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Iroquois Memorial Hospital Ratings & Violations

Iroquois Memorial Hospital Iroquois Memorial Hospital & Resident Home is a 25-bed “not for profit” facility providing services and cares for residents of Watseka and Iroquois County, Illinois. The Medical Center is located at:

200 Fairman Street
Watseka, IL 60970
(815) 432-5841

In addition to providing the community emergency care services to the community, the facility also offers:

  • Outpatient services
  • Diagnostic services
  • Clinical services
  • Support services
  • Specialty clinic services
  • Residential home care

National Rankings

In a comparative analysis to other medical centers and hospitals throughout the U.S., Iroquois Memorial Hospital maintains an overall “B-” score, ranking it in the 41st percentile. The rank is calculated by using publicly available data including patient flow, initial assessments, patient satisfaction and reported complications. A low to medium score might indicate a high percentage of medical errors and mistakes happening at the facility.

The emergency department at Iroquois Memorial Hospital is a crucial component to providing immediate medical care during emergent situations. However, the information collected by Analytics MD suggests that patient satisfaction ranks between low and good at the facility.

In fact, the incoming patient flow (measuring the efficiency where patient’s medical health problems are initially evaluated) and the discharge patient flow (measuring the efficiency of treatment provided to less sick patients) both ranked in the 74th percentile.

Even so, the admitted patient flow, measuring the efficiency of how sicker patients are treated ranked low in these 36th percentile. Additionally, the information revealed that there were many significantly frustrated patients leaving the Iroquois Memorial Hospital emergency department, ranked the facility in the 85th percentile of dissatisfied patients.

Illinois State Designations

Iroquois Memorial Hospital and Resident Home maintains one specific state designation including:

  • Perinatal I – The hospital as a part of the state’s Regionalized Perinatal System that was initially created to improve pregnancy outcomes to childbearing women and their newborns. The program was designed to reduce the incident rate of perinatal complications using early identification and appropriate treatment/procedures by combining nursing, medical and other necessary ancillary services during labor and delivery.

As a Level I perinatal hospital, the facility must provide childbearing women appropriate care. However, the level of care only involves uncomplicated pregnancies for women who have not had medical complications in the past. While the facility does not have a neonatal intensive care unit or special care nursery, it does make available numerous sub-specialist medical professionals and access to the facility and specialized equipment.

Patient Safety Concerns

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) monitors hospital discharge information. This measurement works as an effective inpatient quality indicator involving potential complications and adverse effects occurring at the facility. The data collected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

The data collected for the year 2015 revealed the following patient safety concerns for Iroquois Memorial Hospital that includes:

  • Postoperative Deep Vein Thrombosis (Clotting) or Lung Embolism Rate – The facility has a risk-adjusted rate of 21.64 per 1000 or 3 incidents out of 129 patients. This number is nearly 4 times the Illinois state average of 5.62 per 1000. Because of that, the IDPH recognized that the risk-adjusted rate is “statistically significantly worse than the state’s average.”
  • Accidental Laceration or Puncture Rate – The facility has a risk-adjusted rate of 3.9 per 1000 or 2 out of 618 patients experiencing an accidental puncture or laceration after surgery, procedure or treatment. The IDPH recognizes this risk-adjusted rate is “not statistically significantly better or worse than the state’s average.”

Inpatient Mortality Rate

Data collected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and reviewed by the Illinois Department of Public Health provides inpatient quality indicators on the level of care every hospital in the state provides. These numbers help determine ways to reduce short-term mortality rates. For the year 2015, Iroquois Memorial Hospital's measurable inpatient mortality rates included:

  • Pneumonia Patient Risk-Adjusted Mortality Rate – The facility had a risk-adjusted rate of 29.93 per 1000 or 1 out of 41 patients. The Illinois Department of Health determined this number to be slightly higher than the Illinois state’s average of 23.48 per 1000, making it “not statistically significantly better or worse than the state’s average."

Sample Medical Malpractice Claims involving Iroquois Memorial Hospital

$1,500,000 Settlement; Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Here, a family sued a hospital (Iroquois Memorial Hospital)after their family member tragically passed away. He was just thirty-two at the time of his death. Prior to his tragic event, he suffered from MS. One day while he was at his home, he fell down and injured his foot. Doctors would later diagnose it as a fracture.

They put the leg in a cast and sent him home. Following this incident, he returned to the emergency room on two separate occasions roughly two weeks after the original leg injury. The reason for the visit was that he was having a hard time breathing. Also, he was experiencing hemoptysis. Despite these symptoms, his leg issue, and outstanding MS conditions, doctors examined him and promptly discharged him.

A little over one week following these two visits, he died. The cause of his death was deep vein thrombosis (DVT) stemming from a pulmonary embolism. Doctors failed to diagnose him for this or treat him. His parents and siblings survived him. They brought this action against the hospital for negligence and wrongful death. In a private settlement, the family settled the case for a reported $1.5 million.

Wrongful Death Case Brought After Hospital Transfer

The man in the middle of this hospital cause of action was a young man with a wife. He got into a motorcycle crash one day in February of 2016. Emergency services responded and brought him to Iroquois Memorial Hospital. Once he got there, doctors examined him. They diagnosed him as having broken bones, pleural effusion, and pneumothoraces.

Yet, they did not think they could care for him there. The doctors decided to have him transferred. The man would be taken to Carle Hospital. The controversy arose over how he was transferred. His wife would later claim that doctors did not properly stabilize him before that move. Also, the plaintiffs alleged that the physicians did not put a tube into him in order to alleviate his pneumothoraces.

Subsequently, he experienced cardiopulmonary collapse along the way to Carle Hospital. He never even made it. He died before his arrival. The complaint alleges that the negligent transfer was the cause of his death. It sought compensation for his wrongful death, the wife's losses, and other damages. It focuses on the hospital, medical companies, and doctors involved in the events leading up to the man's passing.

$1,000,000 Settlement; Illinois Failed Diagnosis Case

The patient caught up in this hospital controversy was sixty-one years old. She entered the hospital (Iroquois Memorial Hospital) because she was not feeling well. Her symptoms made staff at the facility believe she had pneumonia.

Eventually, the primary care doctor ordered an x-ray be done on her chest. The physician noticed there was a mass in her chest from the results of that test. However, he did not tell her about the suspicious finding. Also, he did not tell her to follow up with any other tests or treatment. In fact, the mass was lung cancer. Since the original doctor did nothing about it, the mass went untreated for almost two years.

The cancer developed all the way to Stage IV. At this critical state, she had a small chance of survival-even as low as five percent. She sued over these events. Her complaint targeted the parties involved including the original primary care physician. She stated that their negligence and malpractice lowered her chances of survival and quality of life.

She sought compensation for all of the tangible and intangible damages that their conduct caused her. The medical errors in this dispute were clear. The need for trial was absent. The parties were able to find a number to agree to and the matter. The woman obtained a $1 million settlement package.

Watseka Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If your loved one was the victim of medical malpractice while a patient at Iroquois Memorial Hospital and Resident Home, call Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC now. Our skilled Watseka personal injury attorneys can file and successfully resolve your victim cases involving medical errors, hospital negligence, and hold those who caused your loved one harm financially accountable.

Our law firm can handle every aspect of your recompense claim to ensure your family receives the level of compensation they deserve. In addition, we will handle every aspect of the case including filing all the necessary documentation and paperwork in the appropriate court. In Iroquois County, that courthouse is located at:

550 S. 10th St.
Watseka, IL 60970
(815) 432-6950
Circuit Court Clerk Lisa Heinz

We encourage you to contact our Iroquois County medical malpractice law offices by calling (888) 424-5757 today to schedule your comprehensive compensation lawsuit evaluation at no charge to you.

No upfront fees are necessary because our law firm accepts all medical mistake recompense claims, personal injury cases, and wrongful death lawsuits through contingency fee arrangements.


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