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Joliet truck accident attorney

Truck accidents are often more serious than other car accidents because of the size and weight of trucks. Injuries from these crashes can be life-changing for those involved.

We’re here to help you understand your rights and options after an accident with a commercial vehicle.

At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, our personal injury attorneys are legal advocates for truck accident victims to ensure they receive maximum compensation.

Our legal team will do everything in our power to ensure that justice is served in that any settlement will cover all of your medical costs and expenses related to the accident.

Call a Joliet personal injury lawyer today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone number) or fill out the form to schedule a free legal consultation. All confidential or sensitive information you share with your lawyers remains private through an attorney-client relationship.

Truck accidents can be catastrophic for the people involved. Whether you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, these types of collisions often result in serious injuries.

Joliet, Illinois

Joliet, Illinois, is located at the intersection of I-55 and I-80, which are two of the most far-reaching interstates in the country. It is for this reason the city earned the name “Crossroads of Mid-America.”

Each year, millions of trucks pass through Joliet, making it a major transportation hub and increasing residents’ exposure to semi-trailers on the roads.

In recent years,truck-related fatalitieshave risen alarmingly, and company policy and driver negligence contribute to many otherwise preventable accidents.

The Joliet truck accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC continue to be the leading representatives of those injured due to truckers’ reckless or irresponsible actions and their employers.

Joliet is a Historic Transportation Hub

Chicago is one of the largest transportation hubs globally, and its suburbs contribute to a massive commercial truck transportation network that is located ideally in the center of the nation. Joliet is only forty miles south of Chicago, and most southbound and westbound trucking traffic runs through I-55 or I-80.

Truckers trying to avoid Chicago’s dense traffic and construction will often select a route through Joliet. The two interstates split the country evenly. I-80 runs from the East Coast to the West Coast, and I-55 runs from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana.

Joliet and the Trucking Industry

Joliet serves the transportation industry as a stop for traveling truckers who are driving across the nation and as a depot for storing materials in warehouses, which are sent off to their final destinations when required.

The redirection of trucks can result in heavy traffic where I-55 and I-80 meet and increase tractor-trailer accident rates along the interstates, where frustrated and fatigued drivers in passenger vehicles and commercial trucks attempt to navigate the congestion.

Dangerous and Deadly Joliet Truck Accidents

Recent accidents involving commercial vehicles throughout Joliet show just how dangerous the streets and interstates in the area can be to residents and visitors. A few of those life-threatening accidents include:

  • In September 2017, an accident victim lost her life in a multivehicle crash in Joliet on Interstate 80. The accident involved three semi-tractor-trailers. A forty-six-year-old truck driver from Chicago was cited for causing the crash that claimed the lives of two individuals.

    The tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 80 in the eastbound lane just before sunrise before striking a woman and two parked FedEx semi-tractor-trailers at milepost 129. One truck driver suffered severe burns and life-changing injuries when her vehicle burst into flames after being struck by the moving tractor-trailer. She later succumbed to her injuries after being airlifted to Loyola University Medical Center for emergent care.
  • In April 2015, a Joliet man was killed when his stalled car was crushed beneath a semi-tractor as he attempted to move the vehicle off the road. The impact was so severe that the semi-tractor slammed the accident victims’ vehicle into the median before completely crushing the car under its weight.

    Before the arrival of the authorities, the driver then backed the truck off the vehicle, and emergency workers needed to cut the victim free. Unfortunately, he was declared dead at the scene of the accident, and it is most likely that he died before rescue workers had arrived.

These incidents serve as reminders of just how powerful semi-tractors are and the sheer force exerted upon another vehicle when involved in a collision.

Environmental factors are often a huge part of catastrophic trucking accidents when semi-truck operators navigate adverse weather conditions or road construction sites. However, vehicle-related factors are also often involved when a semi-truck travels on faulty tires or defective brake pads.

Illinois Department of Transportation Accident Statistics

In 2018, the Illinois Department of Transportation identified 2701 total accidents within the city limits of Joliet, Illinois, resulting in three deaths and 915 injuries.

By far, rear-end collisions (1,175), turning accidents (552), and hitting a vehicle at an angle (274), topped the list of leading factors in all crashes in the city. The three deaths involved one victim hitting a fixed object and two victims involved in turning accidents.

Joliet, IL Truck Accident Injury Statistics

Catastrophic Injuries Suffered in Joliet Trucking Accidents

A Chicago truck accident lawyer knows that when the victim in an accident involving a negligent truck driver survives the ordeal, their injuries are often life-altering in severity.

Expensive medical care and long-term therapy only insult the injury because the victim’s family is burdened with the cost of caring for their loved one. The catastrophic and severe injuries associated with truck crashes and motor vehicle accidents include the following.

  • Traumatic brain injuriesand extensive head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones and joint fractures
  • Mutilated and crushed limbs, which may requireamputation
  • Deep lacerations and puncture wounds caused by the severe accident impact
  • Burns and muscle damage due to fire or heated metal that shattered from the truck’s impact during the crash
  • Permanent disabilities, which might include blindness, deafness, and cognitive impairments
  • Loss of income caused by the inability to return to work

For those looking for a more eco-friendly option, The Chicago Pedway is the answer. Stretching more than five miles throughout downtown Chicago and connecting fifty city blocks, commuters can travel underground street level or above ground through tunnels that connect to different buildings.

To ease congestion on city streets, Metra provides service for commuters coming from towns within Cook County. This commuter train line is designed to help reduce road congestion by transporting thousands of commuters into downtown Chicago.

Joliet truck accident injuries

Significant Truck Accidents and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

An article by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that in 2012, 5.3 million large truck accidents resulted in 3,067 fatalities and 128,000 injuries.

Their statistics show that of the total number of large trucks involved in a fatal accident, 2.9 percent were commercial vehicles (tractor-trailers and buses). In comparison, 97.1 percent of these commercial vehicles were passenger-type or combination (passenger car and light truck) vehicles.

NHTSA Accident Statistics

The NHTSA also reported at least 610 fatalities involving heavy trucks on America’s highways and roads in 2012. The accident fatalities increased by six percent over the number recorded in 2011. Also noted is that 2,248 people died in large truck crashes, accounting for 18 percent of traffic fatalities in 2012.

The NHTSA further states that when a person is involved in a common intersection collision with a large truck, their chances of surviving the accident are severely reduced. In addition, when another vehicle is involved in an accident with a heavy-duty truck, they sustain greater injuries than those occurring in any other type of collision.

Moreover, the NHTSA states that no matter what time of day or night it is, most commercial vehicle accidents happen between midnight and six in the morning.

Types of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) article states three main commercial drivers: company-operator, independent owner-operator, and lease/charter drivers.

A company operator is a person who a company has hired to drive a commercial motor vehicle, and they generally operate within an assigned route or territory.

The independent owner-operator is the person who has purchased their truck and pays for it by doing contract work with different companies. They will typically drive an assigned route and often have multiple customers.

Lease/charter drivers are hired by a company or business that wants to transport goods from one destination to another, and the company pays for their services. In many cases, they are required to meet a predetermined route.

The NHTSA also states that over 300,000 of these commercial drivers had at least one accident resulting in fatality or injury during 1995 – 2011. The number of commercial drivers involved in fatal truck accidents has increased by 50 percent over the last decade.

Avoiding a Catastrophic Commercial Truck Accident

Although truckers are responsible for operating their commercial vehicle responsibly, sharing the roadway must also follow traffic laws. Potential catastrophic accidents can involve large trucks with pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, passenger cars, SUVs, and large commercial vehicles.

According to the NHTSA, traffic laws that can help prevent catastrophic commercial truck accidents include:

  • Keeping a safe distance: Ensuring that there is sufficient distance between you and the large truck can prevent most accidents.
  • Staying focused on the road: Truckers must focus on the path ahead to avoid crashes, but so too must motorists.
  • Using turn signals: Always use your turn signals when you plan to switch lanes or exit off a major freeway.
  • Obeying traffic signals, signs, and lights: Motorists, in particular, should always be sure to follow traffic signs and signals.
  • Drinking and driving laws: The legal limit for a truck driver is a blood alcohol content that’s lower than the standard .08 percent, but it’s still illegal to drive if you’re impaired.

The NHTSA also reports over 10,000 large trucks involved in collisions with passenger vehicles resulting in 1,210 fatalities and 110,000 injuries.

Although the odds of having an accident involving a commercial vehicle are typically minuscule, it’s important to understand these driving laws to avoid one. In addition, if you’re injured in a truck collision that was caused by the negligence of another motorist, an experienced personal injury attorney will help you file a claim for damages.

Call a Joliet truck accident lawyer at (888) 424-5757 or fill out the contact form for a free consultation to discuss your property damage, severe injuries, compensatory and punitive damages, or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Joliet truck accident causes

What To Do If You Are in a Truck Accident

Immediately after a truck collision, all those involved are bewildered, confused, and wondering what happened. As a truck accident victim, it’s important to understand that you must take steps following the incident to protect your legal rights and ensure nothing is overlooked.

What To Do After a Truck Accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, the FMCSA suggests taking these immediate actions:

  • Call 911: The emergency dispatcher will provide medical attention and most likely call the police to the scene.
  • Call a Lawyer to Seek Compensation: Accident victims should never talk to insurance companies until they consult with an experienced truck accident attorney, ensuring their rights are protected. As a result, you receive the proper payment for your injury and financial harm.
  • Get Medical Attention: Even if you don’t think you’re injured, you should always get medical care after a truck wreck to ensure your well-being.
  • Take Photographs: Information about the truck wreck could be vital for your attorney to put together evidence in the case. Take pictures of any damage or injury that occurred during the collision.
  • Exchange Information with Drivers and Passengers: Try to get the driver’s name, address, phone number, insurance company, and policy numbers. Also, ask for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any passengers involved in the accident.
  • Record Collision Details: If possible, write down information about how the truck crash occurred to pass along to your attorney, including the adverse weather conditions, road conditions, and other vital information leading up to the collision.
  • Never Sign a Release or Admit Responsibility: If you’re unsure what’s included in an insurance policy, don’t sign anything until you consult with your attorney. A release could include giving up the right to file a personal injury claim against the trucking company.

It is crucial never to discuss what’s happened with anyone other than your attorney to preserve the evidence, maintain the accuracy of your story, and ensure you receive maximum compensation for damages.

Sometimes, the claims adjuster will push to negotiate a quick settlement to “help” you move on. However, the insurance company is in the business of generating profits for their investors. One way to do that is to minimize the amount of compensation they pay out to all victims.

Instead, you should contact your attorney. You can reach us toll-free at (888) 424-5757.

We understand trucking companies are held to high standards, and no one is perfect. And even the best drivers make mistakes. So if you are ever involved in a truck wreck, call us immediately for help!

How Joliet Truck Accident Lawyers Work to Ensure You Receive Compensation

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC has represented those who have suffered from serious and catastrophic injuries for more than 15 years. We’ve helped thousands of accident victims and their families obtain the maximum possible compensation for their injuries during this time.

Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you have no upfront costs, and all legal services are provided once your claim is accepted. In addition, we charge a fee based upon the total amount of compensation awarded at the time of settlement or judgment, so there are absolutely no upfront costs to you.

Our law firm compensates from the trucking company responsible for your accident, not your insurance company.

If you’ve been injured in a truck collision, contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We will explain all of your rights and determine how best to proceed with your compensation claim.

Truck Driver Negligence

When an accident involving a truck occurs, it’s important to determine who was negligent and caused the incident before filing a claim. This determination will help your lawyer during the legal process and ensure that you receive proper compensation for injuries and damages.

Truck drivers, like all motorists, are expected to:

  • Maintain a safe speed: Truck drivers must obey the posted speed limits and drive reasonably to avoid accidents
  • Check blind spots: Truck drivers should use mirrors or turn signals to alert other motorists before making lane changes or turning
  • Use proper signaling: When changing lanes, a commercial vehicle must signal at least 100 feet beforehand and check mirrors and blind spots
  • Anticipate dangerous situations: Truckers should always be on the lookout for hazardous weather conditions and pedestrians in parking lots; these can lead to truck accidents easily
  • Yield right of way: Whether a pedestrian, bicyclist, or passenger vehicle, larger commercial vehicles must yield to all other motorists on the road as a courtesy
  • Be mindful of impaired driving: Commercial drivers should never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol because it’s illegal and dangerous to themselves and others on the road

We Can Help You After a Truck Accident

If you or someone you know was injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, it’s very important to act quickly and gain information to present during the claims process.

The attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC can help you file a claim against the trucking company and ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries.

Joliet truck accident injury lawyer

Hiring a Joliet Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

The Joliet truck accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC believe that safety begins with company policy. Truckcompaniesare responsible for ensuring that their drivers are adequately trained, adhering to applicable laws, and performing regular truck inspections and maintenance.

If you or your loved one has been injured or killed in a truck crash,contact us todayto arrange a free case evaluation for immediate legal advice on receiving fair compensation. Please speak with one of our award-winningJoliettruck accident lawyers to learn more about your legal options.

We have helped hundreds of personal injury clients collect the compensation in truck accident cases that they are entitled to for the payment of extensive medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Let us evaluate your serious accident case details to determine how we may best represent your interests. Our services will be free of charge if our personal injury attorneys cannot collect compensation on your behalf to resolve your personal injury case successfully.

Contact us for more information about our law offices’ case evaluation, practice areas, a free initial consultation, filing a claim with insurance companies, wrongful death lawsuits from fatal injuries, and recouping medical expenses.


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