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Chicago Limousine Accident Lawyer

limousine accident attorneysMotor vehicle accidents involving limousines are often the result of the negligent driving by the limo chauffeur. Usually, limousine accidents can be catastrophic and leave the victim with permanent injuries due to the physical weight and size of the vehicle.

Sometimes, accident victims require immediate emergency medical attention.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents passengers and motorists severely injured in Chicago motor vehicle accidents involving limousines. If you were injured in a collision with a limo or were a passenger in a limousine, contact our Chicago limousine accident lawyers discuss your unique circumstance.

Let us explain your legal options without any cost or obligation to you. Complete our online form, and a Chicago personal injury lawyer will contact you within 24-hours.

We currently represent clients throughout the United States, Illinois, and the Chicago area, including Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, Will County, Aurora, Chicago, Elgin, Naperville Schaumburg.

Passengers Expectation of Reasonable Care by Chicago Limo Drivers

The large Chicago metropolitan area roadways are often filled with "for-hire vehicles," including chauffeured limousines. Passengers riding in a limousine expect to be treated with "the highest degree of care" because Illinois law categorizes limousines as a 'common carrier.'

Illinois limousine companies have a higher level of responsibility to protect their passengers than passenger vehicle drivers.

However, the duty of a limousine company or driver to provide reasonable care can be breached when an accident occurs and causes serious injuries, including broken bones, brain trauma, lacerations, and other life-threatening conditions.

Because they breached their duty, the limousine service, driver, and insurance carrier could be held liable. Passengers suffering physical or emotional trauma caused by an accident and the negligent action of the driver can file an insurance company claim or lawsuit for financial compensation.

Other Motorists and Pedestrians Involved in Collisions With Liveries

Because a state of Illinois regulated limousine service is a common carrier, the company owes the community a heightened level of care beyond normal. Because of the length, width, and weight of a limousine, limo companies are expected to hire the best drivers that are fully trained to handle the equipment through any road issues or weather conditions.

Often, limousine drivers make an error in judgment when driving, and cause catastrophic accidents involving other motorists (visit page), bicyclists (visit page), and pedestrians (visit page).

In some incidences, when too many people are riding inside the limousine, the extra weight can cause a dangerous hazard while moving.

When a limousine service puts their profits ahead of customer safety, it places passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians at risk because the vehicle is too heavy, making it difficult to maneuver and stop safely.

Any victim involved in a severe accident with a Chicago limousine has a legal right to seek financial compensation for their accident injury or wrongful death.

Legal Liability of Driver and Limousine Company to Passengers Injured in Accidents

The limousine company and driver are licensed as a common carrier by the state of Illinois and must follow specific rules of operation. The limo service and driver are required to provide the utmost diligence and care when providing safe carriage for every passenger.

Also, the vehicle must be adequately maintained to ensure maximum safety at all times. When the company or driver's negligence causes a crash, they can be financially responsible for any personal injury and damage proximately caused by their breach of duties.

The owner of the limousine service is often held liable, even if it is only the driver at fault for actually causing the accident. The limo owner may also be legally responsible if it can be proved they hired unqualified drivers or did not provide proper training or background checks for the driver operating the limousine.

The Influx of Rideshare Services in the Chicago Area

As attorneys who regularly represent car accident victims, we have witnessed the growth of rideshare use in the Chicago area. Today we are seeing more auto accidents involving Uber and Lyft than we ever before.

While these rideshare services may be new players in the chauffeured ride service industry, they generally fall under the same regulatory laws as limousines.

The U.S. Department of Transportation groups rideshare companies together with limousines as common carriers, meaning there is no legal distinction if you were injured in an accident with a limousine company, taxi driver, or rideshare company such as Uber.

Financial Compensation Available to Those Injured in a Chicago Limo Accident

A limousine accident lawyer can build a solid case for passengers, other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians involved in a limo crash. We gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and develop a claim against the insurance carrier representing the limo company.

Our lawyers ensure that our clients receive adequate compensation to pay for:

  • Ongoing Medical Bills - Funds can usually be obtained to pay off emergency room services, hospitalization, visits to the doctor, rehabilitation, physical therapy, chiropractic care for spinal cord damage, x-rays, MRIs, and others.
  • Lost Wages - Many times, victims of a limo crash are hurt so severely that they cannot continue working. A skilled limousine accident lawyer can often help the victim recover lost wages and potential future earnings even if the client is self-employed or has commissioned-based income.
  • Pain and Suffering - An experienced personal injury attorney can perform a thorough evaluation and assessment of the severity, nature, and duration of the client's injuries to compute actual damages involving pain and suffering.

Calculations of the case's worth are based on the impact on the injured victim's quality of life and the disruptive effect the pain has on routine daily activities.

Limousine Accident Injury FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions related to personal injury and wrongful death claims related to limousine crashes in and around Chicago, Illinois. We appreciate that you have questions specific to your situation. Consequently, we welcome you to contact our law firm for a free consultation with an attorney who has experience with limo accident cases.

What Does a Limo Driver Do?

Chauffeurs and limousine drivers are responsible for maintaining the limousine and make all minor repairs. A limo driver also plans routes, assists passengers, and ensures that all occupants arrive at their destination safely.

Limousine drivers are required to carry an active chauffeur's license after following a brief training program.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Driver?

A limousine company and operator are responsible for all maintenance services on their vehicle. The driver or limo owner must plan every route and drive safely under the best traffic conditions to ensure the passenger's safety.

What is the Difference between a Chauffeur and a Driver?

Drivers merely operate any motor vehicle. However, a chauffeur or limousine driver is a professional hired and trained to drive others as a paid service.

Chauffeur might also work for rideshare programs like Lyft or Uber, allowing any individual with a driver's license and commercial insurance coverage to be a driver for the company.

Who is Liable if Another Wrecks the Limousine Car?

The police or investigators might determine who is at fault for causing the accident to ensure that the responsible party pays all costs for damages. If another is at fault for wrecking the limousine car, the chauffeur and limousine company might not be responsible for any of the passengers' damages, injuries, or wrongful death.

However, there may be more than one person or entity at fault for causing the crash. Typically, a personal injury attorney who specializes in commercial vehicle accidents can investigate the case to determine how many parties should be held financially accountable for all damages.

What Happens if an Unlicensed Driver Wrecks a Limousine?

Any unlicensed, uninsured, or underinsured driver might have to pay all liability damages out of pocket. However, the limousine company and limo driver must maintain liability insurance coverage for all passengers injured or harmed during an accident.

If you are the victim riding in the limousine involved in an accident with an unlicensed motorist, you can seek compensation through the limousine's insurance coverage.

Talk to an Experienced Chicago, Illinois Limousine Accident Attorney

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC specializes in Chicago motor vehicle injuries, including limo crashes. We begin gathering vital evidence to secure the most favorable settlement for you from the time we are retained in a case, by:

  • Ordering the police report from the investigating public safety department
  • Requesting copies of all medical records and bills
  • Taking statements from witnesses to the accident and other passengers
  • Contacting the liability insurance company to negotiate a settlement

Contact our car accident lawyers today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or through the contact form to schedule a free consultation. We can advise you, your family members, and loved one how to protect your legal rights and explain the legal process for getting a settlement in these cases.

All discussions with our law firm remain confidential through an attorney-client relationship. Our car accident attorneys also represent family members who have lost a loved and through a wrongful death accident, including those killed by drunk driving.

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This lawyer really helped me get compensation for my motorcycle accident case. I know there is no way that I could have gotten anywhere near the amount that Mr. Rosenfeld was able to get to settle my case. Thank you. Daniel Kaim
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