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Why You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorneys can Help Ensure You Recover Full Compensation

If you have been injured in an accident, you have plenty to deal with before you even begin to worry about obtaining the financial compensation that you may deserve.

You are already busy with getting medical care and trying to recover from your injuries. If your injuries are severe enough, you are in no condition to handle the business end of your accident and the legal process that it involves. This is exactly why you need a personal injury lawyer throughout the process and as you determine your course of action.

Hopefully, your personal injuries are the first time in your life that you have ever had to deal with such an experience. However, there are some drawbacks to the inexperience in these matters that we hope you have.

You may not be accustomed to dealing with the ways of the insurance company and the laws that govern personal injuries. Below, we will give you six reasons why you need to hire a personal injury attorney for legal advice.

You Need Legal Representation Because Liability Needs to be Determined

When you have been injured in an accident, receiving compensation is not a sure bet. If you have filed a claim with insurance, the first thing that must happen is that the insurance companies will need to determine that someone else was responsible for an accident. This is the same process for an auto accident or a homeowner’s insurance claim.

Determining liability requires a process, especially when dealing with an auto accident. The insurance companies will first want to talk to you to get your side of the story for what happened.

This is never a conversation that you should have on your own. You do not even want the insurance companies to contact you directly. The insurance adjuster cannot be trusted.

Having a personal injury attorney on your side will better help you tell your side of the story before liability is determined. It will also help protect you from some abuses that insurance companies inflict on unsuspecting injured persons. The end result is that the insurer will not be able to trick you into making an admission that can harm your case.

The Insurance Company is Difficult to Deal With

No matter how much your insurance company likes to tell you that they are on your side, you can never fully trust them. The insurance company has their own bottom line to look out for, and it does not always mean that they give you what you deserve, or even any amount of money.

Moreover, there is the issue of the responsible party’s insurance company. They might try to trap you to get out of paying what the law requires. In general, insurance companies are not the easiest business to deal with as they have their own profit interest.

As an injured person, you are not wise to the ways of the insurance company and might not know how to act to protect your own interest, especially when they make you a settlement offer. With an attorney on your side, the insurance company cannot push you around and must go through your lawyer and personal injury law firm.

The Lawyer Knows What Your Case is Worth

There are many complexities when it comes to the valuation of your case. This comes from the fact that there are many elements of personal injury damages, including lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Without experience in personal injury law, you will likely have no idea how much you should receive in compensation for your injury.

However, you can be certain that the insurance company knows exactly how much they should be paying you for your claim for things such as lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Therefore, you are at information disadvantage if you end up filing the claim on your own without any extra help. Your attorney levels the playing field when it comes to your accident claim.

This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help. Your personal injury attorney files claims as part of their job. They know all the elements of compensation that you should claim and generally how much you should receive for each in a fair settlement.

You are Dealing With Things Other Than the Legal System

Needless to say, when you are filing a claim for accident injuries, you are preoccupied with other things. Even under the best circumstances, you have an injury which takes up your time and focus. With minor injuries, you are still in pain and distracted. There is no way that you can handle your own affairs and file your claim at the same time.

Even if you do, you cannot be fully effective when you are addressing your medical situation. A personal injury lawyer makes it easy for you by handling the details. They will worry about the strategy, applying their own personal experience.

All you need to do is to answer the questions that your lawyer instructs you to and provide the information that they request. You can worry about recovering and getting the medical help that you need.

The Lawyer can Litigate Your Case in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Filing a claim with the insurance company is just part of your case. Ideally, your case would even settle early without needing to do anything further. That does not always happen with personal injury cases.

It is the threat of litigation that keeps insurance companies from trying to get away with too much in settlement negotiations. Lawsuits cost them money to defend, and they are trying to avoid that cost. When you have a lawyer on your side, the insurance company always knows that you can file a lawsuit if they are not being reasonable.

The litigation process is difficult to navigate for anyone. This would be even more true if you are dealing with long-term injuries.

Your personal injury lawyer knows how to navigate the court system and can draft and litigate your complaint if it is necessary. In many cases, you would need to at least file a lawsuit to get the insurance company to take you seriously.

You Need an Advisor Throughout the Process

Beyond helping their clients get the best possible settlement, lawyers also can act as your counselor throughout your personal injury claim process. Dealing with personal injury settlements and lawsuits is scary for anyone, and they need a place to turn for advice.

In addition to legal help, your lawyer may give you timely advice as someone who has seen this before. This can be invaluable as you deal with a difficult and stressful time in your life.

Your law firm may not be there to be your friend, but they are the best friend that you have when you need to go through the legal process. Having a lawyer just gives you peace of mind.

Call the lawyers at Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys to set up your initial consultation and to receive your free case evaluation. Your lawyer works for a contingency fee, so having a lawyer will only cost you something if you are successful.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is committed to zealously representing clients in cases such as trucking accidents, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice and premises liability.

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