and hearing, not to mention the lack of concentration and drowsiness.

Impaired reactions, alcohol & golf cart accidents

Given the circumstances, the chances of the death of Jennie Welch due to drunk driving are high. As we have already seen, the accused had a blood alcohol level quite above the legal limit. He must have been experiencing drowsiness, slow body movements, impaired vision as well as numerous other symptoms, which may have led to him not being able to control the vehicle at the steep hill. He failed all the sobriety tests and was quite intoxicated.

Later, a false sense of confidence prevented them from going to her aid sooner believing she was joking. However, in contrast, the deceased had also been drinking but her blood alcohol levels at the time of the accident are not known and could have been much higher. All the symptoms could also be applied to her, when the cart began to vibrate, she could have been so intoxicated she was not able to control herself or hold onto something for support and consequently fell off the cart.