Motorcycle Accident Bone Fracture Valuation in Illinois

What Is Bone Fracture Case Worth InjuryBone fractures are common in any vehicle accident but especially so with motorcycles. They come in a variety of forms and are typically accompanied with absences from work, medical attention, and significant pain. Here are some case summaries to give you a sense of how juries and insurance companies evaluate motorcycle accident cases involving broken bones.

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The plaintiff, in this case, Mr. Grady, was driving his motorcycle around a small town in northern Cook County when a truck driver immediately and unexpectedly turned into his lane and caused a collision. Grady had just entered a left-turn lane and was about to turn when the truck merged into the same path without signaling, without yielding, and while on his cellular phone. The crash caused significant breaks and tears in Grady’s knees, wrists, hands, and shoulders. 

He sued the driver and the driver’s employer; however, because the conduct of the driver was deemed to be wanton and willful (talking on the phone while driving), it was not within the course of his employment and the employer was dismissed as a defendant. The jury returned a $495,000 verdict for Grady.

Ms. Miller was riding her motorcycle on a busy road in Bolingbrook when she noticed a car closely tailing her. The car drove right up to the rear of her bike then tried to go around her. However, in the process, the car clipped her motorcycle and caused an accident. The incident left Miller with a fractured clavicle as well as other various injuries all over her body. 

Both sides claimed that the other driver was at fault, failed to slow down, failed to keep a proper lookout, and was otherwise negligent. The jury believed Miller and awarded her a $50,000 verdict but also saddled her 45% of the responsibility for the crash that almost cut that figure completely in half.

Both drivers in this incident were driving down a busy road, Route 64, in Kane County. Soulides turned left to enter a Dairy Queen and cut off Paul. They crashed right into each other and Paul suffered a broken bone and other injuries. Paul and his wife brought a negligence action against Soulides claiming damages related to loss of income, medical bills, and related items. They settled out of court for the insurance policy maximum of $100,000.

This case involved a head-on collision. The plaintiff, Mr. Murawski, was riding his motorcycle down a state highway when the defendant’s car crossed the median line and ran smack into him. Among various injuries that he sustained, Murawski also broke his leg, and that condition eventually deteriorated to the point where he needed an amputation

Naturally, Murawski sued the other driver for negligence. While the defendant did proffer a defense, it did not last long possibly because of the precise nature of who was at fault in this case. Thus, both sides quickly settled for the insurance policy maximum amount of $250,000.

Mr. Rankin attempted to drive his motorcycle through an intersection when he was hit broadside by another vehicle that was attempting to turn left. Among other bruises all over his body, he also sustained a serious leg fracture. 

At trial, both parties contended that the other was driving too fast and not keeping a proper lookout. Possibly because of the ambiguous circumstances of fault in this particular incident, the parties decided to settle for $50,000 rather than risk losing even more in court.

Karas was riding a motorcycle around Blue Island, Illinois when a truck veered into his lane and collided with him. He reportedly suffered various injuries including broken bones; therefore, he decided to sue the truck driver and the driver’s employer under a respondeat superior theory of vicarious liability. 

His suit alleged that the truck driver was driving too fast, turned without signaling, and turned without determining if there was anyone in the other lane. The defendants said much of the same things about Karas. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, often the jury sides with the aggrieved and they did so here as well-finding for the plaintiff, Karas for $159,000.

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