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Jeffrey Epstein Victims Compensation Lawyer

jeffery epstein sex abuse victims compensation attorney In June 2020, claims administration experts initiated the Epstein Victims' Compensation Program (Epstein VCP) to provide victims of sexual abuse involving Jeffrey Epstein with financial compensation. The program is based on the voluntary participation of sexual abuse survivors.

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Jeffrey Epstein's Horrible Behavior

At the time of his death in 2019, American financier Jeffrey Epstein was in custody as a convicted sex offender when correctional officers found him hanging in his cell.

Years earlier in his professional and career, he worked as a teacher and financial banker, creating a social environment for procuring young women and underage girls for sexual abuse by themselves and some associates.

In 2005, Palm Beach, Florida law enforcement initiated an investigation after a fourteen-year-old girl's parents alleged that Jeffrey Epstein had sexually assaulted their daughter. By 2008, Epstein pled guilty to state charges of soliciting a prostitute and child prostitution.

Although the crimes were horrific, involving three dozen underage girls, Epstein's sexual abuse plea agreement was controversial, spending less than thirteen months in custody. In July of 2019, law enforcement arrested Jeffrey again, charging him with sex trafficking involving underage girls in New York and Florida.

A month later, on August 10, 2019, Jeffrey died in custody in his jail cell. A controversy arose implicating correctional officers in murder, However, the local medical examiner listed suicide as Epstein's cause of death a few days later.

Decades of Sexual Abuse

For nearly two decades, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and law enforcement in New York, New Mexico, and Florida have been building cases by interviewing Epstein's sex trafficking victims.

On July 6, 2019, law enforcement took 66-year-old Epstein into custody after he landed his private plane in New York, arriving from Europe. According to NPR, the U.S. Attorney General charged him with sex trafficking in incidents dating back to the early 2000s.

More than a decade before, the sex offender's attorneys had negotiated an agreement to prevent spending years behind bars. At the time, the judge ordered he spent thirteen months in county jail, and upon release, register as a sex offender. The judge’s orders nearly completely shut the FBI probe down.

However, CBS Miami reported that a United States district attorney filed new charges against Epstein in a sealed indictment involving allegations of “sex trafficking crimes committed between 2002 and 2005, according to law enforcement sources. The indictment alleges that the crimes occurred in both New York and Palm Beach, Florida.”

Epstein's Death Did Not Stop the Investigation

Prosecutors vowed to seek justice for Epstein's victims after his death, stating that investigators will not stop working on child sex abuse cases that led to Jeffrey's arrest. In 2020, federal prosecutors filed new trafficking and conspiracy charges alleging that Epstein had paid underage minors fourteen years and older for sex with him and some of his friends/associates.

The allegation claims that Epstein used some girls to recruit other females over a three-year time frame from 2002 until 2005. In August 2019, prosecutors had arrested Epstein on new charges after citizens were angered over the government's leniency that allowed Jeffrey to plead guilty to lesser charges in Florida, serving just over one year in prison.

During that time, federal authorities allowed Epstein to leave custody in prison six days a week, twelve hours a day to work at his business office. In August 2019, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide by hanging in his jail cell while in custody.

The New York City Chief Medical Examiner's confirmation that Epstein died by suicide created instant controversy. His death left many victims to wonder if justice could ever be served.

Nearly one year after his death, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Jeffrey Epstein's former associate and girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, charging her with conspiracy and enticing underage females to engage in illegal sex for money for Epstein, years earlier.

Jeffrey Epstein Victims Seek Compensation

Just a few days before he died by suicide, Epstein tried to shelter over $577 million from the survivors of sexual molestation, lasting over two decades. His attempts were unsuccessful.

Instead, the Virgin Islands U.S. Attorney seized assets from Epstein's estate in the days after his death, transferring funds to a New York neutral administrator. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, attorneys working for Epstein's estate spoke to the U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General, proposing a compensation fund.

Epstein's victims have been waiting since August 10, 2019, for a legal resolution to his heinous crimes. A federal probate court determined that Epstein's U.S. Virgin Islands estate would fund the claim program.

The transference of assets from the Epstein estate to the compensation fund would make funds possible to an unlimited number of victims entitled to participate in the program. However, in November 2019, Epstein's estate lawyers attempted to halt the process.

Creating Epstein's Victim Compensation Fund

On June 25, 2020, a United States Virgin Islands judge approved the creation of an Epstein Victims Compensation Fund to resolve civil lawsuits filed by sexually abused survivors associated with Epstein.

The fund's Administrator Jordana Feldman patterned the fund program after other compensation funds, including those involving Roman Catholic clergy sexual predators and the 9/11 attack that compensated families.

Feldman stated that the fund should be operated "outside the glare" of other judicial procedures. She said that "one of the main aspects of these programs is there is a sense of fairness of both outcome and process. Victims feel like they're treated with respect and compassion."

Epstein's alleged victim recruiter and groomer Ghislaine Maxwell still faces civil lawsuits and criminal charges since her arrest on July 2, 2020. The FBI charged Maxwell with enticing minors, sex trafficking of children, and criminal perjury.

Some Victims Finally get the Justice They Have Been Seeking

Fund administrator Jordana Feldman believes that at least seventy women will participate in the fund program, submitting claims to recover damages. Feldman believes that there will be more than sufficient funds to settle all submitted claims, stating that Epstein's estate is likely worth over nine hundred million dollars, telling ABC News:

"If we need to get more money, I will certainly go to the estate and see what can be done about liquidating other assets."

Should they choose to participate in the non-adversarial process, the victims of Jeffrey Epstein will be required to relinquish all present and future claims against the estate, agent, or employee.

Epstein's sexual abuse victims participating in the Epstein Victim Compensation Program maintain their rights to engage in a civil action against Epstein's estate assets and any other related party involved in the predator's sex-trafficking crime.

Feldman said that all Jeffrey Epstein victims participating in the program can remain anonymous where information shared is confidential.

Participation is not Mandatory

Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse survivors are not obligated to accept the Administrator's settlement offer. Some of Epstein's victims have filed complaints in New York State Supreme Court.

One Jeffrey Epstein victim alleges that three of the predator's female friends participated in his sex-trafficking behavior, including Cimberly Espinoza, Leslie Groff, and Ghislaine Maxwell. Another sexually abused survivor, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, alleges that in 2001, Epstein made her participate in sexual activity through her employment with the sex offender.

Guiffre claims she had to engage in sexual activity with Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom. Her legal team argued that all documents, including Ghislaine Maxwell's seven-hour deposition, should be made public.

Maxwell's attorneys argued in front of a federal court judge that all evidence and depositions should remain sealed to stop the media from exploiting information about Ghislaine's sex life.

News organizations, including the Miami Herald, argued in court documents that the alleged female predator's fear of embarrassment does not outweigh public awareness of the "sexual abuse of young girls at the hands of the wealthy and powerful."

Jane Doe's Child Sexual Abuse Case

In January 2020, an unnamed "Jane Doe" filed a civil lawsuit against Epstein's estate and Ghislaine Maxwell alleging she is a codefendant an accomplice to Jeffrey's inappropriate sexual activity.

The female plaintiff alleges that, in 1994, Epstein and Ghislaine recruited her into their trafficking ring at a Michigan music summer camp when she was thirteen years old. Before her adulthood, the couple became Jane Doe caregivers after her father died, when Epstein claimed he was his victim's godfather.

Jane Doe also accuses Ghislaine Maxwell of grooming her for years as the sexually abusive couple slowly took control of the young girl's life. Three other sexually abused survivors were named in a criminal indictment in the summer of 2020, describing similar circumstances involving Maxwell, who was denied the claim.

Filing a Sex Abuse Compensation Claim

Epstein victims can now apply for participation consideration under the Victims Compensation Fund. The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, currently represent numerous sexual abuse survivors and victims of sex trafficking and sexual assault by Epstein or his associates.

The fund has been designed without limits or restrictions on the maximum number of sexual abuse survivors that can apply for consideration. Additionally, the fund was created without monetary caps that every Jeffrey's sexual abuse victim could receive.

The neutral Administrator managing the Epstein Victims Compensation Fund understands that there are likely many women who did not or could not come forward to speak about Epstein's horrific behavior. The survivors likely lived with embarrassment, fear, humiliation, self-shame, or other valid personal reason.

Fund participants are not required to provide physical evidence or have a pending civil lawsuit to apply. Instead, the evidence you provide to prove your case will be based on your credibility, corroborative information, and testimony.

Any contemporaneous information will serve as evidential proof, like reporting the sexual assault to the police, teacher, parent, or friend. Administrator Jordana Feldman understands that "just the very nature of this kind of abuse does not lend itself to heavy documentary evidence."

Tell Your Story

Our law firm understands that receiving financial compensation does not repair the damage done by sexual abuse. However, stepping forward, telling your story, and filing a claim could stop the abuse of other innocent victims who lack your courage.

If remaining quiet is essential to your healing process, our attorneys understand. We can provide a confidential setting to hear what you need to say in private. We can ensure your privacy in resolving your case through a negotiated out-of-court settlement or participation in the Epstein monetary recovery program.

You are not Alone

Our sexual abuse attorneys appreciate the significance that these episodes have on the lives of victims. While we are empathetic to your situation, we are deeply committed to seeking justice for victims. We have experience successfully resolving claims and lawsuits involving abuse.

All of our sexual abuse cases are handled on a contingency fee basis where we only receive a legal fee when we are successful in obtaining compensation for you via a lawsuit or claim.

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