8 Ways For Bicyclist’s To Help Watch Out For the Other Guy

When it comes to avoiding a bicycle accident in Chicago, observing traffic laws and basic safety often isn’t enough. It’s important to stay alert for erratic behavior among the other people on the road. To stay safe, our team of bicycle injury attorneys offers this list of ways to spot potentially dangerous drivers.

Tips to Reduce Bicycle Accidents1. Fit Your Helmet

Bike helmets are necessary – and the law – but the wrong helmet can obscure your peripheral vision. Check with store staff about getting the right size helmet and wearing it properly.

2. Ride With Traffic

Although this means you’ll have the nearest cars approaching you from behind, it gives you the greatest possible warning for oncoming vehicles – the most dangerous kinds of collision.

3. Look for What Doesn’t Fit

Drunk, texting, or otherwise irresponsible drivers move differently from the cars around them. Watch such vehicles carefully, and give them a wide berth.

4. Leave Yourself Some Room

Don’t get caught between a car and a guardrail, wall or parked truck. Only enter narrow, confined spaces when you won’t have to share them.

5. Watch for Turns

Turning cars are on the lookout for other cars, and might miss your bike. Consider any car approaching or stopped at a nearby corner to be a potential threat.

6. Ride Forward at Stops

Creep ahead of the lead car in line at any red light. If you stay back, you’ll be invisible to cars on the opposite side of the line.

7. Know Your Routes

It’s your right to cycle where you want, but be smart and choose routes that offer wide, slow streets. There’s a time to prove a point, but potential life-threatening collisions aren’t one of them.

8. Take Up the Lane

If speed allows, ride in the middle of the lane as if you were in a car or on a motorcycle. This maximizes your maneuvering room and makes drivers more likely to see you. If traffic on the road is too fast for you to keep up, consider a different road.