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Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Spill Truck Accident Attorney: Chicago, Illinois

chicago hazardous material spill attorneyHazardous waste and material spills can result in devastating damage to the environment and personal property while also causing harm to anyone who comes in contact with the materials or objects and settings that have been contaminated.

In addition to the financial and material impact that these events have, major spills are capable of displacing entire neighborhoods for indefinite periods of time as efforts ensue to repair the damage and ensure that residents may safely return.

Companies charged with the transport of materials that are deemed hazardous to people or the environment are liable for any financial loss or physical injury that results from the improper handling of toxic cargo and spills that result from an accident.

Types of Damage Caused by a Hazardous Material Major Spills in Chicago

The type of cargo that is being transported could impact the environment and safety of people near a spill or leak in different ways depending on the severity of the spill and the properties of the substance dumped into the environment. The following concerns must be addressed once a hazardous material has been spilled.

  • Environmental Impact— The impact to the environment is not merely a green concern but impacts the health of those near the accident. Toxic materials can invade nearby streams, rivers, and lakes and make their way into water tables long before cleanup efforts are initiated. Impacts to the environment could cause physical property damage or financial loss if the value of the property is diminished as a result of pollution.
  • Inhalation of Contaminants— Materials such as gasoline, oil, ethanol and other chemicals are easily disbursed from containers through the air and can injure nearby residents when inhaled. Many people come in contact with hazardous vapors before they are alerted to the disaster or evacuated.
  • Direct Exposure to Hazardous Materials— Direct contact with chemicals, radioactive material, and other toxic contaminants can result in immediate or long-term injuries and health complications.
  • Loss of Residence— Whether temporary or permanent, residences may be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable while cleanup efforts are underway. Families who are displaced from their homes are forced to incur the financial burden of paying for a temporary residence while waiting to return home. If their homes have been destroyed or devalued due to the spill, they may be unable to purchase a home elsewhere that is comparable to the one that they lost.
  • Property Damage— In addition to the loss of residence, families may lose property in fires that result from the spill of flammable materials that catch fire or when corrosive materials come in contact with personal property.

How Chicago Hazardous Spills Happen

Understanding the frequent origins of hazardous spills can help us learn how to prevent them (and the tremendous personal injuries and damages they cause) in the future.  There are a couple of themes that run across all of the hazardous spill accidents in Chicago and across the United States including the following:

  • Manufacturing-lots or hazardous spill incidents arise in the manufacturing process.  Problems with control, sealing, and transfer typically normally allow this to happen.
  • Transportation-the delivery of hazardous materials is very dangerous and often leads to serious accidents.
  • Retail-lots of commercial and private customers use hazardous materials in everyday life.  Their lack of expertise and safeguards frequently causes problems in the United States.

Chicago Hazardous Spill Accident Injuries

Hazardous materials events can be some of the most deadly and consequential in the world especially without proper personal protective equipment.  They can erupt via land, water, or air.

When they do, they can impact victims through some of these common injuries:

  • Skin disfigurement
  • Vision loss
  • Lung damage
  • Organ failure
  • Death

This is not an exhaustive list of Chicago hazardous spill injuries.  To discover the extent of your personal injuries, consult a doctor for medical attention today and contact the fire department right away if you think even a minor spill has happened!

Damages Recoverable Through Litigation for Injuries and Property Damage Related to a Chicago HazMat Spill

If you have been injured or suffered loss following a hazardous material spill from a truck, it is essential to know exactly what types of damages you may be able to recover from the parties responsible for the spill. When determining the value of a lawsuit, the following factors are taken into account.

  • The cost of medical attention and care immediately following the accident and any care that is required in the future, such as physical therapy or the treatment of a chronic or permanent condition.
  • The value of any lost property, including the depreciation in value of your home.
  • Financial burdens carried by victims as a result of the accident including the cost to move, wages lost due to being unable to work and the loss of potential income if the spill destroyed land used as part of your livelihood.

A Truck Accident Law Firm Can Help Your Case

Hazardous spill claims for personal injuries and financial compensation are complicated lawsuits that involved sophisticated legal and factual circumstances.  A competent personal injury law firm can manage your case from start to finish to make sure it is protected.

Here are a few things top-notch attorneys offer that may maximize your compensation:

  1. Accident investigation
  2. Legal discovery and disclosure
  3. Trial advocacy and presentation
  4. Settlement mediation and negotiation

Many law firms provide these services on contingency so that victims don't have to pay anything upfront while they recover and get better.   To learn about your options for relief and financial compensation, speak with one of our lawyers today!

Hazardous Spill Stats and Information

  • There are almost 20,000 accidents yearly.
  • There are thousands of people each year that die from hazardous spill incidents.
  • Most serious accidents involve chemical materials.
  • Most hazardous spills via transportation occur on water, air, and rail vehicles.

Hazardous Spill Law Firm

Contact the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC today for more information about your rights and the legal options that are available to you when dealing with hazardous material accidents. We have the experience and resources that you will need not only to recover the compensation you are entitled to receive but to take the first steps on a path to physical, mental and financial recovery from the injuries and hardships you have endured.

We will be happy to arrange a free consultation with you so that we can go over the details of your case in person and let you know exactly what you can expect throughout the process of litigation.

If we are unable to collect compensation on your behalf, you will not owe us a thing for our services or our time.

Hazardous Spill Resources for Reading and other Informational Purposes

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