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Wrongful Death Caused by Negligent Security

failure to provide security fatal accident If a family member was injured due to negligent security, then contact us for a free consultation from an injury lawyer.

A lawyer from our law firm may be able to bring a case for injuries and damages against the property owner under Illinois premises liability law.

We have sought recovery across many practice areas so call us to talk about your injury and the business owners or owner that may be responsible for the crime.

If you are in an apartment or at business, it is important to take action quickly in order to preserve evidence and conduct an investigation. A lawyer may be the difference between success and failure against the insurance or property owner.

Get a Free Consultation About Chicago, IL Wrongful Death Cases and Claims

If you or someone you know is injured or killed on someone else's property, then contact us to hear about how you can seek damages for that negligent security and failed security measures.

Property owners have the legal responsibility to establish security systems to make sure thirty party visitors are not harmed property and suffer injury.

If they do suffer damages, then the owner might face a crime, claim, or other cases due to legal theories of negligent security.

Contact us if your loved one was hurt because of negligent security and see if we can file a complex claim or claims for the victim within the two year limitations for causes of action in Illinois. The team at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can help and it is free to start.

How Negligent Security can Lead to Fatalities

Legal disputes may arise frequently when a victim is on someone's property and suffers injuries from a third party due to negligent security.

Here are some of the most common negligent security events that may lead to injuries and a subsequent claim:

  • Insufficient security cameras, fencing, or other protective devices to prevent intruders from coming into apartments, nursing homes, and hospitals and attacking people and causing injuries.
  • Security guards that do not stop fights from breaking out at entertainment venues.
  • Faulty barriers or exits that cannot stop a stampede from forming and allow others to get trampled.

Any wrongful death caused by negligent security can be a crime. Contact a lawyer to see if he or she may help you file a claim to recover compensation you are owed under Illinois law.

Laws that Allow You to Act After a Fatal Accident on Someone Else's Property

If your family member, spouse, or other significant other is mortally wounded because of a security breach on someone else's land, then you need to review the laws to understand how to get help. Illinois affords relief to those harmed by negligent security on third party property in a couple of key ways.

The first way that the law helps you is by setting affirmative obligations on property owners. They must protect invitees against known dangers and take reasonable steps to prevent harm from occurring to people who are legally on their land.

The second way that Illinois law gives you a right to relief is by holding property owners responsible if they act negligently. Property owners cannot act in a way that is unreasonable for the situation and that includes ensuring that they provide security that makes sense.

The third and final way that the laws of the state matter to you when it comes to a security event is that they specifically define guard, camera, and other security measure rules. In many cases, statutes declare the extent and kind of efforts to be taken here.

For example, grocery stores must employ lights after a certain time of day. Additionally, security staff have the obligation to act in ways different scenarios and the property owner can get in trouble if they do not.

These three or four illustrations highlight just how much power a victim of negligent security has after an incident to get help and relief. If you have more questions about Illinois law after an event like this, call us to discuss your case.

Relief That may be Available after a Deadly Security Incident

If you lose a family member in a security breach on another's property, possibly even a car accident, you may wonder what a legal action can do. We offer free case evaluations with a lawyer to help with just that. In these talks, we focus on a few key areas of recovery including the following.

First, you can seek reimbursement for your costs. Calculate all of the out-of-pocket losses that the event created like funeral bills, hospital fees, future long-term support harms, property damage, and similar calculations.

Second, you can seek legal assistance for intangible damage including lost companionship, lost consortium, pain, grief, and related non economic harm that the property incident created in your life.

Third, you can petition the court for punitive damages if the property owner's harm was exceedingly reckless. Courts may award this kind of compensation only to prevent others from doing the same. They will be more likely to do so if the event occurred during the commission of a crime.

Sample Cases Involving Security Negligence

Below are some examples of how negligent security cases are valued under Illinois law. Should you have questions about your situation, we invite you to contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

$4,190,000 Settlement; Negligent Security Wrongful Death Case; Chicago Illinois; 2007:

This premises liability action represents the true nature of responsibility and liability that property owners have for personal injury caused by negligent security or inadequate security. Here, a personal injury claim was brought after someone died at an after-party following a wedding.

The guests had gathered at a bar just opposite of the parking lots of the wedding venue. At some point, a fight broke out and the security guards came in to break it up. They tied one of them up and put pressure on his neck to quell his efforts to break free.

Unfortunately, this caused fatal injuries that may have caused his wrongful death. A loved one of the decedent brought this premises liability and wrongful death lawsuit against the defendants for negligence.

They argued that had the owners not been negligent and employed adequate security, the man would not have died and they would not have incurred damages including pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages, medical expenses, personal injury, and other claims. This was a multi million dollar action as the defendants settled with the family members for a reported $4,190,000.

$600,000 Negligent Security Lawsuit; Chicago Illinois; 2008:

This premises liability action against a property owner started when an elderly man broke out of a nursing home and killed another person. The victim had several surviving family members.

They sued the property owners for wrongful death caused by negligent security. The wrongful death claim sought damages for the victims of the loved one that died and implored the property owner to take greater security measures to make sure no one else would die because of this again.

The defendants initially tried to make the case that this was not caused by negligent security, a lack of security cameras or security guards on the property, or other commercial security problems.

Rather, it pointed to the intentional conduct of the assailant as the sole and proximate cause of the killing. Yet, presented with that man's mental incapacitation and its own failures to guard the public from him, they decided to settle and they gave the family $600,000 for this negligent security case.

$3,920,000 Settlement; Negligent Security and Premises Liability Wrongful Death Case

In this controversy, a pair of brothers walked into a Chicago-area grocery store. They were in the Logan Square neighborhood. Apparently, as soon as they arrived at the commercial establishment, they were harassed by a group of gang members.

The gang ensemble did not stop once the brothers left the grocery chain. They bugged them all the way out to the parking lot and they started to become more violent. They shot at them, killing one of the boys and paralyzing the other.

These claims and cases were brought subsequently and plead that the property owner or a related third party was negligent and responsible for their pain and suffering.

Specifically, they claimed that the defendants' negligence lay in a lack of security measures or inadequate security. For example, their security cameras were not working. The defendants responded vigorously to these negligent security cases.

They replied that they could not have done anything to prevent these tragic outcomes including death. Yet, as trial loomed, the parties began to talk and the defendants began to really hear their legal claims from the accident and cases. Then, they decided to help and offered them almost $4 million to settle.

$1,089,650 Verdict; Illinois Negligent Security Lawsuit; 2018:

This incident occurred at a local bar in the Chicago suburbs. Two groups of people were partying at the nightclub when a fight broke out in the parking lot. Someone reached out and sucker-punched a member of the other party. The victim was in his middle thirties. The blow landed on his temple and sent him to the ground.

The personal injury accident was so severe that he had to be rushed to the emergency room. He spent almost two weeks there but passed away. This wrongful death claim was brought by his family against the assailant and property owners (on premises liability theory).

They argued that negligent security was responsible and could have prevented the situation from escalating. They also argued that the actual perpetrator intentionally attempted to kill the decedent. Both defendants refused these assertions.

The building owner replied that negligent security was not the culprit. Instead, it pointed to the man that attacked. In the end, the jury cut it down the middle but the company settled with the plaintiffs for $100,000 before that. The jury ruled against the assailant for a little over $1 million. That sum was meant to compensate the family for medical expenses, lost society, grief, and sorrow.

Talk to a Chicago, IL Lawyer About a Wrongful Death Case Involving Negligent Security Today

If you suffered injuries at an apartment or building owned by another because of negligent security, then give us a call.

Our law office can explain what relief and compensation may be available in an Illinois claim. We work on contingency so that you will not have to pay us a dime until we win for you. All you need to do is contact our team. Let us get the ball rolling and talk today.

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