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Harmony Nursing Rehabilitation Ratings & Violations

Harmony Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Harmony Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a Medicare facility that provides independent patient care and assistance to the senior citizens of Cook County,IL. It is a 180 bed nursing home located in Cook County, Illinois at:

Harmony Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
3919 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625

According to the information available in the state nursing home data files, its health care facilities and personnel are equipped to handle patients admitted for the following primary health related problems:

  • Skin Disorders
  • Circulatory System
  • Nervous System
  • Alzheimer Disease
  • Endocrine/Metabolic Issues
  • Respiratory System Dysfunctions
  • Digestive System Dysfunctions
  • Genitourinary System Disorders
  • Neoplasm
  • Other Medical Conditions

Unprofessional Discoveries about the Patient Care at Harmony Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Surveys conducted by the Illinois Department of Health and other professional inspection agencies, noted that there were some irregularities in the handling of patients during their stay at the Harmony Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. The nature of this health care irregularities received by some patients, can be construed as nursing home negligence. Some of the irregularities include:

  • Failure to ensure that abuse investigations are completed properly:  “Per R2’s Social Service Notes dated 5/14/11, at 6:30 PM, E7 ( Dementia Coordinator ) was informed by staff that R2’s brother called the nurses station that R2 alleged to him that R2 was hit by staff during lunch time. E9 ( nurse ) spoke to R2 regarding the concern. At 7:45 PM, the police came to the facility and spoke to E7 over the phone. When E8 was interviewed on 6/9/11 at 11:00 AM, E8 confirmed that he took care of R2 on 5/14/11 and didn’t know about allegation of abuse until 5/15/11, when the 3-11 shift nurse asked E8 if E8 heard about R2 alleging she was hit by staff on 5/14/11. E8 also said that he worked on 5/15/11 and on 5/16/11. E8 said that E7 spoke to him on 5/16/11 and not on 5/15/11. Review of facility’s abuse investigations showed no initial and final abuse investigation reported to IDPH regarding R2’s allegation of abuse. Similarly, the alleged perpetrator E8 was not removed from direct care after the allegation was made on 5/14/11.”
  • Failure to implement fall prevention strategies: “R3 had 5 falls over a 4 month period.  Review of R3’s medical record however, showed no indication each of the above fall had a post fall assessment or analysis. There was no indication of any note investigating why R3 fell on each of the above dates. E5 confirmed there is no post fall assessment sheet that the facility utilized for R3, although each fall is being discussed during each morning meeting by the IDT. There was no indication as well, what new interventions were put in place since the chair and bed alarm had not been successful in preventing R3 from falling further since 1/31/11. It was not changed to address frequent fall which resulted to further falls. On 4/18/11, R3 sustained a dime sized cut at the occipital area of the head and a left temporal and left neck abrasion on 4/1/11 fall causing him pain.”
  • Failure to provide treatment to prevent or heal pressure sores: “On November 16, 2011, at 10:30 am, during observation of the wound treatment, E4 (Treatment Nurse) R10 acquired pressure ulcer in the facility on November 2, 2011. E4 states that R10 has a stage II pressure ulcer. E4 states that Braden Scale must be documented every week for 1 month after a wound has developed. E4 confirmed that there was no reassessment of the skin after the pressure ulcer developed. E4 states that R10 gets transferred in the wheelchair. No chair cushion was noted on the wheelchair. Review of R10’s Admission Assessment on October 10, 2011 did not document any pressure ulcers. Review of the nurses’ notes dated November 2, 2011 states in part that “resident noted with redness on buttock area with skin breakdown at this time of assessment. Dr. Omniotek returned call new order given.” Review of R10’s most current Braden scale dated October 10, 2011 documents that R10 is at low risk for pressure ulcer development. There was no documentation of the reassessment of skin integrity.”
  • Failure to safely turn residents: “On 11/15/11 at 11:25am, (location- 4th floor)E11 stated that E11 and E10 was providing care to R1 prior to R1 going for dialysis. E11 stated that E10 turned R1 towards E11 and that E11 wasn’t able to catch R1. E11 goes on to state “R1 was too heavy”. E11 stated that R1 fell on top of E11 and they were both on the floor. E11 further states that R1 is not able to roll without assistance. E11 then stated that the men on the unit usually help, but were all busy and E10 offered assistance. E11 stated “it happened so fast.” On 11/14/11 during the initial tour with E13 (Registered Nurse, Minimum Data Set coordinator) R1 was lying in bed with a large bruise with swelling to the left side of the forehead, which contained a dressing over it. E13 stated that R1 had sustained a fall within the facility. The facility’s Incident/Occurrence Report for R1 dated 11/10/11 documents that R1 sustained a fall which lead to R1 being sent to the hospital while receiving care from E10 (Licensed Practical Nurse) and E11 (Certified Nursing Assistant). The Incident Report also documents that R1 sustained a “big Bump” to the forehead with bleeding and swelling to the left shoulder.”

Chicago, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

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Disclaimer: The above inspection findings are take from public sources including the State Department of Health and from Medicare inspection conducted at the facility at least every fifteen months. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC cannot confirm that the content on this site is the most recent information related to the facilities mentions.

The inspection findings published are not complete. You may find the most up to date information here: or

The deficiencies/citations listed on this page may have been corrected or substantially corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. This page is a legal advertisement and a resource of information for visitors. This material is not endorsed by the facility noted or by any governmental agency. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC does not have any affiliation with the facility.

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