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Motor Vehicle Accidents: A Resource Guide for Safety

No one wants or expects an accident, but motor vehicle collisions fill the news, slow traffic, and end lives every day. The most frustrating part of this fact is that many of those collisions could have been avoided. Although you can't control what other people do on the road, you may be surprised how much danger you can avoid by educating yourself and taking advantage of the many great resources available to drivers like you. You can never know too much about road safety. Even if you have a perfect driving record, you can always get ahead of danger with the latest information and advice.

Defensive driving, well-maintained vehicles, equipped safety gear, and general awareness all cut risk. Even if the worst happens, these skills and tricks may reduce the damage caused by a collision, prevent injuries, and keep all parties safe in the aftermath. Individual drivers protect each other by doing their best to take care of themselves.

Taking precautions isn't just good citizenship. It's also a great way to avoid surprise repair fees, medical bills, and the stress of an accident. Every collision is costly. At the very least, it can affect your car insurance rates, even if you are not technically at fault for an incident. Then there's damage to your vehicle, which you may have to cover out-of-pocket if the other driver was uninsured. Physical injuries not apparent at the scene of the crash may appear over the following weeks, taking a toll on your productivity, comfort, and mental health. Costs may grow over time, and it's hard to tell how much you'll end up paying when you're first struck. Remember, even a minor collision can cost thousands in damage, regardless of who is at fault. Going the extra mile to prepare for the inevitable dangers of driving cost very little now, and they may save you big bucks down the line.

Do you have loved ones you worry about when they're driving? It's a well-known fact that teenage drivers have a higher than usual risk, and many people also have valid concerns about the safety of elderly friends and relatives behind the wheel. Fortunately, even these at-risk demographics can protect themselves and avoid many risks behind the wheel with a few tips. Driving safety is easy to learn, and there are plenty of great resources for every age group. Sending a child to college or waving goodbye to grandma and grandpa after a holiday get-together is much less stressful when you're confident they're prepared for surprises. Even if you can't go with them, you can help ensure they have all the safety equipment they need, their emergency kit is ready, and their vehicles are safe to drive.

In the panic of the moment, it's hard to know what to do. That's why it pays to be prepared. Our resource list below can help you reduce your risk of an accident, know what to do if you get caught in a fender-bender, and how to keep teens and elderly drivers safe on the road. Motor vehicle safety begins with you, and you can do more than anyone else to reduce the danger to your health and property.

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