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Why do Pressure Sores Develop?

How Do I Get Pressure Sores You develop pressure sores from the following circumstances:

  1. Sustained pressure to a particular part of the body including the skin, ankles, hips, heels, or tailbone to name a few;
  2. Friction across the affected area; and
  3. A process known as shearing in which two materials rub against each other.

While there are many ways you can get pressure sores, the important thing to focus on is how they arise and how to spot them so you can adequately treat your injuries in a timely fashion.

  1. How Do Most People Get Pressure Sores?
  2. What Are Common Complications Due To Bed Sores?
  3. How Can I Find Bed Sores?
  4. Still Concerned About Pressure Sore Injuries? Let Our Chicago Team Answer All Of Your Questions!

How Do Most People Get Pressure Sores?

As the name suggests, pressure sores normally are caused by pressure to vulnerable areas of the body. When the force of a chair, bed, or some other item outweighs the pressure in the body, damage can ensue. Yet, pressure sores can also come about by friction and shearing. The former is when some object is rubbed over the skin for an extended duration and the second is when two things grate on each other in opposite directions. Normally, this is how most people get pressure sores.

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What Are Common Complications Due To Bed Sores?

People with family members that are susceptible to bed sores like to know how this condition can complicate one's health. Here are some of the most common complications due to bed sores:

  • SEPSIS: This complication arises when bacteria falls into a person's bloodstream when bed sores break the surrounding skin and blood vessel walls. This can cause vital organs to fail and endanger your life.

  • BONE AND JOINT FAILURE: Pressure sores can send infections deep down into your bones and joints. This can ruin the surrounding tissue, veins, cartilage, and even the skeletal system. Eventually, they might even take your bones and joints and require removal. Certainly, they can threaten your life.

  • CELLULITIS: Due to their very nature,pressure sores can also cause cellulitis. Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and the surrounding area. It can inflame your skin, change its color, and create swelling. If untreated, this can become a very serious condition.

  • CANCER: Pressure sores are associated with squamous cell carcinoma. This normally arises in chronic conditions of pressure sores. Unfortunately, this is a very aggressive form of cancer and normally necessitates surgery and other advanced medical care.

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How Can I Find Bed Sores in a Loved One?

As more and more people enter nursing homes, they should stay on the lookout for bed sores. You can spot them in a number of ways. Check for red, inflamed areas of your body. Note any parts of your skin that are soft to the touch. See if any blisters have torn open. Finally, feel for any areas that are warmer than usual.

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Still Concerned About Pressure Sore Injuries? Let Our Chicago Team Answer All Of Your Questions!

Though they might appear small, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has seen tiny pressure sores inflict great injuries on the elderly, infirm, and other victims. This is why we exert so much energy helping people understand how to prevent them and stop them. If your loved one contracts one or several pressure wounds, we can help you recover against the people that caused them. Plus, we can set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to arrange the whole process. To learn more about how experienced counsel can help you during these serious times, speak to someone from the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC today.

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