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Fractured Rib Car Accident Settlement: How to Value Rib Fracture Cases

rib fracture settlement auto accident Car accidents occur in an environment of extraordinary speed and force. Illinois motor vehicle crashes can involve multiple large trucks, passenger cars, and other motorists.

In the wake of these events, you may discover serious injuries including personal injuries like traumatic brain injuries, herniated discs, head injuries, soft tissue damage, collapsed lung, broken bones, back injuries, spinal disc herniation, and even fractured ribs or wounded rib cage.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC manages car accident cases and personal injury claims involving broken ribs as well as other harms. We bring these claims on behalf of injury victims in Chicago, Illinois, and other states.

Our law firm has a special group of personal injury lawyers dedicated to obtaining high settlement value financial compensation for auto crash victims for their damages including medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

If you fractured a rib in a Chicago car accident or other motor vehicle accident, contact our car accident attorneys for a free consultation and legal advice on what settlement options may be available to you.

The following sections review these issue in more detail but use our contact form if you have any more questions.

  1. How do Rib Injuries Occur in Illinois Auto Crashes?
  2. Rib Injuries and Chicago Car Accident Facts
  3. Treatment for Broken Ribs after a Chicago Auto Accident
  4. Factors Impacting Case Value for Rib Injuries in Illinois Car Crash Claims
  5. Car Accident Rib Injury Awards and Settlements
  6. Get Legal Help Now from Lawyers who Understand the Effect of Rib Injuries from Auto Accidents
  7. Further Reading for General Information Purposes

How do Rib Injuries Occur in Illinois Auto Crashes?

Ribs protect vital organs and the body. They act as a shield and parry blows that people receive in the ordinary course of life. Therefore, in order to crack or break a rib, there needs to be a certain kind of circumstances often including excessive force and speed.

One way that car accident injury victims often break ribs is when they collide with the steering wheel after they decelerate the motor vehicle suddenly.

Motorists may also fracture a rib when they collide with the dashboard. This sturdy material may prove too much for the bones and damage or severe them entirely.

Seatbelts are meant to secure us from risks inherently involved in driving passenger cars. Yet, if motorists start and stop their vehicles too quickly, then a seatbelt can snap a rib.

These are some of most common ways that drivers and passengers injure their ribs. Your car accident rib injury may be different though and it is important to be aware of this serious risk.

Rib Injuries and Chicago Car Accident Facts

  • Aside from ribs, the most common bones broken in an automobile accident include the femur, vertebrae, pelvis, collarbones, and neck.
  • Thousands of people injure their ribs in car crashes across Illinois and other states.
  • The most common cause of rib fractures in car accidents is seatbelt compression.
  • Frequent symptoms of broken or aggravated ribs include swollen abdomen, difficulty breathing, lacerations or broken skin, or dizziness.
  • Medical expenses for healthcare treatment related to broken ribs averages thousands of dollars for ER visits, physician consultations, prescriptions, and rehabilitative care.
Chart bone break on auto accident

Treatment for Broken Ribs after a Chicago Auto Accident

If you break a rib in an auto accident, the pain might be unbearable at first and linger around far longer than you might predict. However, there are some common medical treatments available to deal with the pain and suffering, including the following.

  • Surgery
  • Casts and splints
  • Incline and elevation
  • Medication
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Of course, these all come with substantial costs in terms of upfront medical treatment and indirectly through lost wages and other income opportunity losses. Speak to one of our car accident attorneys today about how you can seek relief for some of these items.

Factors Impacting Case Value for Rib Injuries in Illinois Car Crash Claims

While you cannot ever precisely predict how much your case will be worth, there are some factors that may help you estimate what your claim may fetch if you break a rib in an auto crash. Here are some of the foremost items that impact case value in Chicago automobile litigation.

  • First, long-term pain or disability.
  • Second, scarring or disfigurement.
  • Third, substantial medical expenses or reduced earning capacity.

Obviously, other items will impact your car accident case value but you should start with these when setting a baseline for claim analysis.

Car Accident Rib Injury Awards and Settlements

Below are some sample auto accident settlements and verdicts related to rib fractures. If you or a family member sustained rib fractures in an accident and are looking for additional information, contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced attorney near you.

$723,500 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois; 2019:

A young family was parked on a road near Chicago when another motorist rear-ended them. At the time of the accident, the mother of the original passenger vehicle was outside trying to fix the car and her two kids -ages nineteen and six were inside.

They were all left with a litany of serious personal injuries including broken ribs, rotator cuff damage, knee contusions, fractured femurs, and long-term pain. The combined medical expenses for the group totaled more than $250,000. They brought a claim against the other driver in Cook County court. The insurance company, State Farm, eventually relented and offered a settlement for financial compensation of $723,500. They accepted.

$1,500,000 Settlement; Cook County; 2018:

A daughter was driving her mother on the highway when they got into an accident with a large truck. The mother was fifty-eight at the time of the crash. Apparently, the young woman made a left turn right in front of the large truck and made a crash inevitable.

Due to the incident, the mother broke her rib, cut open her bladder, damaged her pelvis, and fractured her nose. She needed surgery immediately and other medical treatment. Also, doctors determined that she would need several follow-up procedures and rehabilitation.

The medical expenses were nearly $250,000 and lost income from missed work was about $70,000. She brought a personal injury claim against the driver’s insurance policy for financial compensation, and so did her husband for lost consortium.

The couple received a $1.5 million payout and were stay able to bring a subsequent personal injury case against the truck driver and large truck company.

$2,500,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois:

An elderly couple in their seventies were exiting a gas station when a cop car T-boned their passenger vehicle. The husband suffered broken ribs, a subdural hematoma, vertigo, damaged sternum, and lost consortium.

The woman sustained a brain injury, speech problems, and aggravation of prior injuries. They both needed surgery and medical treatment immediately. The bills for this care would be more than $350,000.

They brought a personal injury claim against the county and hospital where she had received care at before the crash for their harms, costs, and long-term impairment and suffering. The parties settled instead of trying the matter to a full completion. The woman obtained $2,125,000 and the man received $375,000.

$100,000 Settlement; Cook County; Illinois:

The plaintiff (29-year-old woman) was sideswiped when the defendant tried to avoid another motorist who had veered into her lane. The plaintiff sustained personal injuries to her rib, haw, and clavicle. All were broken.

The medical treatment cost her over $60,000. She brought a personal injury claim against the driver was directed to her insurance carrier, State Farm. State Farm paid out $100,000 for the event and subsequent harm.

Get Legal Help Now From Lawyers Who Understand the Effect of Rib Injuries from Auto Accidents

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers leads the industry in advocating for victim’s rights following automobile accidents and other events causing serious personal injuries. We can help you too if you call our offices and have a one-on-one evaluation with one of our dedicated car accident lawyers.

The car accident attorneys of our law firm work on contingency so you do not pay if we do not win and offer free, no-obligation consultations.

Contact us to see what financial compensation may be in store for you. You deserve relief and we can help you get back on the road to recovery today!

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