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Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack Attorney: Chicago, Illinois

Undiagnosed heart attack The failure to diagnose a heart attack is one of the most devastating forms of a failure to diagnose an illness. Usually, time is critical when a person is experiencing a heart attack. A heart attack happens when there is a blockage in the flow of blood to the heart. If the heart does not receive blood, it can not function as the heart muscle. It may be that a person has a build-up of cholesterol in the arteries, and this prevents blood from flowing through the vessels.

Before a heart attack occurs, there are usually warning signs that a person is at risk for a heart attack. A doctor may be able to notice that a person has high cholesterol levels, and he or she could provide a warning to a patient in regards to these high levels. It is important for a patient to take any preventive measure that he or she can eliminate the risk of a heart attack. However, patients who are unaware that they may be at risk of developing a heart attack may now change their eating or exercise habits. This can lead to a heart attack, in addition to the lack of medication or other measures that a doctor could provide.

If you were at risk of developing a heart attack and never received any sort of warning from your doctor about your increased risk, then you may be eligible to receive damages. Those who have developed heart disease and other heart issues that have gone unrecognized by medical professionals deserve to receive compensation. A failure to diagnose heart attack attorney can investigate one’s case to see whether it has a likelihood of success.

Physicians Appreciation of the Signs of a Heart Attack in Their Patients

The American Heart Association reports that over 927,000 citizens died as a result of heart issues in 2002. These heart issues included heart attacks, the experience of stroke, heart defects, heart failure and an increased blood pressure. 

There are signs that a person is in the midst of experiencing a heart attack, and it is vital for doctors to be able to recognize these signs. The following signs of a heart attack include the following:

  • Pain in the chest area that spreads throughout the arm, shoulder, jaw or back areas
  • Discomfort in the form of pain, burning or pinching in any area of the chest, upper body or lower body areas
  • Freezing of the muscles
  • Generalized pain throughout the body (not localized)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased sweating throughout the body
  • Fatigue after physical activity
  • Blackouts and fainting

When a person experiences any of these things, he or she may be experiencing a heart attack or at a great risk of developing one in the near future. It is important for individuals to seek medical attention if they suspect that they are in the middle of a heart attack. Patients should also be aware that the pain experienced during a heart attack will likely not be localized.

Over one-third of individuals who suffer from a heart attack do not even experience chest pain, so they may even be unaware that they are experiencing a heart attack. This can also mean that a doctor misdiagnoses their illness. It is important for a doctor to do a very thorough check-up on a patient who reports that he or she has experienced a string of symptoms that are like the ones listed.

Instances of Illinois Malpractice in Failing to Diagnose a Heart Attack

When a patient comes to a doctor with complaints of the symptoms listed above, there is a risk that a doctor can misdiagnose the illness as heartburn or some other minor health issue. A good examination of a patient is one that is very thorough and that considers all of the facts of his or her medical history. If a patient is known for having a high cholesterol level, then a symptom like nausea, fatigue or generalized pain could mean that he or she is going to experience a heart attack in the near future.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC: Attorneys Prosecuting Failure To Diagnose Heart Attack Cases

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC understands the feelings of frustration and anger felt when a medical professionals negligence results in the injury or death of a loved one. When a doctor or hospital fails to appreciate the symptoms of a heart attack and a patient suffers, the Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can help. Our office has prosecuted situations where a loved one has passed due to the inattention or misinterpreted diagnostic tests that resulted in the loss of a loved one. Allow our team to evaluate your circumstance and provide you with the answers you are looking for. As will all of our medical negligence cases, we only earn a fee when there is a recovery for you. 888-424-5757

Those who have experienced a heart attack that could have been prevented can get in touch with a failure to diagnose heart attack attorney in Chicago. This type of attorney will help a person to move forward in pursuing a legal claim against a doctor or other medical professional.

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