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Naperville Car Accident Lawyer

The Naperville car accident lawyers at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC understand that increased traffic congestion continues to be an inescapable problem for commuters in the Chicago Metropolitan area. The congested traffic during peak hours in Naperville, Illinois, overloads the existing transit systems and roadways every business day. The Chicagoland area is home to two of the four most congested national highway systems within the US – Interstate 90/Interstate 94, including the I-90 Circle Interchange.

Naperville Crash Statistics

These congestion problems regularly account for some of the severe motor vehicle collisions our personal injury law firm handles in Naperville. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an Illinois car crash, we encourage you to talk to a Naperville car accident attorney for free to learn more about your legal rights.

The frustration of being stuck in traffic for hours on end is only part of the problem. Exasperated motorists expect delays caused by traffic accidents occurring from reckless actions of distracted drivers. However, not every major accident happens in ‘start and stop' traffic. Drivers will often push the limits of safe driving on roadways and side streets to get home or to work on time.

As a result, helpless others are often victimized by the careless actions of negligent drivers, causing severe accidents. Many of these Naperville care crashes involve severe injuries and fatalities in densely populated areas of Chicagoland from downtown radiating to its outlying suburbs.

Recent Naperville Auto Accidents

Naperville car accident lawyerIn June 2020, a seventy-seven-year-old pedestrian lost his life after being struck by an SUV at the intersection of College Road & Hobson Rd. in Naperville. The decedent, along with a seventy-one-year-old female, was crossing the street in a designated crosswalk. Doctors pronounced the man dead shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

In March 2015, Naperville law enforcement officers responded to the report of an accident occurring at Modaff Road and 75th St. indicating a bicyclist was hit by a vehicle. First responders arriving at the scene observed a 2009 Chevrolet van and a bicycle rider at the intersection.

A preliminary investigation showed that the bicyclist was traveling northbound when it was struck by the Chevrolet van moving westbound on 75th St. The cycling victim of the bicycle accident suffered severe injuries and received emergency medical attention at the scene of the crash before being transported to a local hospital.

Just three months later, a driver was arrested for allegedly crossing her vehicle into opposing traffic before colliding with another car traveling northbound on Raymond Dr. at Queensgreen Cir. The motorist was charged with improper lane usage and DUI (driving under the influence) of alcohol. The injured victim in the other car was extricated from the vehicle by the local fire department and transported to the Naperville Edward Hospital suffering from serious injuries.

Severe car accidents in Naperville Illinois are not uncommon. Two individuals lost their lives in fatal accidents in 2012 in an accident occurring on East Diehl Road close to Centre Point Circle and a separate accident at Royal St. George and Briargate Drive. In 2013, another victim lost their life at the scene of a fatal accident on East Diehl at Freedom Drive.

Where do Vehicle Accidents in Naperville Occur?

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has obtained data from the Naperville Police Records Department via Freedom of Information Act regarding traffic safety data in the city. According to information provided, there were the following traffic-related injuries and deaths in Will County and DuPage County:


  • Total Number of Crashes: 4,291
  • Total Number of Injuries: 651
  • Total Number of Fatalities: 0


  • Total Number of Crashes: 4,173
  • Total Number of Injuries: 681
  • Total Number of Fatalities: 5


  • Total Number of Crashes: 3,759
  • Total Number of Injuries: 642
  • Total Number of Fatalities: 4

Our FOIA request confirmed that the following intersections were the most dangerous areas to drive locally:

Top 10 crash intersections for 2015:

  • Route 59/1-88:
  • Route 59/Diehl Rd.
  • Route 59/North Aurora
  • 75th St./Naper Blvd
  • Ogden Ave/Aurora Ave
  • 75th St/Washington
  • Ogden/North Aurora/Raymond
  • Ogden/Naper-Wheaton Rd
  • Ogden/River Rd
  • Route 59/95th St.

Top 10 crash intersections for 2016:

  • N Route 59/North Aurora Rd
  • E 75th St/ S Naper BI
  • E 75th St/ S Washington St and S Route 59/111th St
  • W 75th St/ Book
  • W 75th St/ Naperville Plainfield Rd — Rickert Dr
  • N Route 59/1-88
  • N Route 59/W Diehl
  • N Route 59/ Ferry Rd
  • W 75th St/Millbrook and Aurora Av/Ogden Av
  • Ogden Av/North Aurora Rd-Raymond Dr

Top 10 crash intersections for 2017:

  • N Route 59/North Aurora Rd
  • E 75th St /S Naper BIvd
  • Aurora Av/ Main St, E 75th St/S Washington, N Route 59/E 1-88
  • Ferry Rd/N Route 59 and S Naper Bl/E Chicago
  • W Diehl Rd/ N Route 59 and W Ogden Ave/N Route 59
  • Iroquois Ave/E Ogden Av and Rickert Dr/S West St
  • Aurora Av/ S Eagle St, Cedar Glade Dr/95TH St, W Ogden Ave/Aurora Ave
  • S Washington/E Chicago Ave
  • 111TH St/S Route 59, E Ogden Ave/N Naper, Hassert BI/Book Rd, N Naper BI/E Diehl Rd, S Naper BI/Market Ave
  • Naperville Wheaton Rd/E Ogden Av, S Brainard St/E Chicago Av, S Washington St/ E Hillside W 75T” St/Millbrook, W Ogden AV/ Feldott Ln, 95th St/Book Rd, 95th St/Plainfield Naperville Rd 95th St/S Route 59

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), many of these car accident cases are caused by negligence, reckless driving, and not wearing a seat belt. All personal injury clients filing wrongful death cases were family members of those who lost their lives needlessly by the negligent or reckless driving of others.

Naperville's Red Light Enforcement Program

In the summer of 2007, Naperville City Council endorsed the city's Red-Light program to reduce severe injuries and fatalities in the community. The council initiated the order to decrease the numbers of red light violations occurring at major intersections throughout the city. By 2009, many of the red-light cameras were installed at major crossroads in the hope of reducing the number of crashes occurring in the community.

The system is designed to capture an image of a motorist causing a traffic violation when turning on a red light without stopping. The system designed to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety tickets drivers who fail to stop at an intersection where right turns are permitted on a red light. While the program has been somewhat successful, severe accidents with injuries still occur.

Filing a Claim for Compensation For Injuries Sustained in an Illinois Car Accident

Being involved in an Illinois car accident often creates a host of questions, including which parties are at fault, who will pay for your damages, and can you be reimbursed for lost wages. In many situations, claims adjusters working for insurance companies will attempt to settle the car accident case quickly to minimize their financial payout. By offering a quick settlement, the insurance carrier can avoid much of the legal process of involving a personal injury lawyer who might offer their client more legal options to obtain more compensation.

Unfortunately, many victims are unaware of the seriousness of their injuries and the value of their case and settle for an amount far below fair compensation. Because of that, victims will hire a Naperville car accident lawyer to resolve the claim successfully to ensure their medical bills, hospitalization expenses, and the cost of medical treatment is covered.

Personal injury attorneys specializing in Illinois motor vehicle accident cases are incredibly knowledgeable about relevant Illinois civil tort laws and the state's procedural rules that significantly affect the case. A skilled personal injury lawyer can advise you of the statute of limitations deadlines that could permanently prevent you from ever filing a claim or lawsuit.

Also, an experienced Naperville car accident attorney can file a lawsuit or claim on your behalf and build your case based on every possible defense raised by the other side – the party at fault for the automobile accident. Through legal representation, our law firm can help level the playing field, especially when you are facing the vast resources and experience of a large auto insurance carrier.

Hiring a Naperville Car Accident Attorney

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC at (888) 424-5757 can work on your behalf and perform all the legal legwork in negotiating a settlement or taking your case to trial. Our personal injury law firm understands the ins and outs of handling large and small accident claims.

Our legal team extensive experience in dealing with various insurance companies and can build your case by gathering necessary evidence including witness statements, police reports, lost wages information, loss of future earning capacity, medical records, and hospitalization bills.

If you or a family member was injured in an automobile accident and need an Illinois car accident lawyer, contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC today for a free consultation. Let us use Illinois law and the state's legal system to handle your personal injury case. There are no upfront fees for our legal services, and you will owe us nothing if we are not successful in resolving your case.

Our law firm serves as your legal advocate and representative to negotiate your claim. Our trial lawyers work on your behalf throughout the claims process to ensure that you receive adequate recompense by presenting your motor vehicle collision, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian injury case in front of a judge and jury when necessary.

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