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There is really not much that we are able to do to reduce the severity of motorcycle injuries other than to take every measure possible to prevent the accidents in the first place. Motorcyclists lack the protection that all other motorists are afforded by advanced technology and structural components designed to absorb kinetic energy, and their injuries are often much more serious. The Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers recognize the physical and financial impact of motorcycle crashes on the victims and fight tirelessly to ensure that they are able to afford the medical treatment that they need to recover as well as compensation for their out of pocket expenses.

Illinois Motorcycle Accident Rate on the Rise

The weather in our state has been more pleasant and dry in recent years, and this has encouraged motorcyclists to take to the roads in greater numbers. Thankfully, the number of motorcyclists killed by motorists in accidents is small when compared to the total number of those who have been injured, but more than one out of three motorcycle injuries is classified as Type A. Type A injuries are those which greatly alter the ability of the injured to live normal lives and include paralysis, amputation and severe brain damage. We need to take greater efforts to be aware of motorcycles on the road and give them the respect that they deserve in order to prevent such debilitating injuries.

Location Has Little Impact on Injury Risk to Motorcyclists

It is a common assumption that riding a motorcycle through highly trafficked urban areas is more dangerous than traveling rural roads, but crash data suggests the risk is about the same. 76 motorcyclists were killed in city accidents in 2013 while the same number died in rural accidents. Riders are slightly more likely to report injuries in the city, but the additional risk isn’t that significant. 528 motorcyclists suffered Type A injuries on city roads compared to 439 on rural streets.

Helmet Use Improves Prognosis for Motorcycle Accident Survivors

Data has shown that just as many motorcycles died in accidents while wearing helmets as those who chose not to, but the use of a helmet prevented two-thirds of victims from suffering severe brain injuries. This makes a strong case for the use of helmets, even as most states still do not require their use. Regardless of whether you use a helmet or not, however, it is important to be aware of the fact that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in accidents than any other motorist.

Types of Injuries Sustained By Illinois Motorcyclists in Accidents

The speed and force of impact are great influences on motorcyclists who have been struck by another vehicle or who have lost control of their bikes. The initial impact can result in injuries when a limb is caught between two objects and then additional injuries may occur when the motorcyclist hits the ground. He or she may also be dragged along the pavement and suffer additional injuries from contact with the pavement. Common motorcycle injuries include the following.

  • Multiple fractures and crushed bones. Compound fractures are common in motorcycle accidents due to the force exerted on the victim and exposure to his or her surroundings.
  • Deep lacerations and mutilation. Glass, metal parts, road debris and other objects can slice, puncture or scrape the victim. While every effort is normally made to save affected limbs, the injuries may be too severe to forgo amputation and infections become a concern as well, facilitating the need to remove the limb in order to save the patient.
  • Broken neck, back and spine. Serious accidents can result in complete paralysis from the point of injury down. The cost of caring for a loved one who is paralyzed is extensive and can exceed $2 million depending on the location of the injury and the age of the victim at the time of injury.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Injuries to the brain can impact the ability of the victim to lead a normal and independent life. They can result in loss of memory, impaired speech, inability to concentrate, loss of motor function and numerous neurological conditions that have a longstanding impact on quality of life.
  • Death. Motorcycle deaths represent over 13% of the total fatalities in motor vehicle accidents across the nation. Compared to 1997, the number of people killed in motorcycle crashes has doubled in 2013.
Seeking Compensation after an Illinois Motorcycle Accident

The majority of motorcycle accidents occur because a motorist is either distracted or fails to notice or yield the right of way to the victim. When reckless or careless behavior has such a permanent impact on another person, it is well within the victim’s rights to seek compensation for his or her injuries as well as for other financial considerations. The forms of damages you may be entitled to include the following.

  • The initial cost of your medical care, including emergency treatment and prescribed surgery or therapy.
  • Out of pocket expenses that resulted from the treatment of your injuries.
  • Loss of income due to your inability to return to work.
  • Pain and suffering and change of lifestyle.
  • The cost of long term treatment in the case of permanent injuries.
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