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Car Accident Hand and Wrist Injury Settlements: How to Value Cases

wrist hand injury car accident settlement values When a motor vehicle accident is literally thrust upon you in Chicago, Illinois, or anywhere else, you do not have time to react. Understandably, you might throw your hands up in defense or despair. That is when the trouble might arise.

Hand, wrist, and finger injuries are one of the most common outcomes of car, truck, and motorcycle crashes in the Chicagoland area. Also, they can be some of the costliest harms too. It is not unheard for these victims to incur high medical bills, long work absences, and new disabilities. If you injure your hand, finger, or wrist in a collision, you may find that you have to change your entire lifestyle and sometimes for the worse.

The car accident attorneys of our law firm, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, may be able to help. We bring personal injury claims on behalf of victims of hand and wrist damage from Illinois auto wrecks. Our services do not cost you anything until we are successful.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We can discuss what settlement amounts or payouts may be possible and what other relief may be available under Illinois. The following sections discuss this issue in more detail. Call us if you have any other questions.

Nature of Hand, Wrist, and Finger Injuries in Chicago Car Crashes

Your hands, wrist, and fingers are at the front line in any car crash. They protect you and field incoming fire from parts of your vehicle and the opposing passenger vehicle. Often, you send them to your defense without even realizing it.

It is unsurprising then that they suffer injury during these personal injury cases as much or more than others. Here are the kinds of injury they most often sustain.

Fracture. The momentum and bulk of cars leaves arms, wrists, and fingers prone to fracture when they collide with each other. Thankfully, this is one of the simpler injuries to fix and treat than others.

Puncture. All kinds of debris can rain down on motorists in crashes that can puncture and scar these parts of the body. When that happens, there can be deeper injury to the soft tissue and muscle in the surrounding area as well as long-lasting disfigurement.

Dislocation. You might get turned around in a collision dislocating your wrist. If that happens, you will need immediate medical care to prevent future harm.

Amputation. Like other extremities, the hands are at critical risk for amputation in accidents because they can so easily get caught under something and stuck. If time elapses and blood is completely cut off, doctors might need to amputate a finger or the arm entirely.

These serious injuries implicate your short-term and long-term health. It is important to consider them before an accident so you can better take care of yourself after you are involved in one.

Hand Treatment for Injuries from Illinois Auto Accidents

Your wrist, finger, or whole can be damaged in a multitude of ways during a car crash in the Chicagoland area. Any one of these harms can bring an entire series of side effects, trouble, and suffering. You will need expert medical care and treatment to stem the damage and recover total or even partial usage in the affected area.

Patients have a wide range of available choices at their disposal when trying to fix these conditions. Normally, they opt for surgery, grafting, casts, rehab, or something similar. There are specialized surgeons and medical professionals who perform these services.

Unfortunately, they are expensive. They are also life-altering and frustrating. When you need someone by your side during these tough sides, call the car accident lawyers of our law firm. We can make sure your personal injury claim is in good shape to target the financial compensation Illinois allows so that you can get back up on your feet fast and well!

Facts about Wrist and Hand Injuries in Chicago Car Crashes

  • The hands are one of the most commonly harmed parts of the body in auto accidents.
  • Hand, wrist, and finger damage from auto crashes can lead to surgery costing tens of thousands of dollars and taking months or even years to fully recover from.
  • Automobile collisions are one of the five leading causes of wrist injuries in the United States.
  • The hands are frequently injured in these incidents when motorists attempt to protect themselves or brace themselves from incoming harm.
  • Personal injury claims and settlements for these car accident cases can range from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars on average for the claimants economic damages and non-economic damages.

Chicago Car Accident Hand and Wrist Injuries with Highest Settlement

Chart, pie chart Description

4 Reasons for Largest Payouts in Wrist and Hand Injuries in Chicago MVA Settlements

Why any case settles or goes to trial stems from the particulars of the individual collision in Illinois. Yet, some factors weigh more than others and might spell a faster and larger settlement. These largely relate to culpability and consequences.

Review them below and compare them to the events of your Chicago car crash.

  1. Serious pain, suffering, or disability.
  2. Substantial property damage, medical expenses, and lost income.
  3. Death.
  4. Intoxicated, distracted, or fatigued driving.

Remember, payouts may come from more than one party. For example, you may seek financial compensation from a truck driver as well as the large truck company the trucker works for.

Consult our personal injury lawyers about what your settlement amounts may be possible for you and how best to achieve quick settlement.

Illinois Awards and Settlements for Hand, Wrist, and Finger Injuries

$950,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois; 2018:

A woman in her early forties was hit in her car while she was leaving her home. The accident left her with spinal damage, wrist trauma, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

She needed spinal fusion surgery and release surgery. The bills for that medical treatment exceeded $100,000 and her lost income was more than that, approximately $125,000.

She sued the man responsible for the motor vehicle accident and was soon redirected to that man’s insurance company. The two sides soon entered into settlement negotiations and she eventually received $950,000 in financial compensation for her damages including $50,000 for property damage.

$1,100,000 Settlement; Illinois; 2015:

A secretary in her late seventies was T-boned by a large truck that ran a stop sign in western Illinois. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, cut spleen, broken hip, and fractured wrist. The woman needed multiple surgeries including resection and laparotomy as well as casts for her wrist.

The medical expenses were more than three quarters of a million dollars. She was not just left with medical bills though because the event also left behind serious personal injuries, pain, and disability. She brought a car accident claim against the party responsible and that person’s insurance carrier, Progressive, offered a settlement of $1.1 million. The woman accepted this sum.

$300,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois; 2003:

A truck driver in a large truck ran a red on the south side of Chicago and crashed into the plaintiff’s motor vehicle. The plaintiff was a man in his middle fifties. The incident left him with a variety of serious injuries including broken fingers, fractured sternum, cracked ribs, and dislocated shoulder.

Medical bills for the subsequent medical treatment cost him about $50,000 and he had to miss work to rehab costing him almost another $10,000. The car accident case against the truck driver was diverted to the insurance company.

That business soon decided to settle with the personal injury claimant for a reported $300,000. That financial compensation was to reimburse him for the pain, losses, and other economic damages as well as non-economic damages from these events.

$200,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois; 2000:

In this motor vehicle accident, a truck driver hauling a tractor-trailer lost control of his big rig and some of the cargo fell onto the plaintiff’s passenger car. The woman was in her mid seventies at the time of the incident.

She suffered multiple personal injuries but the most severe were broken fingers, tibia, and facial lacerations. Medical treatment cost her over $25,000. She sued the large truck company and truck driver for negligence and damages.

Her car accident claimed the man and the company were both irresponsible and responsible for the catastrophe. Without admitting the underlying allegations contained within her complaint, the pair settled with her for $200,000.

Trusted Car Accident Attorneys in Chicago for Your Hand, Wrist, or Finger Injury

Every member of the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has the passion and experience to help car accident victims, including those with hand, wrist, and finger damage, obtain the maximum financial compensation Illinois allows. Call us today and discuss potential settlement amounts and settlement values in a free consultation.

We work on contingency so you can focus on recovery and we can focus on your claim. Our services are free until we win for you by returning a jury award or settlement payout that you deserve. We look forward to working with you!

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