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Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

Chicago Garbage truck accident lawyersWaste management is a necessary need for a clean community, but a dangerous and challenging job. Serious injuries abound for those who spend their days working on a garbage truck in urban environments and rural areas.

Waste management jobs for many decades have been one of the highest injury and fatality careers in the United States. and usually ranked in the top ten of all occupations. Although strides have been made in recent years to make garbage trucks safer, many people still die each year in garbage truck driver error accidents.

Garbage Truck Accidents: High Fatality Rate for Motorists & Waste Management Employees Alike

Garbage truck driver workers were ranked 7th in the U.S. by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in dangerous occupations for 2010. This statistic was based on fatalities on the job (and an exhaustive review of police reports), with waste management coming in with 26th in 2010. Most of these casualties happened while working on the garage trucks. Some of the accidents that ended in death for workers included:

  • Over half of the fatalities were due to transportation accidents
  • Eight deaths in 2010 happened on the highway
  • Six deaths were caused by objects or equipment

The fatality rate was 29.8 per 100,000 workers in waste management for the year 2010. Although this and other serious injuries have been reduced from only a few years prior, it is still one of the highest rates in any occupation.

Garbage Truck Accident Facts and Figures

  • Hundreds of people die every year from garbage truck cashes while in their passenger car, walking, or bicycling.
  • About a quarter of these accident victims are sanitation industry workers themselves.
  • Thousands of people are injured annually due to these accidents.
  • Private truck companies are responsible for a majority of these accidents compared to public trucking companies.
  • Incidents cost victims thousands of dollars on average in medical and other bills as well as costs from the insurance company.

Chicago, IL Garbage Truck Worker Injuries

There are even more injury accident victims than fatalities in waste management accidents each year. For 2010, garbage workers were ranked 4th out of all occupations involving on the job injuries. Some of these injuries caused permanent damage, disabilities, and even minor injuries.

Some common types of garbage truck injuries include the following:

  • Lacerations. The most common type of injury is cuts or lacerations, many caused by moving equipment on the trucks or being struck by falling objects.
  • Struck-by accidents. Garbage truck workers can be struck-by the garbage truck when backing up or by other vehicles on the road.
  • Struck-against. Crushing accidents can occur when limbs or appendages get caught in the moving parts on a garbage truck.

If you have been injured in a Chicago garbage truck accident, try and obtain the police report then call us today to discuss your legal rights!

Garbage Truck Safety in the Chicagoland Area

Improvements have been made over the years in garbage truck safety, including more automated pickup procedures that reduce garbage truck workers being exposed to hazards. However, there are still many dangers that garbage truck workers and passing pedestrians face. To increase safety, the Division of Occupational Safety & Health recommends:

  • Always use reflective and protective gear when working on garbage trucks to avoid the risk of poor visibility
  • Stand to the side of the vehicle when compacting the trash
  • Use safety lockout or tag out procedures when entering the compacting area. Equipment needs to be turned off completely to ensure that employees are not in danger of being crushed.
  • Create a pedestrian-free zone while trucks are operating
  • Truck operators should stop if other workers or pedestrians are not in view
  • Stand carefully at stop signs and proceed only after looking both ways.

Due to the heavy equipment used on garbage trucks, operators need to apply caution to protect workers and pedestrians passing by from the dangers.

Chicago Garbage Truck Crash Relief

Victims of garbage truck driver error accidents and related motor vehicle accidents in the Chicago area often have various personal injuries, financial losses, and other harms.  They may work with a Chicago truck accident law firm to obtain relief and compensation from the responsible parties through court or settlement.

Normally, here are the means of relief available in those claims:

  • Financial compensation for physical injuries and intangible suffering.
  • Financial compensation for increased expenses such as medical bills, prescriptions, and rehabilitation.
  • Financial compensation for lost income due to work absences and missed investments.
  • Financial compensation for property loss or damage.

Garbage Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Chicago, Illinois

If you have been injured while working on a garbage truck or as an innocent by-stander, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Garbage truck accidents can be hazardous, causing injuries that require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, loss of work, some minor injuries and even death. Anyone hurt from exposure to the dangers of these trucks will need legal advice and representation to receive the financial compensation they deserve.

Claims for Garbage Truck Accidents in Chicago

Victims of garbage truck crashes and similar motor vehicle accidents can file personal injury claims for the damages that the trucking company caused them.  Normally, that may include pain and costs but the type of cause of action depends on the underlying misconduct.  Here are the most common Chicago lawsuits for garbage truck accidents:

  • Negligence: the garbage truck drivers unreasonably operated their vehicles which led to the incident that caused your injuries (I.E. speeding; not signaling; driving while intoxicated).
  • Wrongful Death: the Chicago garbage truck driver's negligent driving resulted in the death of another.
  • Products Liability: the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer's defective product or defective warning caused the garbage truck crash and following harms and losses.

Chicago Law Firm for Garbage Truck Injuries

Experienced personal injury attorneys may help advocate your case for financial compensation.  They can investigate, litigate, and negotiate any and all claims for damages including with insurance companies.

Some clients wonder whether they can go it alone.  Of course, they can, but the question is should they?  Discuss the best plan of attack for your Chicago truck lawsuit you with an experienced law firm today!

Garbage Truck Accident Attorneys in Chicago

The garbage truck accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have years of experience in handling complex injury cases involving dangerous work equipment such as garbage trucks. We invite you to discuss your legal rights and situation with us free of charge through a free case evaluation to explore what options are available when using a personal injury lawyer who has help people like you in Chicago truck accident lawsuits.  Contact us today to take legal action!

Further reading on garbage truck accidents and safety statistics for general informational purposes:

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