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Hot Liquid Burn Injury Lawyers: Chicago, Illinois

Attorneys for Hot Liquid InjuriesWorkers are often within close proximity of hot liquids at many factories, restaurants and construction sites, putting them at risk of becoming burned or scalded. Employees can be covered accidentally with hot liquid spills or sprays, resulting in serious injury while doing their job. 

Hot liquid spillage can include boiling water, grease, hot oil, chemicals, tar, hot food and beverages along with other heated materials. Workers often employ the skills of an experienced hot liquid burn lawyer to handle their claim for financial compensation while their bodies heal from the damage incurred by the accident.

A skin burn can be a painful injury that must be treated promptly to avoid any extended damage to the skin, muscles and soft tissue. Many victims of hot liquid burns are at increased risk of an infection when the skin is opened, often leading to bacterial disease. 

Cooling hot liquid burns is crucially important, and applying cold or ice-cold water is essential immediately following the accident. Ice or cold water applied to the area can immediately reduce the temperature of the damaged skin while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Applying anti-inflammatory medications and covering the burn with sterilize gauze is highly recommended. Any lack of skin protection over an open wound poses a huge risk for infection. 

Burn treatment tends to be a lengthy process usually involving months of reparative skin therapy. Less severe burns usually require over-the-counter (OTC) medications to relieve the pain. Severe burns often necessitate tetanus shots, skin grafting, antibiotics, and burn treatments involving silver nitrate.

Burn Levels / Degrees of Severity

Burns are classified in three specific degrees that include:

  • First-Degree Burn – This low-level burn usually affects the skin's outer layer producing swelling, redness and pain.
  • Second-Degree Burn – Hot liquids that create second-degree burns are typically extremely painful. Blisters and deep redness of the skin and underlying tissue usually accompany the burn. The blisters should never be broken deliberately because of the increased potential of developing infection in the underlying skin.
  • Third-Degree Burn – Categorized as the most serious type, a third-degree burn affects every layer of the skin/epidermis. It requires immediate medical attention and should be treated with cool wet towels while waiting for treatment from medical professionals.

Restaurant Workers & Guests

A scald burn tends to be the most common type of burn of restaurant workers, and is often the result of skin being exposed to some form of hot liquid. Scalds involving hot oil are typically substantially more severe than a burn from hot water because the temperature of the thick oil is usually hotter. The oil viscosity tends to stick to the skin for an extended length of time. Most accidents involving hot oil usually results in instantaneous third-degree burns.

Construction Sites and Manufacturing Plants

Construction workers are often around hot liquids including roofing tar and/or radiator oil use for heating. Manufacturing plants processing liquids, hot foods or other products often expose workers to an increased risk of suffering serious injury from a job site hazard. Some of these hazards include:

  • Slipping or Tripping – Workers can easily slip, trip or stumble over hazards, spilling hot liquids off stovetops/counters onto the employee's skin.
  • Carrying a Full Container – Containers full of hot liquids can be extremely dangerous to the individual moving it, and anyone else around them.
  • Pressurized Cooking Equipment – If pressurized equipment has not been properly used or maintained, it can easily cause serious injuries from an explosion.
  • Deep Fryers – Restaurant workers can be seriously injured around a deep fryer when cooking or cleaning the equipment or surrounding area.
  • Steam – Cooking equipment and microwaves can generate steam with temperatures 200 degrees and higher, increasing the potential risk of serious burn injuries of employees and/or patrons.

Legal Remedies Available To People Who Have Suffered A Burn From A Hot Liquid or Steam

An experienced Illinois hot liquid burn lawyer can provide legal representation for victims of burn/scald injuries occurring anywhere including construction sites, restaurants and manufacturing plants. Medical expenses, extensive rehabilitation treatments, burn procedures and aftercare are often extremely expensive. Many times, victims with severe burns miss work or suffer permanent disabilities.

When the accident was caused by negligence of a company, restaurant, management staff, landlord, dwelling owner, leasing agent, contractors and others, victims can often receive financial recompense to cover their damages and injuries. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC at (888) 424-5757 work aggressively for their clients to help them receive fair compensation for the cost of the accident, along with their suffering, pain and losses.

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