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Failure to Treat High Blood Pressure Lawsuit

Blood Pressure MalpracticeUntreated hypertension can result in extensive damage to blood vessels and major organs such as the heart, kidneys, brain, and lungs, which is why it is important that high blood pressure is detected and treated in a timely fashion.

The failure to treat high blood pressure attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have represented numerous clients following the misdiagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure resulting in severe injuries or medical conditions.

 It is the duty of every doctor to perform checks on every patient’s vital signs in order to detect conditions that could have an impact on the overall health of the patient and there is no excuse for the misdiagnosis of high blood pressure, considering how simple blood pressure tests are to perform.

Hypertensive Crises and their Impact on Health

Most patients with hypertension are at risk of suffering from cardiovascular conditions resulting from damage to the blood vessels over time, but when blood pressure is elevated to an extreme level, it can pose an immediate threat to survival. There are two classifications that hospitals will give to hypertensive crises and the response for each is different. The types of crisis and recommended responses follow below.

  • Hypertensive urgency. If the patient is experiencing a spike in blood pressure without any damage to vital organs and it is determined that his or her blood pressure can be brought to normal levels safely over the next several hours, medications are administered to slowly bring blood pressure to a safe level. Bringing a patient’s blood pressure down too quickly can result in severe complications.

  • Hypertensive emergency. When evidence is present that the patient is undergoing organ failure due to severely elevated blood pressure, he or she must be admitted to the intensive care unit immediately. Medications are used to bring the patient’s blood pressure down in a controlled fashion while he or she is monitored closely for signs of distress which may require immediate intervention.

Symptoms of Hypertensive Distress

If a patient is suffering from extreme hypertension, he or she will exhibit key symptoms that should trigger doctors or hospital staff to assess the patient for high blood pressure. These symptoms include intense pain in the chest, swelling, seizures, shortness of breath, anxiety, and bleeding from the eyes. If these symptoms are present, every minute counts when delivering treatment. The failure to provide treatment will result in severe damage to internal organs, including to the heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, and liver.

There is also a strong link between hypertension and the buildup of fluid in the brain and the failure to treat a hypertensive emergency can ultimately result in a stroke or extensive brain damage. The damage can be catastrophic, as victims may lose access to normal cognitive functions and require assistive care for the rest of their lives.

Conditions Resulting From Untreated Hypertension

Our Chicago hypertension lawyers have encountered numerous victims of poor medical treatment whose conditions could have been prevented with prompt detection and treatment of their high blood pressure. The conditions that have been associated with undiagnosed high blood pressure include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Pulmonary edema, which is classified as a buildup of fluid in the lungs.
  • Confusion, loss of concentration, or loss of consciousness.
  • Congestive heart failure or heart attack.
  • Hemorrhaging in the brain, resulting in stroke, edema or intracerebral hemorrhage.
  • Aortic dissection, which occurs when the walls of the aorta separate.
  • Aneurysm, which is classified as a bulge in a damaged blood vessel that threatens to rupture and can cause internal bleeding, heart attack or stroke.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke.

The failure of any physician to act reasonably and to respond in a timely manner to a medical emergency can be considered medical negligence and if you are the victim of a doctor’s failure to provide a prompt diagnosis or treatment of your hypertension, you may be entitled to compensation so that you may cover the cost of your medical treatment, out of pocket expenses, lost wages and opportunities, pain and suffering and long-term therapy or assistive care. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are the most trusted lawyers in Illinois, having successfully recovered compensation for thousands of clients who were the victims of medical malpractice or negligence.

High Blood Pressure Malpractice Awards

$350,000 Settlement; Blood Pressure Malpractice; Cook County, Illinois

The patient involved in this blood pressure dispute was in her late eighties, eighty-eight to be precise. She entered a nursing home for a short-term stay. Her doctors recommended rehab and recovery. While at that facility, she developed high blood pressure and a host of other problems including weight loss, dehydration, and malnutrition. Then, things got worse. Sepsis, renal failure, bed sores, and more fatal symptoms set in to her system. She died a few months later. Her children survived her. They brought an action against the nursing facility. Their complaint alleged the home was negligent and responsible for her wrongful death. They cited the defendant with a lack of oversight, insufficient hiring procedures, inadequate controls, and other failures. The defendant did file a reply, but its merits were not tested by a jury. Both sides settled privately for a reported $350,000.

$2,000,000 Settlement; Blood Pressure Malpractice; Cook County, Illinois

This case centered on a mother and her child. The mother was pregnant and near the end of her term. She saw an og/gyn doctor for a consul. At that appointment, she had high blood pressure and tests were done but the issue was not identified. Then, she returned a few days later with the same symptoms. Plus, her child showed signs of tachycardia and other problems. However, these went unnoticed. When she finally went into labor days later, the child sustained a hypoxic brain injury. Just two weeks later, the baby died. The parents sued the facility. They argued that better testing and a faster delivery would have avoided the brain injury and prevented the child’s death. They claimed that the mother’s high blood pressure was proof enough to act. The defendant’s failure to do so was evidence of negligence. The defendant did not present its defense at trial. It settled with the family for $2 million for the wrongful death of their child.

$560,000 Settlement; Blood Pressure Malpractice; Cook County, Illinois

This lawsuit targeted a doctor and hospital. The patient was sixty. He went to the emergency room because he was experiencing pain in his chest and head. Also, he had high blood pressure. ER staff admitted him. Yet, they did not adequately examine him. If they would have properly examined him, they would have found that he had aortic dissection. Alas, his symptoms went unnoticed and untreated. Consequently, he died just a few hours after he entered the ER. At the time of his death, he was survived by his three children. They sued the hospital and doctor for wrongful death. They claimed the defendants’ negligent care caused him to die. Specifically, they cited their improper treatment of his high blood pressure, chest pain, and other symptoms. They sought compensation for their losses including their pain and suffering. The defendants did not want the matter tried in court. They settled for a reported $560,000.

$1,000,000 Settlement; Blood Pressure Malpractice; Cook County, Illinois

This dispute involved the tragic passing of a newborn. The child’s mother showed signs of high blood pressure over repeated visits spanning two months. She was twenty-two at the time of these events. However, medical staff took no action to treat her high blood pressure. A few weeks before the baby was supposed to be born, the mother fell down and lay unconscious on the floor. Paramedics took her to the emergency room. Doctors performed a C-section to remove the child, but it was too late. In the process, the baby suffered a hypoxic brain injury. The child died not long after these developments. The kid’s parents sued the hospital and treating staff. They said that but for their failure to treat her high blood pressure, their child would still be alive today. Plus, they claimed various losses including over $70,000 in medical bills. All sides settled for a sum of $1 million.

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