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Lawyers for People With Lacerations & Cuts from Car Accidents: Chicago, Illinois

Car Accident CutsLacerations are severe injuries endured in auto accidents can have immediate and long-lasting consequences for the accident victims who suffer them.

The Chicago car, truck, and motorcycle accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC recognize these debilitating injuries and the emotional and financial toll they cause on victims and their families.

Our legal team works to ensure that our clients obtain compensation to pay their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain-and-suffering to resolve their injury case. We provide legal advice for all injured in auto accidents to ensure that they can recover their costs in the immediate future and those they might incur many years later.

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Car Accident Lacerations FAQs

What are Common Injuries in a car Accident?

Many car accident victims suffer various fractures, lacerations (skin tears), sprains, and strains to the ankle, feet, toes, fingers, hands, and wrists. An injury to the shoulder, clavicle (collarbone), neck, and face are often caused by bracing the body against the crash force or deploying airbag.

Some accident victims will suffer a significant injury while hitting the dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, or side windows in a motor vehicle crash.

What are the Causes of Laceration?

A skin tear (laceration) caused by an impact or sharp object injury could leave an irregular wound. Lacerations often occur in vehicle accidents with a blunt force trauma when an object cuts to the skin, causing minimal to severe injury.

The skin tear rarely affects the underlying tissue that could cause a life-threatening infection.

What is the Difference Between a Laceration and a Contusion?

Medical professionals classify lesions under different categories, including laceration, abrasion, and contusion. Lacerations are caused by blunt force trauma that leaves a skin tear that is usually an irregular shape. Contusions are bruises that develop when the skin hemorrhages blood in the dermis, epidermis, or underlying skin tissue layers.

Abrasions occur when the skin is worn away or scraped against an object like the dashboard, glass, windshield, steering wheel, or another component in a vehicle accident. Usually, the severity of the wound is impacted by force, determining the injury’s depth and appearance.

How do You Treat a Lacerated Wound?

Treating a lacerated wound properly is essential to minimize the potential of an infection. Like all significant cuts, stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure over the laceration.

Next, clean the area using a gentle soap with warm water and cover the laceration with a clean, sterilized gauze. Next, seek immediate medical attention to ensure the laceration or minor cut is appropriately treated by a healthcare professional.

The doctor will likely recommend that you remove the bandage within a few days to encourage healing.

Can a Laceration Heal Without Stitches?

Not all lacerations and minor cuts require stitches to heal correctly. However, a stitched wound will promote more effective healing quickly, and protect the wound from bacteria, minimize the potential of infection.

Stitches can also help prevent the body from developing scar tissue over the laceration during healing.

How Long Will a Deep Laceration Take to Heal?

Most deep lacerations could take months or years to heal completely, especially if the wound was never adequately treated by a healthcare professional. Most open lacerations take much longer to heal compared to closed wounds.

However, the average laceration takes approximately ninety days to heal.

Not all Lacerations are the Same

A laceration is defined as any deep cut that requires medical attention, but the location of the wound and where the laceration occurs impacts how the victim must be cared for and his or her prognosis.

During an accident, there are many ways in which a person can be cut— whether by debris, contact with the road, pieces of sharp metal, or broken glass. Of the many forms of lacerations that can occur in car accidents, our Chicago auto injury lawyers have found that these wounds fall into four categories.

  • Cutting lacerations occur when an object cuts the victim’s skin, such as when the victim comes into contact with sharp glass or metal during the accident. These wounds are the most common form of crash-related lacerations.
  • Over-stretching lacerations occur when the skin is torn from expansion during a crash. Human skin is extremely flexible. Its elasticity makes the skin resilient.
    However, when the skin is stretched too far, it can tear or break, causing a deep cut that exposes the skin’s underlying tissue. This type of injury can occur when a body part is caught between two objects moving in opposite directions, like when a motorcycle falls onto a motorcyclist who has been struck by a vehicle moving on an opposing trajectory.
  • A grinding compression is often referred to as a degloving injury when victims lost their entire hand in motorcycle accidents from being dragged along the asphalt.
    Although grinding compression injuries can happen to other parts of the body, it most commonly occurs to hand and arm when the skin is peeled away when it brushes against a hard surface for a considerable distance.
  • Split lacerations are some of the most severe and painful injuries suffered in car accidents and are usually accompanied by additional wounds. They occur when the body part is crushed between two objects and the skin and muscle tissue below ruptures during the crushing injury.

Complications Associated With Lacerations

While blood loss is the most immediate concern associated with lacerations, the injury’s extent can leave victims debilitated for months or years to come. The loss of blood can send victims into shock, requiring immediate medical attention to ensure they do not die at the accident scene.

Survival is merely the first step in a long recovery process for many of our Chicago auto injury lawyers’ clients, however. Here are some of the additional complications and concerns many car accident victims face.

  • Scarring and disfigurement. Every car accident is as unique as the injuries they cause. The injury’s extent is often dependent on whether the victim was driving a car, a truck, or a motorcycle.
    That said, every car wreck has the potential to cause wounds that leave long-lasting marks on the body and the victim’s psyche. When these scars are visible and alter the victim’s appearance, they can diminish self-confidence, cause depression, and serve as a constant reminder of a horrific event.
    Some scars can be treated or removed, but not without multiple surgeries that are often considered cosmetic procedures not covered by health insurance companies.
  • Infections. The skin is a barrier that guards the body against the most dangerous microorganisms that could cause harm. Open wounds invite bacteria, viruses, and parasites to harbor in the surrounding tissue and the blood.
    Whenever doctors treat a patient suffering from lacerations, cleaning, and disinfecting the wound is a priority to prevent or limit the spread of infection. In recent decades, some bacteria and parasites have developed a resistance to medicine or spread quickly throughout the body because they cannot be contained.
    Suppose an infection cannot be destroyed with antibiotics. In that case, the overgrowth of bacteria could cause septic shock that could take the victim’s life or require an infected leg or arm’s amputation.
  • Nerve damage. Over time, with proper treatment and care, damaged muscle and skin tissue can be repaired, but the damage to nerves is usually permanent. If a deep laceration injures a nerve, the victim might experience a loss of feeling, loss of motor function, or painful sensations in the affected area.
  • Severe lacerations – Nearly all types of lacerations in a car crash are caused by a sharp object cutting dermis and epidermis skin and soft tissue.
  • Severe head trauma – Many car accident victims require immediate medical attention, emergent care, and medical treatment for internal injuries, brain injury, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and other common injuries.
  • Loss of life. An excessive loss of blood, serious medical complications, and infected lacerations caused by accident can lead to the victim’s death from their wounds. When this occurs, the victim’s family might seek compensation by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver at fault for causing the motor vehicle accident.

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