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Can You Recover Lost Wages if You Are Unable to Work after a Car Accident?

Yes. If injuries you sustained in an Illinois car crash prevented you from performing the job you had at the time of the accident, you may recover your lost wages as part of your damages.

In most cases, letters from your employer and physician as well as copies of your tax returns may be necessary to substantiate such a claim.

In circumstances where a person is so seriously injured in a car accident that they are unable to return to their previous employment indefinitely, future lost wages may also be claimed as an element of damages in an auto insurance claim or lawsuit.

Victims May Seek Damages after a Car Accident

Most states, including Illinois, allow victims of motor vehicle accidents to claim damages in court.  This will allow them to obtain financial compensation and other relief for their harms and costs.

Car accident injuries can be substantial.  They regularly affect a person's life in way different ways, including these:

  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages after a car accident, including sick and vacation damages
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Disability

This is why many people consider a person injury lawsuit.   A personal injury claim can address these issues and more.

Yet, you first need to establish who you can recover compensation from in a personal injury lawsuit.  Generally, you bring car accident claims against any party (person, business, organization, etc.) that negligently harmed you.

A car accident lawyer can help identify the culpable party to recover compensation from.

They can also tally your lost income, missed work, sick and vacation days, etc.  Proving lost wages after a car accident may be difficult without counsel.   We discuss this more in the next section.

Contact us for a free consultation to recover compensation for lost wages in a car accident lawsuit.

We can also discuss reduced earning capacity, lost opportunities, and other economic damages in a free case review.

How Your Lost Wages Are Established in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are injured in a car accident around Chicago and miss a specific period of time from your job, a wage loss verification form can be filled out by your employer which will confirm your lost income.

If you are self-employed, your past pay statements or income tax returns can substantiate lost income.

Unfortunately for people seriously injured in some car accidents, the possibility of returning to their pre-accident employment is simply not feasible as a result of their new physical limitations.

In these cases, your attorney may retain a vocational expert to determine what jobs your newly limited skill set allows you to do.

If you are capable of working, but not to the same capacity or in a profession where you earn less money, an economist can help ascertain your total amount of lost income over the course of your working life.

The economist will calculate the amount of money needed in today's dollars to compensate you for that future lost income.

Here are some items you can gather documents for validation purposes that will help your attorney prove lost wages after a car accident, reduced earning capacity, or a similar claim:

  • Medical records and medical bills as well as doctor's statement of injuries
  • Sick time requests (including doctor's note)
  • Tax returns or other tax forms proof (W2s)
  • Hourly wage statements and work hours calculation, paystubs
  • Employer’s sick day policy and paid vacation days policy
  • Number of any sick days or paid time off requests
  • Description of your severe injuries
  • Self employed verification or independent contractors records
  • Union contracts if relevant

Did you miss work or suffer personal injury in a car crash?  Then, talk to an experienced accident attorney from our law firm today for a free consultation.

Accident victims can pursue compensation for lost wages, permanent disability, and temporary disability.

See if you can obtain compensation from the at fault driver or insurance company for lost wages and lost earning capacity by giving us a call.  We can help you bring a lost wages claim or insurance claim for missed work.

Who Pays for Lost Wages after an Auto Wreck?

Now, you know that you can pursue compensation in an Illinois lost wages claim for missed income, sick days, paid time off, etc.  But which party would prove lost wages?

You are allowed to seek compensation for lost wages against the party that caused your damages, their employer, their insurance company, or even your insurance companies.

You may have to sue in court and bring an insurance claim if you miss work.  This is the case because many insurance policies (like liability bodily injury coverage) only cover up to a certain amount.  Yet, you are allowed to make up the remainder of your damages with a lawsuit.

Recovering lost wages doesn't have to be complicated.  Our law offices have helped many accident victims seek compensation and get a legal settlement from negligent drivers and insurance companies.

This helped them defray the financial costs of a crash including diminished earning capacity.

Talk to an experienced attorney from our law firm about the entire process and how much money you could get today in a free case evaluation.  Legal advice and advocacy could put you in a better financial position.

What if I am Already Getting Paid in My Recovery?

You can still seek financial recovery if your boss is paying you.  Illinois employers often make you use sick time or PTO while you are rehabbing your car collision injuries.

You might like this at first.  However, if you get hurt or sick again or your family member does, then you will not have those available later.

Therefore, it is proper for you to seek reimbursement for the PTO time you took nursing your accident harms.

All you need to do is organize the appropriate information and file a claim that recognizes these losses with the insurance company.

Can I Pursue Lost Income if I Was Self-Employed at the Time of the Crash?

Yes, self-employed persons in Illinois can pursue compensation for lost income from motor vehicle accidents.

Yet, unlike the process for employees, it can be quite complicated proving lost income for business owners.

This is true because their income often varies.  Also, many prospects may not pan out or bear fruit.

Therefore, to preserve the integrity and amount of your claim, consider arranging the following information:

  • Tax returns.
  • 1099, K1, or similar documents.
  • Evidence of projects, agreements, or contracts due to the incident.
  • Evidence of broken off relationships, meetings, or similar developments.

An attorney can help you get these things and accomplish other tasks like if you need to gather medical records after the accident.

What if I Cannot Work Again Because of the Auto Accident?

Many people cannot return to work after a car accident because of a permanent disability.  This can seriously impact their short-term and long-term earnings.

Thankfully, most states-including Illinois-allow you to recover the difference between what you missed out on because of the disability from the wreck.  Yet, this will require you to carefully examine and illustrate the consequences that followed from the incident.

Our team of accident attorneys are experts in these practice areas and have successfully shown in court how the injury prevented victims from reaching their full financial potential.

We may be able to do the same for you so you can recover lost wages.  Contact us to learn more.

Let Our Firm Help You Recover Your Lost Wages Related to a Car Accident

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC regularly represents people seriously injured in vehicle accidents who have lost income or are unable to work.

We partner with some of the leading experts in vocational training and economics who can help explain your loss to decision makers who will be evaluating your case.

Contact our office today by calling (888) 424-5757 for a free consultation with a Chicago car accident injury attorney who can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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