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Naperville Truck Accident Lawyer

Naperville Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck accidents are the most dangerous motor vehicle collisions because commercial trucks weigh thousands of pounds more than cars and have much larger blind spots. A serious truck accident can result in catastrophic injuries or death for everyone involved.

Were you hurt in a truck accident? If so, seek medical attention immediately, then call an experienced truck accident attorney to handle your case. At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, our personal injury attorneys ensure that injured victims receive maximum compensation for their damages.

Contact a Naperville truck accident lawyer today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone number) or use the contact form to schedule a free case evaluation. All confidential or sensitive information you share with our legal team remains private through an attorney-client relationship.

Naperville, Illinois

Naperville, IL, is renowned for its affluent population, and is home to some of the world's largest technology companies. However, its proximity to I-88 and neighboring Aurora has also made it a relevant contributor to the transportation industry.

Millions of semi-trucks travel through the greater Chicago area along I-88 each year, and many of these trucks make their stops at Naperville's warehouses or its Kraft production plant.

Serious trucking accidents can result in the injury, impairment, or death of anyone who is involved. Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to injuries from semi-truck accidents because they are generally unable to escape the large blind spots surrounding these vehicles.

Truckers threaten pedestrians, unaware that trucks cannot stop or swerve quickly enough to avoid an impact. Bicyclists, in particular, are at the highest risk of injury when trucks collide with them because they do not have any metal around them to protect their bodies.

The high volume of trucks sharing the roads with Naperville's motorists places them at risk of being involved in an accident. The truck accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are the leading representatives of those injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, trucking company, and truck manufacturer.

Naperville Truck Accident

Naperville Industry Invites Trucking Companies

Technology giants such as Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, and Tellabs provide Naperville with its prestige and make it home to numerous affluent white-collar workers. However, many people remain oblivious to the fact that Naperville is heavily involved in industry and transportation.

ConAgra, Kraft Foods, and BP America all have homes within Naperville and use their locations to store and distribute products. The Kraft Foods plant has existed since 1968 and produces every box of Triscuits distributed on the North American continent.

Trucking companies are the primary distribution source in the Chicago area because Chicago and its suburbs receive more goods via rail than are sent. Logistics companies store and ship products that have arrived as needed across the country - most often on trailers delivered via semi-tractors.

However, the staggering surge in large commercial vehicle traffic has increased the truck accidents rate.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data, 35 fatalities and 2,838 injuries involving large truck collisions in the greater Chicago area over a two-year timeframe. These statistics make it clear that Naperville is not immune to serious trucking/car accidents, and the number of fatalities in recent years is particularly troubling.

Naperville Truck Accident Lawyer

Common Causes for Naperville, IL Truck Accidents

The Naperville area is a bustling community with many attractions and businesses. Unfortunately, the numerous trucks that transport goods throughout the city threaten residents and tourists alike.

There are several factors involved in truck accidents, including poorly maintained roads and bad weather conditions. However, some of these incidents can be avoided if drivers take precautions while driving on roadways near schools or construction sites.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), catastrophic truck accidents throughout Illinois are the result of many contributing factors, including:

  • Distracted driving, when truck drivers are not focused on the road
  • Speeding, which jeopardizes safety for everyone on the road
  • Illegal maneuvers, such as lane hopping or sudden braking
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Lack of maintenance when trucking companies are more focused on profits than safety
  • Angle turns when truck drivers collide with passenger vehicles
  • Rear-end collisions when truckers fail to see the brake lights of cars ahead
  • Sideswiping when truck drivers unintentionally collide with another vehicle along a busy road
  • Failing to obey traffic laws, such as running stop signs or red lights
  • Tire blowouts or structural damage to vehicles can also cause truck accidents. When passenger vehicles are involved in Naperville truck accidents resulting from any of these factors, they too are at risk of being severely damaged.

Truck companies put all drivers in danger when they do not act responsibly on the road. Therefore, it is important to hold these negligent entities accountable for their actions by taking legal action against them.

The Size and Weight of a Large Commercial Vehicle Lead to Catastrophic Fatalities

Semi-tractors may transport more than 42,000 pounds of goods. Their size alone places the people in passenger vehicles at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries or death. It is especially true when trucks are involved in crashes involving emergency response vehicles (police cars, ambulances, fire trucks) and construction equipment.

Many people may not know that when a semi-tractor trailer collides with another vehicle, the impact can lead to devastating results. These machines weigh more than ten times what an average car weighs and are three-and-a-half times longer. As a result, in every accident, they are involved in causing serious damage.

Illinois Truck Accident Statistics

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has published some alarming numbers about fatalities resulting from semi-tractor trailer accidents in the state of Illinois:

  • From 2008 to 2012, there were ten semi-tractor crashes every year involving cars and trucks. Of those accidents, seven involved at least one fatality.
  • In 2012, two fatal semi-tractor crashes in the state resulted from a failure to reduce speed - one of which involved a car and another that included a flatbed truck.
  • In 2013, there were no fatalities from semi-tractor trailer accidents in Illinois. However, several nonfatal crashes resulted in serious injuries.
  • In 2014, there were three fatal crashes involving semi-trucks with cars and one involving a flatbed truck. Of these accidents, two of the collisions involved emergency vehicles (police cars and ambulances). These crashes resulted in four fatalities.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's records, Illinois ranks second in the nation for traffic fatalities involving semi-tractor trailers. In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported that there were 176 accidents involving large trucks resulting in at least one fatality on Illinois roadways in 2013 (the most recent year this data is available).

The NTSB also stated that more than half of all fatal truck crashes in the United States involve a car and a semi-tractor trailer.

These fatalities and injuries could be prevented if trucking companies did a better job of hiring responsible drivers and enforcing stricter standards for commercial vehicles.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Rules and Regulations

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), truckers and trucking companies must follow established Federal regulations, rules, and protocols to ensure highway safety.

Unfortunately, some drivers are not properly trained or tested to drive large commercial vehicles, leading to tragic results.

These rules are in place for the safety of everyone involved in road accidents - including truckers and passenger vehicle operators. Here are some of these guidelines:

  • Truckers must pass a physical exam every year and maintain a good record on their CDL (commercial driver's license).
  • When truck drivers apply for a new CDL, they must pass a general knowledge test specific to the type of vehicle they want to operate. They must also pass drug tests and background checks.
  • Truckers must take defensive driving courses every two years and get recertified, as needed.
  • Truckers must be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.
  • Truckers must become familiar with a wide range of road conditions throughout the state or region they serve, including knowing how to drive in potentially hazardous weather conditions such as rain, snow, and ice. FMCSA also requires truckers to carry chains for their tires when driving in mountainous regions.
  • Truckers must maintain positive communication with dispatchers and make sure they are not driving more than 11 hours at a time or 14 hours total each day (this time includes loading, unloading, and any other work-related procedures).
  • Truckers must keep their truck in good working condition at all times.
  • Truckers should always be conscious of speed limits and never drive faster than is safe for the current conditions.
  • Drivers should always know the weight of their trailers and follow state laws regarding maximum allowable weights (which can vary based on the number of axles, size of the load, and other factors).

Drivers must always check their tires before departing on a trip. If they have any questions or concerns about tire treads or air pressure, they should pull over immediately and call for help from a commercial vehicle service provider. It is important because underinflated tires can cause accidents if they lose air as the driver is on the road.

Truckers must take time to inspect their trucks and log any issues they find before departing on a new trip, including checking lights, brakes, air tanks, and other items used for on-the-road travel.

Failing to follow the rules and perform routine maintenance on a large, heavy commercial vehicle could be catastrophic.


Naperville Truck Accident Law Firm

You Were Involved in a Truck Accident in Naperville, IL? What You Do Could Save Your Life!

Truck accidents are often fatal. Truckers and passengers riding in large commercial vehicles have a higher fatality rate than people in cars or SUVs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 9% of all traffic fatalities involve large trucks. Therefore, you need to protect yourself and others around you in any truck accident until first responders arrive at the scene.

If you were involved in a truck accident in Naperville, consider following the steps provided by a Naperville truck accident lawyer.

  • Seek medical attention immediately. Only a doctor with the best diagnostic tools can accurately determine your current medical condition and if you have suffered any non-obvious injuries.
  • Call 911 to report the accident to file a police report. Make sure to request assistance from the police, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency responders.
  • Only give your statement to the authorities. They will need this information for their investigation into the crash. Report any driver or vehicle violations you observed immediately. You should also tell them if anyone was injured or killed, how many were involved in the accident (including yourself), and other important details.
  • Do not discuss your accident with anyone other than legal authorities and your attorney. Discussing what happened with others could provide evidence that proves you might have been completely or partially responsible for the accident.
  • Hire a truck accident attorney if you are injured or do not know how to proceed. It will allow you to focus on your recovery while the attorney protects your rights and interests. You should call a personal injury attorney as soon as possible because there is a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions to heal properly. Any failure to seek and obtain medical care for your injuries could diminish the amount of financial compensation you receive if the defendant's attorneys or insurance company tries to diminish the case, deny your personal injury claim, or deflect the responsibility to you.

Some of the best truck accident lawyers are members of the National Trial Lawyers Association. Our law offices can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

The NHTSA also states that more than 4,000 people die each year due to large truck crashes - this is equivalent to one death every 14 minutes!

Moreover, it's important to remember that most injuries from these collisions don't occur during the initial collision but rather from being ejected from your vehicle or because you're trapped under debris following impact. It's scary stuff!

High Profile Naperville Trucking Accidents

Catastrophic accidents involving semi-tractor-trailers throughout the Naperville area reveal hazards to residents and visitors. Some of those accidents include:

  • In June 2018, local police closed an intersection where a motorcyclist struck a semi-tractor-trailer. The incident occurred at the intersection of Route 59 and 95th.

    The investigation indicates that a forty-nine-year-old motorcyclist operating an Indian Touring bike traveled northbound before striking the back of a semi-tractor-trailer. The biker was transported to Edward Hospital to receive emergent care for severe injuries. Law enforcement charged the biker with driving under the influence.

  • In February 2019, the Naperville Police Department closed a portion of Route 59 to clear a single-vehicle accident that had occurred just after 7:30 PM. The truck crash involved a semi-tractor-trailer that struck a utility pole, causing the power to be turned off to residents.

  • In January of 2014, a truck driver collided with a stalled truck and caused a multi-vehicle accident, claiming the life of a tollway worker and severely injuring a State Trooper. The driver had falsified his logs to work more hours than allowed by law, and the accident resulted from his operating a truck while extremely tired. While the driver was charged with multiple offenses, the case revealed that the driver's employer might have been complicit in the negligent behavior that the driver exhibited.

    Renato Velasquez, the driver at fault for the accident, worked for DND International, a transportation company based out of Naperville. On review of DND International's history, it was discovered that the company has one of the worst safety records in the nation. It scored lower than 93% of the trucking companies operating in the United States.

    In the two years preceding Velasquez's accident, DND International had been cited on over 100 violations, and drivers were caught working beyond their allowed hours of service and falsifying logs on numerous occasions. Many of these violations were crucial and could have resulted in truck accident cases involving accident victims.

In 2018, the Illinois Department of Transportation identified 2701 total accidents within the city limits of Naperville, Illinois, resulting in three deaths and 915 devastating injuries.

  • Rear-end collisions (1175).
  • Turning accidents (552).
  • Hitting a vehicle at an angle (274). The three deaths involved one truck accident victim hitting a fixed object and two truck accident victims in turning accidents. Most injuries were due to hitting a vehicle at an angle.

Poor Policy and Reckless Behaviors Cost Lives

You are operating a vehicle while tired has similar effects to your reaction time under the influence of alcohol. In addition, studies have shown parallels between tiredness and drunkenness behind the wheel.

Not only does it take longer to notice and react to potentially dangerous situations when tired, but you are prone to make more unfortunate decisions when fatigued than when you are well-rested.

Large semi-tractors carrying loaded trailers also require longer stopping distances and can pulverize most vehicles they may encounter. These accidents often result in severe and life-altering injuries that include the following.

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Injuries to the spine, neck, and back, often resulting in paralysis
  • Deep lacerations, puncture wounds, and mutilation/amputations of limbs
  • Crushed bones and compound fractures
  • Burns and scarring
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) fatalities
  • Paralysis including paraplegia, quadriplegia, tetraplegia
  • Death

Research shows that a lack of sleep is a serious public health issue. It affects the lives of both individuals and society at large, causing an estimated $16 billion in annual losses due to accidents on our roads alone.

Naperville Truck Accident Attorney

Hiring Naperville Truck Accident Injury Lawyers Now

The Naperville truck accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are passionate about finding justice for those harmed in preventable accidents because of reckless behaviors driven by corporate greed.

Our team is comprised of the finest specialists in accident reconstruction, medicine, rehabilitation, economics, and trucking law. Our motor vehicle accident attorneys have maximized the compensation many clients have received due to negligent commercial truck driving and company policies.

Contact us at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or use the contact form now to arrange a free consultation to learn more about how our law firm can put our team to work for you.

During your initial truck accident case evaluation of your personal injury case, we will provide legal advice and discuss legal opportunities to seek compensation to recover your medical bills for serious injury and funeral costs for wrongful death.

Please consult with a Cook County truck accident lawyer from Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, or visit that link to see further information. In addition, we can provide info about our law offices for additional information on legal representation.

Our personal injury attorney practice areas, locations of our law offices, and filing a personal injury lawsuit or claim against the insurance company before the Illinois statute of limitations expires.

Our legal team accepts all personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. This promise ensures you pay nothing until your case is resolved through a negotiated settlement or jury award.


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