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Genesis Medical Center Aledo Ratings & Violations

Genesis Medical Center Aledo Genesis Medical Center – Aledo is a ‘not for profit’ 22-certified-bed Center providing cares and services for residents of Aledo and Mercer County, Illinois. The Facility is located at:

409 Northwest 9th Avenue
Aledo, IL 61231
(309) 582-5301

In addition to providing emergency services, Genesis Medical Center That – Aledo also offers other services that include:

  • Laboratory testing and imaging
  • Care transition
  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Surgery
  • Stroke care
  • Medical-surgical unit
  • Podiatry

Patient Safety Concerns

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) monitors patient safety measures involving potential adverse events and hospital complications that occur after procedures and surgeries. This data is accumulated by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and evaluated through the Report Card methodology. The information is used to determine if the problems at the facility are significantly worse or better compared other facilities statewide.

The patient safety concerns involving Genesis Medical Center – Aledo for 2015 involve:

  • Unexpected Death Rate – The facility’s risk-adjusted rate is 1.8 per 1000 or 1 unexpected death out of 50 patients. This rate is nearly 9 times greater than the Illinois state average of 0.22 per 1000 patients.

The IDPH determined that the statistical rate of unexpected death at the facility was “significantly worse in the state average.

Readmission Rates

A certain percentage of all patients discharged from a medical center will need to be readmitted to the facility due to an unexpected health complication or the inability to make a smooth transition from the center into a nursing facility or the family’s home. The IDPH monitors this data collected by the US Department of Health and Human Services through their Hospital Compare website. The rate helps determine whether the facility is providing the best level of care to its residents, or not. The Readmission Rates between 07/01/2014 and 06/30/2017 involving Genesis Medical Center – Aledo include:

  • Pneumonia Patients Who Required Readmittance a Facility within 30 Days after Their Departure – 17.4 percent, which is nearly identical to the Illinois state average of 17.56 percent.
  • Heart Failure Patients Who Required Readmittance to the Facility within 30 Days after Their Departure – 21.9 percent, which is nearly statistically identical to the Illinois state average of 22.09 percent. These numbers are for the reporting period running from 07/01/2012 to 06/30/2015.

Thirty-Day Mortality Rate

The Department of Public Health measures certain indicators that help determine patient mortality rate occurring within 30 days after the patient was admitted to the facility. This information is collected and disseminated by the HHS Hospital Compare website. The current 30-day mortality rate involving Genesis Medical Center – Aledo include:

  • Pneumonia Patients Who Died within 30 Days after Being Admitted to the Facility – 18.3 percent, which is slightly higher than the Illinois state average of 16.32 percent.
  • Heart Failure Patients Who Died within 30 Days after Being Admitted to the Hospital – 15.3 percent, which is significantly higher than the Illinois state average of 11.83 percent.

Inpatient Mortality Rate

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) collects short-term mortality rates to determine if hospitals and medical centers are providing the highest level of care. The IDPH uses this information as an effective tool to determine inpatient quality indicators involving the level of care and services the hospital provides. For 2015, the inpatient mortality rate at the facility included:

  • Pneumonia Patient Risk-Adjusted Mortality Rate – 172.91 per 1000 or 2 deaths out of 34 patients, which is more than seven times the Illinois state average of 23.48 per 1000 patients.

The IDPH determined that the risk-adjusted mortality rate involving pneumonia patients at Genesis Medical Center was “statistically significantly worse than the state average.”

Emergency Department Services

Information provided by the Hospital Compare website of the US Department of Health and Human Services helps determine if hospitals and medical centers are meeting the emergent health needs of the community. These numbers are important because any delay in treatment places avoidable risks and undue harm on patients, especially if the ER department must redirect ambulance traffic (bypassing) to divert the incoming patient to other local emergency departments.

The available “indicating" data involving the quality of emergent care at Genesis Medical Center – Aledo from 10/01/2014 through 09/30/2015 include:

  • Recent Bypass Hours – 0.15 percent or 13.35 hours out of 8760 hours.
  • Percentage of Patients Who Discontinued Care or Left the Facility without Accepting Medical Advice – 1.14 percent or 42 out of 3680 patients.

Sample Medical Malpractice Claims & Settlements Involving Genesis

$1.7 Million Verdict; Hospital Malpractice Case

Here, a woman was admitted to the emergency room with pain in her lower quadrant on the right side. Doctors put her on pain medication. They did not do a CT-scan for almost thirty hours. The woman’s symptoms included fever, lots of white blood cells, and general pain. Finally, they conducted a CT-scan and saw that her appendix needed to be removed. Due to the delay, it exploded before they could take it out. This led to sepsis and peritonitis. She lived in pain for nearly six months before dying. The ordeal caused her over $500,000 in medical bills. Lawyers for the estate argued that the failed diagnose and negligent treatment caused these events. Also, they stated that a CT-scan within the first eighteen hours would have sufficed. The defendant offered a number of defenses including pre-existing conditions and atypical symptoms which made the examination difficult. The two sides could not find room to agree so they went to court. The plaintiffs obtained a $1.7 million judgment. That compensation was for damages including lost society; pain; suffering; and lost mental and bodily functions. Genesis settled pretrial for $20,000.

Wrongful Death Claim Filed after Discharged Patient Passes Away

This hospital case kicked off after a woman passed away. She entered the medical facility for examination. Staff conducted a variety of diagnostic imaging including an EKG as well as cardiac enzyme testing. Then, they let her go on her way. Not long after this event, her condition declined so badly that she died. Apparently, she had an acute myocardial infarction. Doctors failed to diagnose her for this issue. Obviously, the problem went untreated. The claimants said that his error was malpractice and the named parties were liable for negligence and wrongful death damages. Those extend to the economic (hospital bills, lost income/support, etc.) and non-economic losses (grief, lost consortium, etc.) that the plaintiffs and the decedent suffered. Specifically, they argued that the facility should not have let her leave. Also, they should have spotted the problem. Genesis Medical Center was a named party.

Aledo Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you believe that your loved one was harmed by medical malpractice while residing as a patient at Genesis Medical Center – Aledo, call Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC now. Our Aledo abuse attorneys file and resolve financial compensation claims for victims of medical malpractice in Illinois hospitals and medical centers.

Allow our legal team to handle every aspect of your medical malpractice claim including the filing all necessary documentation in the appropriate court. In Mercer County, the facility is located at:

100 Southeast 3rd Street
Aledo, Illinois 61231
(309) 582-7122
Circuit Court Clerk Kristin Relander

We urge you to contact our Mercer County medical malpractice law office at (888) 424-5757 to schedule your appointment today. Speak with one of our experienced lawyers to determine your legal options during a comprehensive, free no-obligation case review. Our legal team provides immediate legal representation without an upfront payment. Our legal fees are paid only after we have successfully resolved your case in a court of law or through a negotiated out-of-court settlement.


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