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Collisions while turning LeftLeft Turn Collisions and Accidents Involving Motorcyclists

Cruising down the road with a motorcycle can be relaxing and invigorating experience. What can be a cool ride on the road with the wind in one’s face can quickly turn fatal. Left turn collisions, intersection crashes and intoxicated drivers on the road all pose great risks to motorists. Motorists may find themselves involved in these accidents through no fault of their own. An enraged driver on the road or distracted driver may crash into a motorist and cause a severe motorcycle accident.

One common type of motorcycle accident that frequently involves motorists is the left turn collision. A left turn motorcycle collision occurs when a car makes a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle. When a car makes a sudden turn like this in front of a motorcycle, a cyclist is left with little time to react and get out of the way. What usually results is a very serious accident. A motorcycle rider’s injuries can be even worse if he or she is not wearing a helmet in a state that lacks helmet laws, such as Illinois, Iowa or New Hampshire.

If you have suffered injuries in a left turn motorcycle collision, then you should get in touch with Illinois motorcycle injury lawyers as soon as possible. Illinois motorcycle injury lawyers can assess your legal claim and provide you with the advice that you need to make an informed decision. Call our lawyers today to receive help for your motorcycle accident claim.

Illinois Statistics for Left Turn Collisions

The Illinois Department of Transportation has carefully assembled a report tracking the number of motorcycle collisions for 2012. Motorcycle crashes made up a total of 1.6 percent of all crashes in Illinois in 2012. While this may seem like a small percentage, the figure behind this percentage amounts to a total of 4,231 crashes. Sadly, there were 148 motorcyclists killed in these crashes.

The motorcycle crash statistics for proffered by the Illinois Department of Transportation are further broken down as follows:

  • 186 left turn motorcycle crashes
  • 125 right turn motorcycle crashes
  • 2,258 straight-ahead crashes
  • 400 stopped in traffic accidents
  • 96 accidents caused by passing
  • 572 accidents caused by loss of control
  • 73 accidents caused by changing lanes
  • 149 accidents caused by parked cars

The majority of motorcycle accidents can cause very serious injuries for victims. The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that 601 individuals suffered from Type “A” injuries as a result of single crashes in 2012. There were 498 individuals who suffered from Type “A” injuries as a result of multi-vehicle collisions in 2012. The report defines a Type “A” injury as one that results in a severe injury to the skull, lacerations, broken limbs and abdominal injuries. It is further defined as a fatal injury that prevents a person from walking or otherwise pursuing the normal daily functions of life.

Causes of Left Turn Accidents on the Road

Left turn collisions can be caused by many factors. It is important that motorcycle drivers ride on the road with awareness and caution at all times. Here are some of the causes that can result in left turn accidents on the road:

  • Failure to pay attention
  • Trying to turn before a light change
  • Passing other vehicles
  • Driving into an intersection at the wrong time
  • Distracted driving due to texting, listening to loud music or conversing with others on a smartphone
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Inability to see stop signs, stop lights or other traffic signals

Those who have been injured in left turn accidents should seek immediate help from Illinois motorcycle accident lawyers. Our lawyers are here to assess the damages of your case and determine all of the factors that may have caused your accident.

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