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Failure to Perform Biopsy

Failure Perform Biopsy MalpracticePerforming a biopsy is a useful way to diagnose conditions that require a deeper examination of tissue to confirm or rule out the presence of cancer, cirrhosis or other conditions. The Chicago biopsy attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have represented the needs of patients whose conditions worsened due to the failure of their physicians to conduct the proper testing to locate and determine the presence of an illness which required quick treatment. Detecting conditions such as cancer or hepatitis early greatly increase the patients’ chances of survival and it is for this reason that doctors must order a biopsy if there is any reason at all to suspect something may be wrong.

Different Forms of Biopsies

Most people associate biopsies with the detection of cancer, but they are generally ordered whenever a doctor finds something that he or she needs to review further prior to confirming a diagnosis or to reveal more information that could help in the formation of a diagnosis. A biopsy can also be used to determine how far a condition like cancer has progressed and to determine what treatment options are most viable to limit its spread and provide the greatest chance of survival. The different types of biopsies your doctor may order include the following.

  • CT-Guided biopsy. During these biopsies, doctors will use the images revealed during a CT scan to find the exact placement of the tissue they need to examine prior to inserting a needle to recover the targeted cells.
  • Ultrasound-Guided biopsy. Instead of using a CT scan to determine targeted tissue placement, doctors use the images provided by an ultrasound.
  • Bone biopsy. An orthopedic surgeon may be required to assist in the recovery of bone cells to determine whether the patient has a form of bone cancer.
  • Bone marrow biopsy. This test is used to diagnose leukemia or lymphoma and is conducted by inserting a long needle into the pelvis to retrieve bone marrow.
  • Liver biopsy. Useful both as a means to detect cancer of the liver or cirrhosis which may allow doctors to confirm a diagnosis of hepatitis, this test is performed by inserting a needle into the liver through the abdomen.
  • Kidney biopsy. A needle is inserted through the back to recover tissue from the kidney that can be used to diagnose kidney disorders.
  • Skin biopsy. To detect the presence of cancer cell on a skin abnormality, a circular blade is used to take a sample of the skin for further testing and examination.

If you felt that your doctor delayed in ordering a biopsy and your prognosis suffered as a result, our Chicago biopsy attorneys will be happy to look into your case to determine whether it merits further investigation.

Early Detection Improves Survival Rate

When cancer or other conditions that biopsies are useful in detecting are allowed to progress, it is possible for cancerous cells to move to other areas of the body or for organs to suffer irreparable damage due to the worsening of a medical condition, such as cirrhosis of the liver. Survival rates for cancer diminish greatly as it moves into later stages, for example. The five-year survival rate of women suffering from Stage I and II breast cancer is 100% and 93%, respectively. It then drops to 72% and 22% as it progresses to the next stages. Other forms of cancer show very similar drops in survival rates as the illness progresses and are most treatable when detected in the first two stages.

Detecting cancer during its early stages is also important when considering the movement of cancer to other areas of the body. As the cancer is allowed to progress without treatment, it may begin to spread to other areas and affect organs that are more difficult to treat. Detecting cirrhosis early in patients with chronic hepatitis can make a marked impact on their prognosis as well because severe cirrhosis becomes irreversible.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a medical condition that worsened because your doctor did not order a biopsy at the onset of your symptoms, you may be entitled to recover compensation. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is the leading medical malpractice firm in Illinois and we have represented thousands of clients who suffered complications and injuries due to medical errors and the failure of doctors to meet their duty of care.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our highly qualified Chicago biopsy attorneys, who can review your case and discuss your legal options at the time and location more convenient for you. If for any reason we are unable to assist you in recovering compensation for your medical bills, pain, suffering and out of pocket expenses, you will not owe us a thing.

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