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Chicago Forklift Accident Lawyer

A forklift accident can cause serious injuries for the forklift operator and any bystanders in the area. If you have been injured in a forklift-related accident, speaking with a lawyer who understands the laws governing these accidents is essential.

The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC can help you understand your rights and protect your best interests. Contact our law firm toll-free at (888) 424-5757 for a free consultation today.

Our Chicago construction worker injury lawyers will work with you to ensure that you recover compensation for your forklift-related injuries.

Forklift Injuries

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Forklift Accidentsan estimated 85,000 people are injured in forklift-related accidents each year.

Forklifts are a common sight in warehouses, industrial settings, and construction sites but this heavy machinery can be dangerous if you do not safely operate them. In fact, forklift-related accidents cause dozens of deaths and hundreds of crushing injuries each year.

Forklifts are rated as powered industrial trucks, and fork truck crashes can have serious consequences. Employees can be seriously hurt or even killed if they are not careful.

The elevated load being carried by a forklift can fall off and injure someone. In addition, a manufacturing defect can cause workers to be injured if they are not adequately protected.

Did you or a loved one get hurt in a forklift crash? If so, it is vital to speak with a Chicago forklift accident attorney as soon as possible.

Forklift Accident Statistics

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, forklifts are involved in around 95,000 accidents each year.

Out of these accidents, around 33,000 result in forklift injuries, and over 100 people are killed annually due to forklift accidents.

Common Causes of Forklift Accidents

Some of the most common causes include:

  • Forklift operator error: It is the number one cause of fork truck accidents and can result from inexperience, distractions, or fatigue.
  • If a forklift is not appropriately maintained, it can malfunction and cause an accident.
  • Inexperienced or untrained workers: If the forklift driver or other workers are not properly trained on using a forklift or are unfamiliar with the equipment, they can easily cause an accident.
  • Environment: Poor weather conditions or obstacles in the work area can also lead to forklift tips or roll accidents.

Serious Injuries Resulting From Forklift Accidents

Common injuries resulting from forklift accidents include:

Safety Measures to Prevent Forklift Accidents

Some of the most critical safety measures to prevent forklift crashes include:

  • Requiring all employees who operate fork trucks to be trained and certified in safe forklift operation
  • Ensure that the fork truck is appropriately maintained and in good working order.
  • Establishing and teaching safe operating procedures and limits.
  • Limiting the use of forklifts to authorized personnel only
  • Chocking or tying down the load to prevent it from shifting
  • Never driving a lift truck up to or over people
  • Keeping the forks of the fork truck at a safe height
  • Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Wearing appropriate safety gear, including safety glasses, hard hats, and boots
  • Avoid distractions while driving a fork truck

Employers should also ensure that the workplace is designed in a way that minimizes the risk of lift truck crashes, including having proper lighting, clearly marked aisle ways, and adequate signage.

Workers' Compensation Providing a Financial Relief to Forklif  Accident Victims

Workers' compensation is a financial benefits system for workers injured on the job or who become ill due to contributing factors at work. State governments regulate workers' compensation insurance coverage paid by employers to protect the injured employee, ensuring the worker is compensated for medical expenses and lost wages until they can return to work.

In all states, workers' compensation is a no-fault system, meaning the injured worker is entitled to all available benefits without proving negligence or who is responsible for their damages.

Forklift Accident Attorneys Share Causes Fatal Accidents

Filing a Forklift Accident Lawsuit

Were you hurt in a fork truck crash? If so, you should speak with a Chicago personal injury lawyer to determine whether or not you have a case.

In many cases, the manufacturer of the faulty product in this case a fork truck may be liable for your physical injuries. In some cases, the employer may also be responsible if they did not provide proper training or were aware of a dangerous condition and did not correct it.

Accidents involving forklifts can often lead to third-party injury claims. A third-party injury claim is a legal action against other people and entities that are responsible for the accident, like forklift manufacturers selling defective equipment.

A Forklift Accident Lawyer Can Offer You Legal Assistance

Have you been hurt in a fork truck crash? If so, it is crucial to seek legal assistance from a Chicago forklift accident lawyer.

Your attorney can help you file a forklift personal injury claim against the responsible party or other parties legally liable for your workplace injuries. In many cases, a forklift accident lawyer can help you obtain fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Holding the At-Fault Party Liable in Fork Truck Crashes

A forklift manufacturer may be liable if one of its products causes a forklift injury due to negligence. In some cases, individuals and companies other than the worker, co-worker, or employer might have caused the accident.

Potential clients in a third party claim might include:

  • Contractors and vendors
  • Forklift and equipment rental companies
  • Subcontracted dock worker
  • Equipment manufacturers

A negligent operation can cause a lot of physical and emotional damage. If you've been injured due to someone else's negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. Chicago accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Average Settlement in Forklift Accidents

The amount of money that a person can receive in a fair settlement will vary depending on the severity of their forklift injuries and other factors.

A study from 2017 found that the average settlement in a fork truck crash is around $217,000. However, every case is unique, meaning that settlements and benefits vary greatly.

 Industries Involved Fatal Forklift Accidents

The Surviving Family Members Legal Options After the Death of a Loved One in a Forklift Accident

Where someone else's negligence caused the death, the surviving family members may pursue a legal claim for damages.

Should you lose a loved one in a fork truck crash, speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential to learn about your legal options.

A Chicago personal injury attorney can help you determine whether you have a valid legal claim and can guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit.

Should you succeed in your forklift injury claim, you may recover damages for losses suffered such as outstanding medical bills, burial expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

It is important to note that the time limit for filing a lawsuit may be limited, so it is critical to speak with a Chicago lawyer as soon as possible after the death of a loved one.

Hiring a Chicago Forklift Accident Lawyer to Pursue a Forklift Accident Lawsuit

Were you hurt in a fork truck accident? It is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible.

The Chicago personal injury lawyers at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have many years of collective experience handling these cases and can help you pursue the financial compensation you deserve.

Contact our law firm today toll-free at (888) 424-5757 for a free consultation.

Our forklift accident lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, so you don't have to pay us any attorney fee for our legal services until we win your case.

All confidential or sensitive information you share with our legal team remains private through an attorney-client relationship.


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