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Illinois Broken Bone Car Accident Settlements

Overview and Statistics

Broken bones are one of the most consistent injuries in car accidents and many victims soon after will want information on how much they can recover from a lawsuit. The motivation for this calculation might stem from significant medical bills or ongoing absence from work for rest or recovery from injuries or other related losses. Because of that, we compiled the following information to reveal how successful your other accident victims were in gaining recovery. However, these are merely statistics and anecdotes. Every case is different. Our lawyers have seen many car accident cases and we can assure you that facts and circumstances are more important to successfully resolve a case than trends and historical data. Call us today to hear about how we can maximize your recovery.

Illinois Plaintiffs' Recovery in Car Accidents Involving Broken Bones (1994-2014)

Amount Recovered
Percentage of Cases

Here are some major takeaways from these national accident cases:

  • Again, many more plaintiffs around the country – about 45% --received over $50,000 compared to victims in Illinois -- about 34%. However, fewer Illinois plaintiffs received no amount of compensation than did similarly situated plaintiffs across the nation (27% in Illinois and 32% nationally) and those in Illinois recovered in excess of $5,000,000 more often than their neighbors did (5% in Illinois and 4% nationally).
  • The figures demonstrate that the most common counties for car accident litigation involving broken bones were Cook, Kane, Lake, DuPage, Madison, and St. Clair County.
  • The median recovery of Illinois car accident plaintiffs with broken bones was between $35,000 and $45,000 and the average eclipsed $500,000.

County Breakdown

Below is a table that breaks down all Illinois car accident cases where a broken bone injury was the main or significant harm by county and award or settlement size. The number represents the percentage of cases with the associated award or settlement that each county had; for instance, 15.01% of Illinois broken bone cases were in Cook County and had no recovery. Only the most litigious counties were included.

Broken Bones Awards Table
Broken Bones Awards Table

Case Summaries and Highlights

Below we have listed some case summaries to give you an indication of why some plaintiffs were more successful than others in obtaining recovery:





The plaintiff in this case was driving behind the defendant’s truck on a quiet road in a small town near Granite City. The former was a 63-year-old man and he actually caused the incident. He rear-ended the defendant when his truck made an abrupt stop in the middle of the night. Apparently, the defendant’s backlights were not working properly. Also, it was later discovered that the truck itself was not licensed to be on the road. The plaintiff suffered fractures to the ankle and wrist, requiring extensive rehabilitation and medical costs. Inevitably, he sued the defendant for negligent driving, negligent upkeep of his truck, and for driving an unlicensed vehicle; additionally, he sued the truck driver’s employer with similar allegations. The defendant driver countered, claiming that the plaintiff was contributorily negligent for failing to keep a proper distance from his truck and for failing to avoid crashing into the back of the same. While the plaintiff made a high demand of $1,800,000, both sides found agreement at $545,00 prior to the commencement of the trial.





This case involved an unfortunate accident to a young, 27-year-old carpenter. He arrived at his workstation and pulled over just off the street where he began to unload his tools. Not long after this, and while he was still unloading his truck, the defendant ran him over as he was passing by the young man on the street. The incident actually left him stuck between both vehicles for a short time, damaging of his legs. He sustained fractures to his tibia, fibula, and knees. He had to undergo several surgeries and have a rod placed in his left leg. Eventually, he returned to work but not at 100%. He sued the defendant for negligence and the damages arising out of the accident. The defendant claimed that the plaintiff was actually negligent in standing so close to the road. With neither side budging, they went to trial. At trial, the evidence showed that the defendant’s vision was impaired because of the glare of the sun and a dirty windshield. Over his cries, the jury found for the plaintiff for $763,038.





This case is interesting because it involves two separate car accidents. Rhonda Ackerman sustained injuries when she was rear-ended by Donald Sawin and then months later, even more, injuries when her car collided with that of Steven Caldrone. Her various injuries included broken bones, lacerations, bruises, and exacerbations of harms. She sued both of them for negligence in failing to keep a proper lookout, maintain a safe distance between cars, and failing to avoid a car accident. The jury found both of the defendants 50% liable and awarded her $40,604, broken down in the following fashion:

  • Medical Damages:
  • Pain and Suffering Damages:
  • Loss of Normal Life Damages:
  • Total Damages:
  • $15,604
  • $20,000
  • $5,000
  • $40,604





In Galliani v. Styvkowicz, the defendant broadsided the plaintiff’s car as they both approached an intersection. The plaintiff broke her foot and knee. Also, she had severe pain and discoloration in the muscles and ligaments around these areas as well as her shoulder and spine. She sued the defendant for negligence because he did not yield to her or drive at a slow enough speed sufficient to control his vehicle. Without admitting liability, the defendant decided to settle with her for $60,000.

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