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Campylobacter Food PoisoningThousands of individuals suffer from foodborne illnesses every year from food contaminated by campylobacter and other harmful bacteria. Campylobacter (campylobacter enteritis) can cause a significant intestinal infection and severe symptoms when specific foods containing the bacteria are consumed.

The most common symptoms include food poisoning, traveler’s diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramping, and pain along with vomiting, nausea, and watery or bloody diarrhea. Typically, the symptoms will appear within the first four days after exposure to the bacteria. Most symptoms last approximately one week.

Campylobacter is actually a large group of bacteria “germs” known to cause vomiting and gastroenteritis. The harmful bacteria can be found in raw meats, especially poultry (fowl). Individuals specifically at risk of serious complications are the elderly, young children, and individuals with diminished immunity. Treatment usually requires hydration and antibiotics.

Food Poisoning Attorneys Prosecuting Campylobacter Cases

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has experience prosecuting food poisoning cases involving campylobacter. Contact our office for a free consultation with an experienced food poisoning attorney.

Many Causes of Food Poisoning and Campylobacter

Most cases of bacteria-associated foodborne illness including campylobacter enteritis are derived from some type of contamination during processing, production, preparation, or cooking. Some of the obvious causes of food poisoning are involved.

  • Undercooked meats including poultry, burgers, pork, kebabs, and sausages
  • Food stored at a temperature higher than 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius)
  • Unrefrigerated cooked food exposed to warmer temperatures for one hour or more
  • Consuming food products previously touched by anyone suffering from illness involving vomiting or diarrhea
  • Cross-contamination can easily spread harmful bacteria including Campylobacter, E. coli, Listeria, and others

The Dangers of Cross-Contamination Contributing to Cases of Foodborne Illness

Even though cross-contamination is a typical cause of foodborne illnesses, it is often overlooked. Cross-contamination occurs when deadly bacteria spread between different food products, equipment, and surfaces.

As an example, using a chopping board or block to prepare uncooked chicken and then preparing other foods without washing the cutting surface can allow harmful contaminants to spread to other foods.

Cross-contamination also happens when uncooked meats are stored on shelves higher than ready-to-eat foods and uncooked meat juices are allowed to drip and land on foods below.

Do You Have a Case Against a Restaurant, Grocery, or Food Manufacturer?

Negligence is often a leading factor in nearly every type of foodborne illness contamination case. Individuals that consume food products containing the harmful bacteria Campylobacter often suffer serious illnesses caused by campylobacteriosis.

In fact, statistics from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) indicate that more than 2 million individuals suffer injury, and approximately 120 die from campylobacteriosis food poisoning every year.

While many cases involving food poisoning do not require any specific medical treatment, where the condition resolves in about 10 days, other cases of the illness require strong antibiotics to recover fully.

In some cases, individuals experience long-lasting medical complications including Guillian-Barre syndrome (a rare nervous system disease) and arthritis. So exactly how do you know if your injuries from foodborne illnesses are severe enough to seek financial compensation?

The first step in seeking recompense is to obtain medical attention immediately. Your primary health care doctor or emergency room physician will take a stool culture to evaluate your condition and look for the presence of campylobacter bacteria. Without well-documented proof of the bacteria, it can be challenging to receive compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, pain, or suffering.

Hiring an Attorney for a Case of Campylobacter

Many individuals suffering serious complications or victims of loved ones who have died from foodborne illnesses will hire a campylobacter food poisoning attorney to file a claim for financial recompense.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has the skills and resources required to successfully pursue compensation in a food poisoning case. Our law offices are one of the few nationwide that practices extensively in food poisoning litigation.

Our attorneys have investigated outbreaks of food poisoning outbreaks linked to various sources at the local, regional, and national levels. We litigate and resolve cases by negotiating out out-of-court settlements or presenting evidence in front of a judge and jury in a campylobacter food poisoning lawsuit.

Contact our law offices today at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free, initial no obligation consultation. We can evaluate your claim and offer various legal options to pursue financial compensation and hold food product manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and restaurants accountable for their negligence.

We accept these cases on contingency. This means you are provided instant legal representation without the need of paying for our services until your case is successfully resolved.

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