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Evanston Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Evanston, Illinois, is a northern suburb of Chicago that is deeply rooted in politics, religion, and education and is home to many private schools and institutions of higher education that include Northwestern University. With a population of nearly 75,000 people, the city is renowned for the influence it has and continues to exert on area politics and for its historical contributions in education and healthcare. Located in Cook County, the city borders Lake Michigan and its universities and medical institutions comprise the majority of its economy even though it is home to the operations of several large companies.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC law offices are established elder home abuse attorneys with experience litigating elder home negligence cases across Illinois. Our law firm is committed to serving individuals and families who have been impacted by home abuse and negligent care in Evanston nursing centers. We would be honored to speak to you concerning your serious injury damages.

Our lawyers handle personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits filed by victims and family members. Our Illinois elder home abuse lawyers are here to serve you 24-hours a day.

Evanston Healthcare and ElderCare

Evanston's largest employers are educational institutions, hospitals, and healthcare companies, so its healthcare facilities are subject to high expectations. The recent expansion of for-profit companies into the nursing care market has threatened the integrity of these institutions as the prioritization of profit has resulted in diminished quality of care. When the companies running nursing facilities forget their primary purpose, the intervention of a Cook County elder home lawyer may be the only way to bring about a change in the way they choose to conduct themselves.

The following are some of the most prominent nursing facilities located within Evanston and their ratings. The list includes areas of concern of home negligence and abuse that should be considered when determining which home to place your loved one in and whether there is a pattern of violations if you suspect that your loved one is the victim of elder home abuse.

Our legal team gathered the information below from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), insurance company information, and other public sources. The star rating system managed by the Illinois Department of Health and the federal government is based on national averages.

Alden Estates of Evanston

2520 Gross Point Road
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Administrator- Emily Hanson

Alden Estates of Evanston is a member of a nursing home chain that has received questionable ratings in other locales. The Cook County location has received an excellent rating of five stars by However, and the primary concern that was cited in its appraisal is the lack of an adequately sized staff. In its other locations, understaffing has been the root of its problems, so this should be monitored.

The Alden Estates of Evanston nursing facility has 99 certified beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Albany Care

901 Maple Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60202
Administrator- Dennis Tossi

Albany Care is a large nursing facility that offers 417 certified beds, and while the facility does not accept Medicare payments, it is enrolled in Medicaid. Its quality of care is highly accredited, and the facility has received a five-star rating overall. Its only flaw is a four-star health inspection rating— which is the result of deficiencies due to one case of mistreatment, two quality of care concerns, and an environmental deficiency.

Overall, the facility has a health inspection record that exceeds state and national averages and provides five stars rated service.

Aperion Care of Evanston

1300 Oak Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Administrator- Etan Bleichman

Aperion Care is a for-profit chain with numerous locations spread across the suburbs of Chicago. Its Evanston location has received a three-star rating out of a total possible score of five, and its assessment provides a common example of the correlation between understaffing and diminished quality of care.

The Aperion Care of Evanston staff received a mere two-star rating.

The facility received four stars for its quality measures and three for its health inspection history. Its primary complaints involve patient mistreatment and environmental hazards, which may be addressed by the addition of staff members who can dedicate their time to keeping patient environments clean and free of obstructions.

This facility has 57 certified beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Dobson Plaza

120 Dodge Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60202
Administrator- Charlotte Kohn

Dobson Plaza offers 97 certified beds and participates in Medicare and Medicaid. Its facility has received a mediocre rating at best, however, with cited concerns that include reduced staff levels and quality measures. Its three-star rating overall is the result of two-star ratings in the areas mentioned above. Health inspections have revealed deficiencies that include environmental concerns, fire safety issues, and concerns over the nutrition provided to home residents.

The assessment included the suggestion that staff members be available to supervise home patients to reduce the risk of accidents, but this becomes a difficult task whenever a facility is understaffed.

Greenwood Care

1406 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60202
Administrator- Laurie Evans

Evanston nursing home abuse lawyerGreenwood Care has an above inspection findings average four-star rating overall, but its abysmal staff rating mires its accomplishments. There is often a correlation between an overworked staff and diminished quality of care, so the concern abounds that this facility is an elder home abuse lawsuit waiting to occur.

As of now, it maintains a commendable quality measures rating and above-average score on health inspections. Still, its staff score of only one star is what has prevented Greenwood Care from receiving a perfect rating.

This facility has 154 certified beds and accepts Medicaid payments. It does not accept Medicare at this time.

The Mather

425 Davis Street
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Administrator- Lynn Laystrom

The Mather is a non-profit owned nursing facility that has a nearly impeccable assessment by, and this is typical of facilities not governed by profits or expenses. The facility has 37 certified beds that qualify for Medicare payments and is part of a continuing care retirement community.

Its only blemish is a four-star health inspection rating, which is the only area in which the facility failed to receive five stars.

Symphony Evanston Healthcare

820 Foster Street
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Administrator- Moshie Polstein

Symphony Evanston Healthcare is another five stars rated nursing facility that happens to be tied to a non-profit corporation. On average, non-profit healthcare institutions receive higher ratings than their for-profit counterparts. The only area of concern noted in the assessment of Symphony Evanston Healthcare's facility was in its quality control measures. It has scored the highest among the homes on this list for its health inspection history.

This home only has fifteen certified beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Westminster Place

3200 Grant Street
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Administrator- Linda Dotson

Westminster Place is tied to a non-profit Presbyterian institution and operates within a continuing care retirement community. Aside from slight blemishes in its health inspection rating, this home has received the highest ratings possible for its quality of care and the attentiveness and availability of its staff. Westminster Place accepts both Medicare and Medicaid payments and has 105 certified beds that qualify.

The city has a proud history as a leader in education and healthcare, but as more healthcare institutions drift from their non-profit roots, the quality of care offered is under a grave threat. There is stark evidence to the fact that when for-profit companies are allowed to become healthcare providers that the patient ultimately suffers. Resident suffering could not be more apparent as the State of Illinois experiences an epidemic of nursing home abuse cases.

If you would like more information on how to locate the perfect nursing facility for your loved one or are concerned that he or she may be the victim of abuse, contact the Illinois elder home abuse lawyers of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC. Our senior home lawyers specialize in the representation of those who are harmed due to senior home mental or physical abuse or home neglect and have found that the only way to change the system is to do everything in our power to hold negligent facilities accountable.

Arrange a free consultation with one of our Cook County abuse injury lawyers to learn how we will fight on behalf of your loved one to secure compensation to allow you to move him or her to a facility that will provide the respect and care your loved one deserves. If we fail to secure compensation on your behalf, our legal services and advice will be free of charge.

A Brief History of Evanston, Illinois

Evanston was founded in honor of the leader of a group of business leaders that founded Northwestern University in what was previously the township of Ridgeville. Three years after the founding of the university in 1851, a request was filed with the county judge to create the city— to be named after John Evans.

This request was submitted in 1854 but not granted until 1857, and it was at that point that the city split from Ridgeville. It would not receive its designation as a town until 1863, however and despite receiving approval in 1869 to become a city, it declined the honor until the annexation of South Evanston in 1892.

John Evans was one of nine founders of Northwestern University, and the institution has lived up to his dreams and those of his partners, which include Orrington Lunt and Andrew Brown. Northwestern is consistent in the top tier of universities and has achieved national acclaim. The success of the university is closely tied to the growth and development of the city as the two entities' histories are intricately tied to the other.

In the early 1900s, the city received nicknames such as Heavenston and The City of Churches due to its deep religious roots. Northwestern University and the Garret Bible Institute had strong ties to the Methodist faith, and the city is home to numerous churches that serve as landmarks to this day. In 1954, the city hosted the World Council of Churches and was the only city in the United States ever to have hosted the event. President Dwight Eisenhower attended the event to welcome the delegates.

Due to its deep religious roots, the city banned the sale of liquor within its limits until 1972, when it first allowed the sale of alcoholic beverages at hotels and restaurants. In 1984, the city finally allowed the retail sale of alcohol, which was previously disallowed.

The Political and Religious Influence of Evanston

In addition to being home to numerous schools and fraternities, the city is a major center of political and religious influence, with the two often being intertwined. During the Civil War, the city leaned heavily in favor of the Republicans and maintained this trend into the 1960s. Since the 1970s, however, the city has become a significant contributor to Chicago's Democratic machine and has voted over 80% in favor of Democrats in the last three presidential elections.

The city's politics vigorously promote individual freedoms and the right for all individuals to practice their religions as they see fit. As the debate over personal freedoms and social issues caused the city to lean hard to the left, it earned the nickname of the People's Republic of Evanston by adversaries on the right.

The religious influence of the city is exerted through its numerous private schools that have strong ties to religious institutions. Its schools include the Midwest Montessori School, Pope John XXIII School, and Saint Athanasius School.

If your rights have been compromised, we invite you to contact our office for a free review of your Cook County elder home abuse case.

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