Motorcycle Accident Back & Neck Injury Valuation in Illinois

Personal Injury Case Back NeckSome of the most painful and obtrusive injuries occur to the back and neck of victims. They normally imply long-term pain and rehabilitation requirements. With motorcycles, they are incredibly common because of the lack of protection and steadiness as opposed to traditional automobiles. Here are some case summaries of settlements and verdicts involving Illinois motorcycle accidents with back and neck injuries.

The motorcyclist here, Mr. Ross, was driving down Lake Shore Drive near downtown Chicago a little bit after midnight. Unknown to him, there was a cop car watching traffic in a hidden location in the vicinity. Without signaling or using his lights, the cop turned into traffic and collided with Ross. 

The incident left Ross with extraordinary neck and head injuries. Not soon after he decided to sue the cop and the police department. He claimed the cop negligently turned into traffic and failed to avoid the crash; additionally, the suit alleged that the department failed to adequately supervise and monitor its employees. 

Both defendants shot back that Ross was driving too fast, should have kept better watch of the road, and was the real culprit in the accident. The jury found for the plaintiff in the amount of $3,317,000 for damages related to medical bills, pain and suffering, and disfigurement. However, the jury also found that Ross was 10% responsible for the incident; thus, his recovery was lowered by the same amount.

Peter Chilton was riding his motorcycle around a town in northern Illinois when a car from behind clipped him, causing him to fall forward and injure his back and neck. 

He sued the driver, Joshua Uhlir, for negligence and sought damages for his medical bills and associated injuries. Uhlir agreed that he was negligent but denied that he caused Chilton’s injuries. The jury did not buy this paradox and returned a $53,000 verdict for the plaintiff.

The plaintiff in this case, Ivan Lally, was driving his motorcycle down the highway when a tractor-trailer rear-ended him. The force of the crash sent him flying nearly a hundred feet down the road and gave him serious neck and other injuries. 

Lally claimed that he needed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to medically repair these injuries and sought over $1 million at trial from the other driver. 

In response, the defendant claimed that most of the plaintiff’s harms came from injuries he received while working as a cop the year before the incident. Also, he claimed the plaintiff was contributorily negligent by swerving into his lane right before the crash such that the defendant could not avoid the incident. The strong arguments offered by the defense might explain why jury only returned a verdict of $35,000 in the face of the plaintiff’s large demand and steep medical bills following the crash.

Steven Reed was riding his motorcycle down a quiet road in southern Illinois when a cab changed lanes right in front of him. He was left with hardly any time to slow down and he collided with the cab suffering extensive injuries to the neck, back, and pelvis. 

He sued the cab driver as well as the cab company but only the former was still remaining at trial. He argued in court that the defendant should have signaled his turn, changed lanes at a slower speed and checked before turning, among other things. 

For his part, the defendant retorted that Reed was driving too fast and should have kept a better lookout to avoid the crash. In typical fashion, the jury gave a sizeable verdict to the plaintiff but almost half of the responsibility as well and that cut the award by nearly 50%. In this way, juries typically seem to compromise.

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