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Ankle and Foot Injury Car Accident Settlements: How to Value Foot Injury Cases

foot ankle injury settlement case value car accident After the shock of a Chicago automobile accident, you may find that you have injured your ankle or foot (fibula, tibia, metatarsal, foot fracture, etc.). Ankle fractures or sprains as well as broken bones generally can happen in a number of ways, but the ubiquity of the injury does not mean it is not serious. Ankle and foot injuries create immense pain and suffering.

Like many other car accident injuries (soft tissue injuries, back injury, head injury, brain injury, broken leg etc.) comminuted fractures and foot wounds can trigger long-term medical conditions requiring substantial medical treatment and rehabilitation (physical therapy), not to mention medical expenses.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC fights for personal injury victims that are harmed in automobile accidents including those with ankle, foot, and other harms. Our car accident attorneys bring claims so that victims can obtain injury settlements they deserve to make up for the harm and cost of the crash.

If you injured your foot and ankle, contact our law firm, and speak to one of our car accident lawyers in a free consultation today about your serious injuries.

We can help you estimate what settlement value and other financial compensation may be available. The next sections review these personal injury cases in more detail, but feel free to use our contact form if you have any other questions.

How Are Ankles and Feet Injured in Chicago Car Crashes?

While you might think feet and ankles are tough, resilient parts of the body, they are routinely damaged in automobile accidents across the Chicagoland area and other parts of Illinois. Part of that stems from the recklessly high speeds that some motorists drive at and some of that stems from the larger size of preferred motor vehicles.

Whatever the case, you still need to be aware of the manner in which these parts of the body are frequently harmed, such as the following:

Blunt trauma. A foot might bang against the dashboard.

Twists. An angle might get turned over as the car spins around.

Lacerations. Shards of broken glass might break into and cut the feet.

Be careful as you drive through the streets of Chicago especially if you are the operator or front-seat passenger. Your feet and ankles are at greater risk than you might imagine.

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Facts about Feet and Ankle Injuries in Auto Accidents

  • Thousands of people injure their feet and ankles every year in car crashes.
  • Foot and ankle injuries only occur in roughly three percent of all motor vehicle incidents.
  • Foot injuries can be some of the most expensive outcomes from car accidents due to their surgical and rehabilitative demands
  • Surgery to repair ankle and feet damage following an auto collision can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Car accidents are one of the leading causes of amputations including those for toes.


car crash injury causes

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Treating Feet and Ankle Injuries from Chicago Car Crashes

Most of the time, physicians can treat your injuries with simple over-the-counter medication. If the feet and ankle damage is more severe, though, they may suggest surgery as well as a set of casts or braces. In very rare situations, the toe or foot may need to be amputated but that is extremely rare.

To identify the best course of medical treatment for your feet and ankles after a Chicago car accident, consult your doctor. Also, speak with a car accident attorney on the proper legal claim to maximize your recovery under Illinois law to pay for the medical expenses and other costs that may arise from this event.

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Case Value of Claims for Ankle and Feet Injuries in Chicago Auto Accidents

The best way to gauge what your claim in Illinois will be worth is too look at the facts and circumstances of your motor vehicle accident. When you do, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you incur substantial medical bills due to the event?
  • Did the crash leave you badly scarred, disabled, or changed in any negative way?
  • Did you have long absences from work because of the accident?
  • Did someone pass away as a result of the unfortunate event?

Affirmative answers on any of these concerns may mean you are allowed to recover substantially under the laws of Illinois. It is important to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer to understand what your specific recovery options are!

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Car Accident Ankle Injury Jury Verdicts and Settlements in Illinois

Below are some sample auto accident cases involving foot and ankle injuries. We invite you to review this information as part of you background information on these cases.

Should you have additional questions or are looking for a legal consultation, contact our Chicago, IL law firm for a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney.

$1,300,000 Settlement; Cook County, Illinois; 2018:

The plaintiff in his early fifties was driving down Elmhurst Road just west of Chicago when another car swerved into his lane. The man tried to avoid a collision but ended up hitting another car. The accident left him with a broken heel and ligament damage in both ankles.

He needed arthroscopic surgery as well as fusion-medical expenses were more than $350,000 and lost wages were more than $100,000. He brought a claim against the driver and the driver’s employer for damages including lost wages, medical treatment bills, pain, disability, suffering, and related harms. The defendants settled with him for a reported $1.3 million.

$939,000 Settlement; Saline County, Illinois; 2017:

A woman in her late forties was driving her passenger vehicle down Route 34 in southern Illinois. Near her, two large trucks collided and one of them hit her motor vehicle head-on. She broke her ankle and had to undergo emergency medical treatment. The medical expenses were over $200,000 and lost wages-she worked as a bus driver- topped $30,000.

The woman claimed her career was over as a result of her injuries from this event. Eventually, she brought a car accident case against the truck driver and the company he worked for. Despite some initial protestations and pre-trial motions, the personal injury claim was settled and she received the settlement amount of $939,999. This was the largest amount of financial compensation awarded in the area for the case type.

$1,750,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois; 2003:

A 30-year-old woman’s passenger vehicle was clipped as she attempted to change lanes on Interstate 94 in Chicago. Her car was sent into a tail-spin immediately after being rear-ended. She broke her foot, hip, pelvis, femur, and suffered other serious personal injuries including drop foot.

The medical treatment cost her almost $200,000. The defendant driver initially contested the dispute and alleged she was responsible for her distracted driving. However, this did not hold up over time and his insurance company, Great West Casualty, eventually paid out a settlement amount of $1.75 million for her damages.

$725,000 Settlement; Cook County, Illinois;

A 45-year-old woman was driving in Wayne, Illinois when a large truck crossed the line and hit her motor vehicle. They were driving on Route 59. She broke her ankle, fractured several ribs, and cut her eye. The medical expenses claimed in the complaint were more than $100,000, but she did not claim lost wages.

Her claim against the truck driver was directed to the private health insurance company. The two sides settled the matter for a financial compensation package of $725,000 for her economic damages and non-economic damages.

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Talk to Our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers about Your Foot or Ankle Injury

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers stands up for plaintiffs injured due to the negligent or intentional misconduct of other motorists including truck drivers and irresponsible drivers.

A car accident attorney from our law firm can discuss your case and what settlement amount may be possible in a free, no-obligation consultation. Plus, we work on contingency so you do not have to worry about anything unless we win for you!

If you injured your ankle or foot in a Chicago car crash, contact us today. We can work with you to craft a legal strategy that maximizes your recovery under the laws of Illinois.

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