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Medical Transportation Accident Attorneys in Chicago, IL

Handicapped Transportation AccidentElderly patients and those with disabilities cannot always make it to their doctor or therapist appointments without assistance and often rely on medical transport companies for help.

Many Chicago area companies are responsible for the safe transport of their clients to their destination when driving them to the hospital, doctor's visits, and shopping centers. Unfortunately, accidents occur everywhere, mostly when transport company drivers failed to secure the rider in place with seatbelts and straps to hold the wheelchair securely.

The transport company and driver might be held liable for any injuries that result from an accident or inadequate treatment.

A Medical Transportation Injury Lawyer can Help

The medical transport liability attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are aggressive defenders of Chicago car accident victims' rights when their injuries are due to the negligent or irresponsible behavior of those tasked with providing care and service.

Our car accident attorneys will initiate an accident claim and speak to the insurance company on your behalf to ensure you, or a loved one, receive adequate financial compensation. Contact our personal injury attorneys today at (888) 424-5757 for a free case evaluation.

Medical Transportation Accident Injury FAQs

How do the Elderly get Transportation?

State and federal government agencies make all forms of transportation available to the elderly, including specialized door-to-door service. Often, these transportation opportunities include scheduled pickup and delivery on fixed routes or through ridesharing programs operated by volunteer drivers.

Many communities offer various transportation agencies that arrange, monitor, and supervise programs providing to and from transportation for senior citizens. The elderly can use transportation for trips to the hospital, doctor's offices, shopping centers, grocery stores, or to visit family and friends.

What is a Transport Accident?

Legally, a "transport accident" is a crash involving any motor vehicle, school bus, subway, train, or rail system transporting customers for payment. Injured victims in a transport crash might have the legal right to seek financial compensation from the transportation provider, operator, or others involved in the accident.

How Many People Die in Transport Bus Crashes?

According to the National Safety Council, 117 individuals died in 2018 in accidents involving a transport vehicle. Eighty-one of the deaths involved transport vehicle riders, twenty-two were pedestrians, and two were riding bicycles.

Additionally, over 13,000 individuals suffered mild to severe injuries in transport vehicle accidents in 2018, including more than 7000 occupants inside the bus/van.

How a Lack of Transportation Affects Health?

According to the National Institute of Health, a lack of transportation for the elderly creates barriers to health care access where senior citizens miss doctors' appointments, delaying their care.

In some cases, the delayed or missed medication use and the need to reschedule an appointment create life-altering consequences that might result in more inadequate management of their acute and chronic medical conditions. Ongoing transportation problems could create significantly declining health outcomes for the aging patient.

What is a Lack of Transportation?

Many senior citizen households do not have personal transportation options, nor access to medical transport to visit the doctor, drugstore, or other health care provider.

Many elderly individuals do not have sufficient funds to pay for transportation or live too far away from a Metra or Chicago Transit Authority-CTA bus stop. Most senior citizens do not have access to a family member or loved one who can drive them where they need to go at the appointed time.

Services Provided by Medical Transports

Most people associate medical transport services with emergency care, but ambulatory services - such as medical transport vans, buses, and ambulances-- are used for various reasons. Patients can utilize the services of these companies for the following.

  • Regularly scheduled doctor's visits— ambulatory services can help elderly and disabled patients see their doctors when needed for regular checkups if their family or friends cannot drive them or there isn't access to any other form of assistance.
  • Urgent care— non-emergency urgent care is classified as any injury or condition that needs immediate medical attention but is not life-threatening. These medical problems could include cases where the patient fell and broke a bone, suffers from a non-life-threatening illness or other medical concerns requiring attention within hours.
  • X-rays and imaging scans— if the patient requires an x-ray or imaging scan and cannot make it to the appointment without help, ambulatory services provide a method for the patient to transport to the doctor's office and back home again.

These image scans identify brain injuries, fractures, broken bones, and other severe injuries.

  • Physical therapy and outpatient procedures— medical transport services can assist elderly and disabled patients. They are unable to walk without assistance due to an injury that makes it to physical therapy sessions.

Those requiring outpatient care, such as dialysis and other procedures, may also rely on these services.

Types of Medical Transport Accidents

The employees tasked with transporting patients in the United States are responsible for door to door assistance. This help means that from the moment the patient leaves their doorstep until they arrive at the intended destination, the ambulance service is responsible for their well-being.

The following are some of the ways that negligent medical transport employees can injure patients.

  • The driver has an auto accident that results in injuries to the patient. If the motorist is found to be at fault, they and the transport company might be held liable for any resulting injuries and property damage.
  • The patient is injured due to improper chairlift use. Transport company employees must know how to use chairlifts safely and do so with caution to ensure that patients do not fall or aren't harmed by the lifts' moving parts.
  • The driver fails to secure a wheelchair. The brake should be applied to ensure that it does not roll and move outside of the caregivers' control unless the wheelchair is in motion. The Bus driver must secure the wheelchair correctly inside of the vehicle to keep the patient from being tossed around when moving or in a car accident
  • Many medical malpractice cases involve the lack of medical care for patients in a wheelchair. Employees transferring a patient into or out of a wheelchair must provide adequate supervision and attention to help the patient in and out of the chair without falling. The failure to do so may result in serious injury.
  • The transport company neglects the patient. There are some personal injury claims where the public transportation employee leaves the patient outside in inclement weather or a dangerous location. It is always the employee's responsibility to consider their patients' safety and never leave them in hazardous environments.

Hiring a Chicago Medical Transportation Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Chicago bus accident, you might be entitled to recover compensation for the value of your personal injury case. These damages might include medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, pain, and suffering, and more.

The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC law firm has been providing award-winning legal representation to the injured for many years, and our lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and proven track record needed to ensure that you.

Contact our Cook County experienced attorneys today (888) 424-5757 to arrange a free consultation with a State of Illinois medical transport liability attorney to take legal action. Our car accident lawyers can review the details of your accident case or wrongful death lawsuit and let you know more about your rights and legal options.

All discussions with our law office remain confidential through an attorney-client relationship. Attorneys must file all necessary documents in the appropriate county courthouse before the statute of limitations expires.

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