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Recent Litigation

Illinois Med Mal Cases Personal InjuryWe want to provide you with an overview of trends in Illinois medical malpractice litigation. One of the best ways to do that is to analyze recent cases and identify which facts correlated with different claims. Here are some of the newest medical malpractice cases to come into Illinois courtrooms:

JOHNSON VS. SALTZMAN AND NORTHWESTERN MEDICAL GROUP: This medical malpractice action was recently filed in Cook County, Illinois after the plaintiff needlessly was forced to undergo successive operations. He brought suit against the doctor and medical facility for the mess up and all of the damages that the unsuccessful procedures caused.

LEWIS VS. WEST: This recent cause of action is as tragic as it was avoidable. The mother of a newborn initiated a lawsuit against one of her doctors after his alleged negligence left the baby with brain damage from oxygen deprivation. Injuries to newborn children are alarmingly common and this case is illustrative of the adversity that families are dealing with today.

UNKNOWN OR UNNAMED PLAINTIFF VS. ROSNER: Hysterectomies are incredibly common in America. In fact, their prevalence is trending upwards at a significant rate. However, this development does come with some risks as well as this case exhibits. The plaintiff in this suit experienced an accident in the course of her hysterectomy and sought compensation after even her doctor initially missed the mishap.

LEVIN VS. KAPLAN: Many people make mistakes on the job. However, when you are a doctor, your carelessness can have harmful and expensive consequences. This case involved a simple matter of a swapped prescription but resulted in great pain to the plaintiff and, hence, a lawsuit.

ADAME VS. KIRSHENBAUM: This new case in Cook County, Illinois is instructive because of its subject matter. The gist of the action involves an alleged failed diagnosis. Yet, when it relates to breast cancer, we should take note because of its increasing rate in women and the possibility of more missed chances for successful recoveries.

PONCE VS. GIANNOTTI: The plaintiff in this case underwent a procedure to have his gallbladder removed. The doctor utilized a robot for the performance of the operation. During the surgery, the patient was injured. Apparently, the physician did not have proper training or experience and this is important because the use of robotics in medicine is exploding.

OLSON VS. APAC: The plaintiff in this case sought medical attention for a herniated disc. Herniated discs are an incredibly common and complicated injury especially following a workplace or vehicle accident. The doctor’s treatment though apparently aggravated the situation.

MCFADDEN VS. LUCY LANG: The number of people entering nursing homes is increasing at historic levels as the Baby Boomer generation retires. This case questions whether these facilities are capable of handling residents with advanced medical issues.

CHRZANOWSKI VS. DAILY: One field of medical malpractice that is frequent and complicated is diagnosis. Specifically, where the physician either missed the issue or misunderstood the issue. This lawsuit is an example of the latter in the context of ophthalmology.

MACKOWSKA VS. SULLIVAN: The plaintiff in this newly filed lawsuit entered an emergency room for treatment and later believed that what he received was substandard. Many accidents happen the ER because of either incompetence or accident and it is important to figure which is the case if you are the victim. Here, the plaintiff claims that his treating providers did not identify what was wrong with him and that this hurt him further.

LAMARGO VS. LOWE: The rate of uterine cancer is on the uptick across America; consequently, hysterectomies are a much more common procedure than they were ten or twenty years ago. This case involves a complication that the plaintiff claims arose from this operation.

GREEN VS. PIETA: This case was recently brought to court in Dupage County, Illinois and it represents the intersection of several different legal and medical dimensions. Doctors often prescribe several different medications and treatments without serious acknowledgment from the patient and the negative consequences of that are exhibited here.

GILMORE VS. KLERONOMOS: Time and time again, we are told to go to the dentist. Yet, this new case out of Cook County, Illinois might make you pause before you make another appointment. The plaintiff in this suit alleges that she actually got hurt from the care of her dentist and in the next few sections we lay out why she thinks this is the case.

CORCORAN VS. SNITOVSKY: The medical visit which triggered this dispute ended in one of the worst ways imaginable: dismemberment. The circumstances of how it arose are at the center of this new case from Cook County, Illinois.

JOHNSON VS. MALINOWSKI: This case started off as an innocuous visit to the dentist’s office. However, after the doctor noticed an infection, the incident escalated beyond anything the plaintiff could have possibly imagined.

HERNANDEZ-SANTAMARIA VS. ADVOCATE HEALTH CARE: The beginning of this dispute started off pretty unimpressively. The patient went into the Advocate Health Care facility in order to undergo a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This is a procedure that removes the gallbladder and ordinarily it is not a very dramatic event. The circumstances of this case suggest a cholecystectomy that went very wrong.

JOHNSON VS. TERONDE: This case involves the prescription and usage of a very common drug: Warfarin. Like any other medication, it must be used in an orderly and disciplined fashion or –as this case demonstrates-negative effects can occur.

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