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When Vehicles HydroplaceHydroplaning can occur due to the build-up of water on the front of car tires. As a driver accelerates over 35 miles per hour, hydroplaning can cause the tires to move faster. A driver may lose control of the vehicle and be involved in a serious accident as a result of hydroplaning. A driver may lose control over functions like accelerating, steering and braking. A car may move at faster speeds or drift while it is in the midst of hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning can raise issues of liability when it results in auto accidents. A driver may assert that tires were defectively designed to allow the build-up of water, while a victim may assert that a driver was negligent in driving a car. Because hydroplaning cases are often complex, having legal help can take the stress off of your shoulders. 

Call our Illinois hyroplaning accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to receive help with your case today. We can assess your situation and determine which parties may ultimately be liable. Even if a party has been contributorily negligent in a hydroplaning accident, this may not be a total bar to recovery. Illinois has abolished common law principles of contributory negligence, and liability is now based on relative fault.

Ways to Prevent Hydroplaning Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration frequently publishes reports assessing the ways in which drivers can maintain their tire systems. It is important for drivers to perform regular maintenance checks on their tires to prevent under-inflation and other circumstances that can lead to hydroplaning.

Another factor that can lead to hydroplaning is cruise control. If you have a cruise control function in your car, then you should be sure to only use the feature during the right weather conditions. It is important to avoid using cruise control on wet roads, because vehicles are at a greater risk for skidding on these conditions.

Here are some of the other steps that drivers can take to prevent hydroplaning accidents:

  • Avoid driving on wet puddles
  • Avoid driving during severe rain storms
  • Refrain from using cruise control in stormy weather or in areas where water has accumulated
  • Use a moderate touch in braking; don’t slam on the brakes
  • Drive slowly and carefully through wet roads
  • Maintain your tires
  • Rotate your tires on a regular basis
  • Replace tires that are worn out

There are also many factors at play that can cause hydroplaning. Just because a driver may have forgotten to rotate his or her tires does not mean that other parties are not responsible for an accident resulting from hydroplaning. Tire manufacturers may be liable for defective tires that lead to serious accidents. Here are some of the other factors that can account for hydroplaning:

  • Tire design
  • Speed
  • Depth of water puddles
  • Total weight of a car
  • Inflation pressure
  • Rainy conditions and thunderstorms
  • Hail, snow and strong winds
  • Poor water drainage in cities

The Department of Transportation Federal Highway Transportation has found that approximately 24 percent of all car accidents have some connection to weather conditions. This significant figure indicates that drivers need to use caution at all times when they are driving on roads. Drivers need to remain calm as they drive through rainy or snowy weather conditions. If a driver feels overwhelmed by weather conditions, then he or she should pull over to the side of the road and regain composure or wait for the storm to pass.

Injuries Arising from Hydroplaning Accidents

Serious injuries can result from hydroplaning accidents. Victims in hydroplaning accidents may suffer from:

  • Concussions
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Seatbelt injuries
  • Airbag injuries
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Other serious injuries

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Being involved in a hyroplaning accident can be stressful, overwhelming and life-altering. If you have been harmed in one of these accidents, then you should be aware of your legal rights. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your: medical expenses, time off of work, pain and disability.

Illinois auto accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers will make the time to speak with you about your case. We have lawyers who will support you through the often complex settlement or litigation process. Please feel free to contact our lawyers at any time with your questions or concerns.


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