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Faulty Aviation Equipment

Faulty Aviation EquipmentWhile pilot error may contribute to some aviation accidents, in other cases the equipment that the pilot relies on to navigate the skies safely may fail with catastrophic consequences. When equipment malfunctions or defects are determined to be the cause of an aircraft crash, it is crucial that the parties responsible for the equipment failure are held accountable to provide justice to the victims and their families and to prevent future incidents of negligence which can have similar results. In some instances, the neglect can be criminal if it's discovered that materials or parts were used in the manufacturing or repair of an aircraft that did not adhere to federal aviation regulations.

Types of Aviation Equipment Failure

Aircraft are composed of many parts and devices which are designed to work in unison to safely lift the craft into the air and return it to the ground. If any of these components or devices fails, it can spell doom for the pilot and passengers on board.

  • Structural Components— The metal components used in the construction of aircraft must meet strict standards in place by the FAA. Flying at high speeds and altitudes places a lot of pressure on the metal parts of the aircraft. If the plane or helicopter is composed of substandard metals, cracks can form over time which will eventually cause a portion of the plane to buckle or break under pressure.
  • Electrical Devices— Pilots rely on numerous devices to be able to navigate, determine velocity and altitude and to assess conditions both in the air and on the ground. If any of these devices fail, it is at the pilot, crew and passengers’ peril. For this reason, ground crew must ensure that all devices are working correctly before allowing any aircraft to take off and pilots must perform their checks.
  • Engine Failure— While most commercial aircraft are designed to be able to withstand the failure of a single engine, smaller aircraft often possess only a single engine or are affected more by the loss of an engine than a Boeing 737 might be. Engine failure can result in a crash shortly following takeoff but has also occurred midflight with horrifying consequences.

Causes of Equipment Failure In Aircraft

Ground crews have the daunting and important task of catching any problem that may exist on or inside of the aircrafts that they service. While some equipment failures are due to poor repair work or failure to inspect an aircraft, some defects and problems manage to evade even the most diligent servicemen. Equipment failure can result from any combination of factors including the following.

  • Poor design or materials— Some aircraft are manufactured with cheap materials or with parts that do not meet FAA regulations, often failing at some point.
  • Improper inspection— Often, equipment might fail from a lack of awareness of safety concerns. When workers fail to inspect aircraft properly or cut corners in doing so, they can fail to detect what may be a fixable defect.
  • Improper equipment use— Using equipment for purposes it was not intended or improperly may cause it to fail as well. If the hardware fails, for this reason, it could be considered a pilot error.

Get Legal Assistance Now For An Aviation Accident Involving Potential Equipment Failure

If you or a loved one has been involved in an aviation accident, contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC today to learn more about your rights as a traveler and victim. If it was determined that the crash was caused by pilot negligence, repair team issue or a manufactural defect, you might be entitled to compensation. We will be happy to discuss your legal options with you during a free consultation, and if we are unable to help you collect the recompense you are owed, our services will be free as well.

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