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Face Injury Car Accident Settlement: How to Value Facial Injury Cases

Facial Injuries Result Care Accident You can’t discuss car accidents without discussing facial injuries head injuries, facial scars, even permanent scars. They are quite common in auto crashes. They produce many expenses and harms.

Cars are safer these days thanks technology and manufacturing. Yet, the face is exposed while driving. There is no sure-fire way to limit this exposure.

There are numerous ways that the face can get injured. Bits of the windshield can fly into the face. The head might slam into the steering wheel. An airbag could open and bruise the face.

The personal injury attorneys of our law firm help accident victims with these serious injuries bring accident claims against the at-fault driver or insurance company (if insurance coverage does not apply).

Below you will find information to understand what could happen during an accident. It will show you recovery that is available if you are a victim. If you or a family member has any questions, contact our law firm to discuss your case and obtain legal advice.

Common Types of Facial Injuries Sustained in Illinois Auto Collisions

Many health risks flow from car crashes. Each might be reason to file suit and seek damages. Often, victims suffer different kinds of facial injuries. Here are some that you should consider.

Facial_ Injury
  • Breaks. The head has 14 bones. Each can be broken in an auto crash. Broken facial bones can cause significant injuries to the eyes, sinus cavities, mouth, teeth, tongue, and brain. Fractures cause years of pain and cosmetic problems.
  • Deformities. Even if treated, the face can heal incorrectly. This will change the victim's appearance. Deformities will arise and impact the victim's quality of life. They produce headaches, low self-esteem, and a diminished personal image.
  • Scar. Objects might hit and tear the skin. This could make a long gash across the face. Victims have a scar as a visible reminder of the trauma. This causes permanent physical pain. It has a permanent negative effect on the victim's quality of life too.
  • Burns. The initial crash can cause a fire. Drivers, passengers or bystanders risk serious, life-threatening burn injuries. Severe accident-related burns are incredibly painful. They require extraordinary and ongoing medical care.
  • Eyes. The eyes are extremely sensitive and vulnerable in crashes. Victims suffer scratched corneas, blindness, and other visual impairments. These demand ongoing care, follow-up treatments, and surgery.

How Facial Injuries Occur in Illinois Car Crashes

Everyone could get into a car accident. Illinois sees a lot of them each year. They cause a lot of damage to the face. Debris, glass, foreign objects and car parts harm the head. Many things try to keep us inside the vehicle.

Think of seat belts and air bags. These reduce deaths. Yet, they do not reduce damage to the face. In fact, they increase that harm sometimes. It might be impossible to completely protect the head.

After a fast car stop, momentum throws the body forward. You can keep going even after the vehicle came to a halt. You might collide with the steering wheel, dashboard or windshield. The airbag or seatbelt might malfunction. These could all cause problems.

That said, airbags can also injure the face and head. This happens when they inflate too fast or not fast enough. Faulty airbags cause a lot of issues.

Rear seat passengers may suffer facial injuries too. They can collide with the seat in front of them. They can smack into glass. Debris or other objects come their way. Victims who are not wearing a seatbelt are at an even greater risk. They suffer these injuries and more and at an especially high rate in Chicago as the following chart suggests.

Chart Cook County Car Accidents

Facial Injury Statistics in Chicago Car Accidents

Facial injuries from car accidents are extremely common. Car occupants face the risk of head trauma. The impact of facial injuries can remain long after crash. Cuts and bruises heal and broken bones mend. Yet, victims suffer physical and emotional pain too. These last a long time.

These harms can be hard to value. They can be hard to put a price on in court. Our Chicago attorneys handle this tough task. We look to maximum the compensation plaintiffs get. Here’s info on facial injuries and auto crashes. It covers Illinois cases.



Medical Treatment for People with Facial Injuries from Illinois Car Accidents

You have many options after a car accident for care. Yet, you and your doctors must first learn the exact nature of the harm. These kinds of incidents produce a variety of injuries.

You might have broken bones, scars, eye disruptions, tissue damage, deformities, and burns. Generally, here are the main modes of treatment available. They will address many of the issues you have after a car crash.

  • Surgery.
  • Eye replacement/removal.
  • Stitching.
  • Tissue removal/enhancement.
  • Cosmetic repairs.
  • Medication/pain alleviation.

Remember, these medical treatments are very expensive. They are also painful and time-consuming. You should factor this in when deciding how much to value your lawsuit. Facial injury claims from an Illinois car accidents take planning and skill.

Defenses to Facial Injury Claims in Chicago Car Accidents Cases

There are common defenses to facial injury claims. You might face one in an Illinois case after a car crash.

  1. Your medical bills were not as much as you claim. Defendants might try and allege that your procedures were cosmetic. Thus, they will say that they were unnecessary. To combat this, point to other plaintiffs that prevailed on this. You could also form of compensation or argue it affected you intangibly. For instance, maybe it lowered your self-esteem. Then, the procedure might look necessary.
  2. Defendants cast doubt on your intangible facial injuries. They also claim they won’t affect you into the future. There are a number of ways that you can remove this doubt. Go to trial and appeal to a jury. Seek professional medical testimony on the long-term impact of harms. Offer testimony of others that have endured a similar wound.
  3. Defendants claim that your only economic damages should be medical bills. To sidestep this, show how the facial injury decreased your ability to work. This will add in lost wages to your claim. You can then increase the amount of economic damages you’re seeking. Your case value will rise as a result.

Defendants in car accident cases with facial injuries use stock defenses. There are tried-and-true ways to get around them. They will increase the value of recovery in court! Call us for more information.

How Can a Chicago Lawyer Help with My Chicago Car Crash Claim?

Whether you suffered facial injuries or broken bones or any other kind of personal injury in a Chicago car a crash, you may well consider hiring an experienced personal injury law firm to help bring a claim. Personal injury cases take a lot of time, money, and skill.

Qualified attorneys can help with these demands but they can also offer other insights and services that could move your claim forward more effectively, including these:

  • Speedy investigation after the accident to determine the causes and responsible parties
  • Communications with insurance carriers and other companies to initiate and obtain settlement agreements
  • Legal claim analysis and lawsuit drafting
  • Medical records requests and health care file organization
  • Pre-trial discovery (including depositions) representation as well as trial advocacy

To learn about our dedicated team of car accident attorneys can help you after a crash, call our offices today for a free consultation!

What Factors Influence My Car Accident Face Injury the Most?

“What is my car crash case value?” To answer this question, we need to look at your injuries and the events leading up to and surrounding your motor vehicle crash. Every answer is unique and requires an individual response.

However, there are some factors that typically help Chicago plaintiffs in their question for financial compensation after experiencing facial injuries and other harms, like these:

  • Large medical expenses and bills
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • On-going pain or suffering
  • Reduced self-esteem or quality of life
  • Changed relationships including with family, friends, or significant others

If you suffered any of these consequences as a result of an Illinois automobile accident, call our law firm today. We can help!

Facial Injury Awards and Settlements from Chicago Car Accidents

$525,000 Settlement; Joliet, Illinois; 2011:

A tractor-trailer rear-ended a family traveling in their passenger car just south of Chicago. The baby in the back, five years old, suffered several serious personal injuries including broken bones in her face, entropion, and trichiasis.

She needed surgery and extensive plastic surgery totaling over $100,000 in medical expenses. Also, the little girl faced a lifetime of pain, suffering, and emotional trauma related to the scarring and disfigurement. With her family, she sued the truck driver and the truck company.

The family settled with the latter for $525,000 of financial compensation.

$2,850,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois:

The defendant merged into the plaintiff’s lane and sent her motor vehicle right into the median. The crash occurred by Touhy Road in Chicago, Illinois. The woman, forty-four years old, suffered a ruptured eye, broken facial bones, and lacerations across her face.

She needed immediate and long-term medical treatment to the tune of almost $200,000 and lost income from missed work north of $10,000. Through the assistance of counsel, she sued the company that employed the defendant driver at the time of the accident, a local foods company.

Without admitting or denying of the plaintiff’s allegations, the defendant agreed to settle with the woman for a reported $2.85 million. This agreement for financial compensation was to compensate her for the economic and non-economic damages that resulted from the motor vehicle crash.

$3,250,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois; 2019:

This automobile accident occurred on the south side of Chicago near an airport. The motorist was rushing to try and catch a flight. He sped through an intersection and turned left but ran smack into the plaintiff.

The victim, a man in his early fifties, broke bones in his face, fractured his clavicle, ruptured his spleen, and damaged his hip. The medical treatment cost him over $400,000. It also fundamentally changed his life. He was the primary caretaker of his parents and had an active social life. The man sued the driver’s employer because he was working when the crash happened.

The two sides engaged in preliminary legal back and forth but soon entered into settlement talks. He received $3.25 million in financial compensation for his personal injuries and other damages.

Legal Assistance for People with Facial Injuries Due to Illinois Car Crashes

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are deeply committed to protecting the legal rights of people with facial injuries from auto accidents. Our law firm has the experience to resolve your case. We will ensure you receive the maximum amount of financial recovery. We can negotiate a settlement on your behalf or win your case at trial.

Our team has done both and can offer insight on both routes. Also, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means a fee is only charged after we obtain a financial recovery for you. Contact our Chicago law firm for a free case assessment.

Learn about other Illinois auto accident injuries. Please read the following pages.

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