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Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital Ratings & Violations

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital is an 80-bed “not for profit” facility providing services and cares to residents of Dixon and Lee County, Illinois. The Medical Center is located at:

403 East First Street
Dixon, IL 61021
(815) 288-5531

National Rankings

In an analysis comparison involving all medical centers and hospitals in the United States, Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital maintains an overall “C+” score, ranking it in the 36th percentile. The ranking is calculated using publicly available information including patient satisfaction, patient flow, patient/doctor communication, cost efficiency, and reported complications. Low scores might be indicative of a high percentage of medical malpractice cases, mistakes or errors occurring at the facility.

The emergency department at every hospital is an essential component to the level of emergent care the facility provides. According to Analytics MD, Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital ranks medium to low compared to all other facilities in the United States. Their discharge patient flow measurement of how the facility provides effective treatment for less sick patients ranked in the 50th percentile nationwide. In addition, their admitted patient flow measurement of how efficient sicker patients received treatment ranked in the 56th percentile.

However, it was a level of measurements of how often the patient leaves the emergency department frustrated that was significantly notable. The facility’s frustrated patient’s measurement ranked in the 52nd percentile. In addition, the incoming patient flow – a measurement noting the efficiency of how the patient is seen and evaluated when first arriving at the emergency department ranked low in the 20th percentile. Overall patient satisfaction in every department in the hospital ranked in the 55th percentile.

Illinois State Designations

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital maintains two specific state designations that include:

  • Perinatal II – The hospital is recognized as a Level II perinatal care facility meaning it provides a level of care to childbearing women and their newborn who might be at risk for expected or unexpected medical complications. However, the facility does not offer a neonatal intensive care nursery or special care unit.

The state of Illinois has developed a Regionalized Perineal System to minimize perinatal difficulties by ensuring that all pregnant women and/or their at-risk newborns receive the appropriate level of care. The program was designed to combine various services including medical, nursing and ancillary care the pregnant woman or their newborn requires.

  • Standby Emergency Department for Pediatrics (SEDP) – The SEDP designation means that the hospital participates in an Illinois approved emergency medical system to ensure that pediatric patients receive optimal emergency care and have access to available transfer mechanisms and agreements when more defined care is required.

The program is highly successful due to its specially trained professionals providing pediatric critical and emergency care. In addition, these programs follow established protocols for treating critically ill, abused and injured children. The facility is required to always have adequate provisions and staffing along with backup support and ensure there is essential pediatric supplies, medication, and equipment available 24/7.

Bloodstream Infection Rate

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) monitors hospitals and their facility-acquired infection incident rates for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) to use as a summary measurement to determine if the bloodstream infection rates are statistically different from state and national average ratings. For the year 2017, Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital bloodstream infection rate measurements involved:

  • MRSA Facility-Acquired Blood Infection Incident Rates – 0 MRSA infections out of 11,440 Patient Days
  • CDI Facility-Acquired Blood Infection Incident Rates – 3 CDI infections out of 10,853 Patient Days. The Illinois Department of Public Health has determined that this rate is statistically significantly worse than the national average.

Safety Concerns

The Illinois Department of Public Health monitors hospital discharge information collected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to measure in-hospital adverse events and complications. This information provides inpatient quality indicators on how to determine the level of care the facility is providing every patient. The notable patient safety concerns involving this facility include:

  • 1 Foreign Body Left inside n the Patient during a Procedure
  • 8 Accidental Lacerations and Punctures Rate – This risk-adjusted rate of 5.09 per 1000 or 8 out of 2670 patients is nearly 4 times the state average of 1.45 incidents per 1000 patients.
  • 1 Postoperative Hematoma or Hemorrhage Rate – This risk-adjusted rate of 3.15 per 1000 or 1 out of 436 patients is slightly lower than the Illinois state average of 4.46 per 1000 patients.
  • 2 Postoperative Respiratory Failures Rate – This risk-adjusted rate of 5.35 per 1000 or 2 out of 287 patients is significantly lower than the Illinois state average of 8.04 per 1000 patients.

Sample Medical Malpractice Claims involving Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital

$15,000,000 Settlement; Illinois Failure to Diagnose Case

The patient who brought this case against an Illinois hospital was forty-one. He went to Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital because his legs were not feeling right. They were numb in certain areas and causing him pain. He had problems in his medical history that were relevant including hypertension and smoking. Staff conducted various radiological testing. Some of the results signaled possible blood clotting issues. Eventually, he came back to the same facility because the problems were not abating. Doctors told him to see a physician’s assistant. He did that a few times. However, that assistant did not work with a doctor as instructed by law. Along the way, staff failed to diagnose his building arterial blood clots in each of his legs. When he was finally seen by a doctor in an emergency room, there was nothing that could be done. Both legs needed to be amputated. He brought suit against the parties who rendered his care. He alleged their failure to diagnose, work in tandem with a doctor, and other errors caused his damages including pain, disability, and costs. In a private agreement, the man obtained $15 million in compensation to settle the matter.

$5,000,000 Settlement; Illinois Birth Injury Case

The events of this dispute took place at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital. A woman entered the facility to have her baby delivered. The child was a little boy. Allegedly, staff did not perform the procedure in a timely fashion. Due to that delay, the newborn child suffered a birth injury. Specifically, he experienced an ischemic brain injury. The mother later claimed that had staff noticed his fetal distress, they could have expedited the birth and averted the problem. Since they did not do that, the baby was injured and now required round-the-clock care and supervision. The complaint alleges the doctors and other staff committed malpractice and were responsible for the family’s damages including the boy’s pain, disability, and long-term medical bills. The defendants filed summary replies. However, the matter was not pushed through a complete trial. Instead, the parties were able to work out a settlement for a reported $5 million.

$5,000,000 Settlement; Illinois Anesthesia Malpractice Case

The plaintiff (woman, sixty years old) in this Illinois hospital case was admitted to Katherine Bethea Shaw for a surgical procedure. She needed an entire knee replaced. That operation went off without a hitch. The trouble came after this event. Staff decided that she should be put on an epidural anesthetic. This was done to manage the pain that she was suffering from due to the procedure. However, complications arose to the use of that medication. Her spinal cord began to experience toxic effects due to the anesthesia. This exhibit symptoms in her legs and feet but staff failed to diagnose her for this developing problem. As a result, she was given the medication for several days beyond when she should have been prescribed it (court documents alleged 2.5 days longer than necessary). Due to this oversight, she became paraperetic. Doctors needed to put braces on each leg just so that she could walk around by herself. After these events, she sued the hospital and doctor. She claimed they negligently prescribed her anesthesia, failed to diagnose or treat her for the complications, and were responsible for the damages that resulted including pain, disability, and expenses. In a private settlement, all sides were able to end the matter for $5 million.

Dixon Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you believe your loved one suffered harm from a medical mistake while a patient at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital, contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC now. Our dedicated Dixon personal injury lawyers can work on your behalf to file and resolve your claim for compensation against all those who caused your loved one’s harm, injury or premature death. Our attorneys can file all the necessary paperwork in the appropriate courthouse. In Lee County, that facility is located at:

309 S. Galena, Suite 320
Dixon, IL 61021
(815) 284-5234
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We urge you to contact our Lee County medical malpractice law office at (888) 424-5757 to schedule your appointment today. Speak with one of our experienced lawyers to determine your legal options during a comprehensive, no-obligation case review at no charge to you. No upfront fees or retainers are necessary because our law firm accepts every medical malpractice compensation claim through a contingency fee arrangement.


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