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Vehicle accidents involving limousines are often the result of the negligent driving by the limo chauffeur. Often times, personal injury involve can be catastrophic and permanent due to the physical weight and size of the limousine while traveling on the road. Many times, accident victims require immediate emergency room attention.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represents passengers and motorists who have been injured in Chicago motor vehicle accidents involving limousines. If you were injured in a collision with a limousine, we invite you to discuss your circumstance with an attorney who can explain your legal options without any cost or obligation to you. Complete our on-line form and an attorney will be in contact with you within 24-hours.

Passengers Expectation Of Reasonable Care By Limo Drivers

The large Chicago metropolitan area roadways are often filled with “for hire vehicles” including chauffeured limousines. Passengers riding in a limousine expect to be treated with “reasonable care, provided by the limo service in their capacity to drive safely and out of harm’s way when transporting customers around Chicago and the suburbs.

However, the duty of a limousine service to provide reasonable care can be breached when an accident occurs, and causes serious injuries including broken bones, brain trauma, lacerations, and other serious conditions. Because of their breach of duty, the limousine service, driver and insurance carrier can be held liable. Passengers suffering physical or emotional trauma caused by an accident and the neglectful action of the driver can file a claim or lawsuit for financial recompense.

Other Motorists and Pedestrians Involved In Collisions With Liveries

Because a state of Illinois regulated limousine service is a common carrier, the company owes the community a heightened level of care beyond normal. Because of the length, width and weight of a limousine, limo companies are expected to hire the best drivers that are fully trained to handle the equipment through any kind of road or weather conditions. Often times, limousine drivers make an error in judgment when driving, and cause serious accidents to other motorists (visit page), bicyclists (visit page) and pedestrians (visit page).

In some incidences, when too many people are riding inside the limousine, the extra weight can cause the limo to become unstable when driving on the road. When a limousine service puts their profits ahead of customer safety, it puts passengers, other motorists and pedestrians at risk because the vehicle is too heavy making it difficult to maneuver and brake.

Legal Liability Of Driver And Limousine Company To People Injured In Accidents

The limousine company and driver are licensed as a common carrier by the state of Illinois and must follow specific rules of operation. The company and driver are required to provide the utmost diligence and care when providing safe carriage for every passenger. In addition, the vehicle must be maintained properly to ensure the utmost safety at all times. When the company and/or driver fail to exercise the utmost safety, diligence and care, they might be financially responsible and legally liable for every personal injury and damage proximately caused by their breach of duties.

The owner of the limousine service is often held liable, even if it is only the driver at fault for actually causing the accident. In fact, the limo owner may also be liable if it can be proved they hired unqualified drivers or did not provide proper training for the driver operating the limousine.

Financial Compensation Available To Those Injured In A Chicago Limo Accident

A limousine accident lawyer may be able to build a solid case for passengers, other motorist, bicyclists and pedestrians involved in a limo crash. By gathering evidence, speaking to witnesses, and developing a claim against the insurance carrier of the limo company, victims of the crash could be compensated for a variety of expenses that include:

  • Ongoing Medical Bills – Funds can usually be obtained to pay off emergency room services, hospitalization, visits to the doctor, rehabilitation, physical therapy, chiropractic care, x-rays, MRI’s and others.
  • Lost Wages – Many times, victims of a limo crash are hurt so severely that they are unable to continue working. The skilled limousine accident lawyer can often help the victim recover lost wages and any future potential earnings even if the client is self-employed or has commission-based income.
  • Pain and Suffering – An experienced personal injury attorney can perform a thorough evaluation and assessment of the severity, nature, and duration of the client’s injuries to compute actual damages involving pain and suffering. The calculations are often founded on the impact on the quality of life of the injured victim in the disruptive effect the pain has on routine daily activities.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers specialize in Chicago motor vehicle injuries including limo crashes. The attorneys offer their clients the highest level of competence and professionalism. If you are suffering injuries because of an accident caused by the negligent actions of a limousine service, contact our experienced Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation at (888) 424-5757.

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