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Elgin Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Elgin, Illinois, is one of the largest cities in the State of Illinois and is located near the Fox River and between the cities of Galena and Chicago. The city has been home to numerous inventors, educators, and people of great historical significance throughout its history, and its proximity to numerous parks, forest preserves, and bike paths make the city an attractive destination for local tourists. Since the turn of the millennium, Elgin's population has grown from just under 95,000 to over 110,000 and its residents represent a diverse group of nationalities and cultures.

As elder home abuse lawyers serving Elgin, Illinois, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is committed to serving all residents and families that have suffered abuse, neglect, or injury at a skilled nursing facility in the area. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case without any cost or obligation on your part.

Senior Living in Elgin, Illinois

Elgin is home to a culturally diverse population, and seniors make up about ten percent of the total. According to the 2000 Census, roughly 25% of Elgin's residents were older than 45 years old. Fifteen years later, those who are retired or close to retirement age make up about 15% of the population. There are ten nursing facilities located throughout Elgin to meet the needs of its seniors.

Illinois has recently been home to an epidemic of nursing home abuse, and this has been primarily brought on by the introduction of for-profit companies to the nursing care field. Where religious institutions and non-profit corporations once owned most homes, for-profit companies have now started to enter the market. Since this has occurred, the number of nursing home abuse lawsuits and settlement offers have risen at an alarming rate, establishing the need for oversight and accountability.

As Elgin senior home lawyers, we must protect every nursing home resident. Our top-notch experts have compiled the following list of prominent nursing facilities and their current federal human services and Illinois Department of Public Health ratings to help you make a more informed decision concerning the placement of any of your loved ones in a nursing care facility. The information provided includes any fines or penalties that each facility has been accessed so that you have full disclosure about each home's history. Some facilities have more than the average number of health citations compared to the national average and Illinois Department of Health.

Arba Care of Elgin

134 McLean Boulevard
Elgin, Illinois 60123
Administrator- Michael Gillman

Arba Care of Elgin is a for-profit institution that has a laundry list of deficiencies and complaints lodged against it over the last three years. Its barebones staff seems to be at the center of the issue and only received two stars from It is quite common that for-profit nursing facilities reduce their expenditures by cutting staff and stretching their resources thin. The ultimate result of this strategy is that patients suffer harm, and suggests the need for more oversight and regulations that govern the size and quality of staff maintained by nursing homes.

During its last health inspection, forty-three health deficiencies were recorded, which is entirely unacceptable when compared with the state average of only 7.6. Of these deficiencies, the prevention of decubitus ulcers, violation of nursing home residents' rights, neglect, failure to keep medical records safe, sanitation and medication errors are the most problematic and concerning complaints. The facility was also cited for not sharing complaints with patients' families or making efforts to resolve disputes in a professional or timely manner.

Finally, the facility has questionable hiring practices and may have hired personnel with histories of abusing or neglecting patients. The situation here has become so dire that the facility received a $33,000 fine and is being declined Medicare and Medicaid payments due to the quality of care being provided.

Heritage Health-Elgin

355 Raymond Street
Elgin, Illinois 60120
Administrator- Linda S. Hartmann

The Heritage Health-Elgin nursing center is a member of a for-profit chain with homes across all of Illinois. Its well trained and equipped staff exhibits a marked difference in the quality of care when compared to facilities operating on reduced registered nurse hours and physical therapy staff hours.

Its health inspection record is slightly above average, and the majority of the deficiencies recorded in its last inspection were minor. The primary areas of concern were the treatment of existing bed sores and the presence of obstacles and environmental hazards that could pose trip or fall risks.

Overall, Heritage Health-Elgin received a five-star rating and has not been assessed any fines or penalties in the last three years. The facility has ninety-four beds, which qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Highland Oaks

2750 West Highland Avenue
Elgin, Illinois 60124
Administrator - Matthew Kinsinger

Highland Oaks is a smaller non-profit facility that is run by a religious institution and has 50 beds available that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments. Many non-profit homes receive better ratings than their for-profit counterparts, and such is the case with Highland Oaks.

Its staff has a five-star rating, and the facility itself would have received a perfect rating if not for the need to make improvements to its quality measures, such as ensuring that all patients have access to immunizations, that complaints of pain are handled promptly and that proper measures are taken to prevent and treat bedsores.

Overall, the facility received four stars, which is above average and has not been fined or penalized in any manner over the last three years.

Manorcare of Elgin

180 South State Street
Elgin, Illinois 60123
Administrator- Pamela R. Crenshaw

Elgin nursing home abuse lawyerManorcare is another for-profit nursing care chain and has access to eighty-eight Medicare and Medicaid beds. Its four-star rating overall is above average, but its primary detractor is a mediocre staff.

Understaffing is often the common denominator among homes that provide shoddy care, so caution should always be taken when considering placing a loved one in an understaffed home. Thus far, this facility's staff has proven adequate, and Manorcare of Elgin has been free of fines and penalties over the last three years.

Its latest health inspection only found three deficiencies, but they were all linked to the inability of the home's staff to meet the needs of patients. Those who had difficulty eating or drinking on their own experienced neglect, and the staff did not always provide proper care to residents with special needs.

River View Rehabilitation Center

50 North Jane
Elgin, Illinois 60123
Administrator- Arshad Rahman

The River View Rehabilitation Center is a larger facility run by a for-profit corporation, and this presents two notable concerns. The first is that it is more common for patients to be denied the care they need when staff must tend to the needs of a larger group of residents, and the second is that for-profits tend to keep staff levels at the minimum required to get by.

In this instance, River View's staff has been rated with two stars, which means it must hire and train additional staff to improve the quality of its care.

A barebones staff could be linked to the health deficiencies cited in its last inspection, which include the improper disposal of trash, the presence of rodents and insects, and the inability of staff to keep common walking areas free of environmental hazards. For a long time, residents have not been allowed to view the results of this nursing center's past health inspections, which throws up an additional red flag.

Overall, River View received three stars and has much to improve, although it has managed to avoid any fines or penalties over the last three years.

Rosewood Care Center of Elgin

2355 Royal Boulevard
Elgin, Illinois 60123
Administrator- Margaret A. Aschenbrenner

Rosewood is a large nursing home chain with homes spread out all over the Chicago area has received a four-star rating in every category of assessment. The facility provides 126 beds, which qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments, and its staff is rated above average, which may assuage any concerns rising from its for-profit status.

While no incidents have resulted, this home was cited over concerns arising from its failure to conduct background checks on new hires to be sure that staff members do not have a history of abusing elderly patients or a violent past. Additionally, improvements can be made in how the home handles the prevention and treatment of bedsores.

The Rosewood Care Center of Elgin has not been fined or denied any government payments over the last three years.

Sherman West Court

1950 Larkin Avenue
Elgin, Illinois 60123
Administrator- Joseph McManus

Sherman West Court is owned by a corporate non-profit, and the majority of its 112 beds qualify for Medicare payments only. A small number of beds also qualify for Medicaid. This facility is the perfect exhibition of all the qualities that combine to result in the best quality of care. A smaller patient population cared for by a five star rated staff has resulted in a near-perfect healthcare inspection rating, and the issued that are lodged against Sherman West Court are primarily administrative.

Such issues were the lack of assessment of each resident by a doctor to improve care and poor handling of patient records, which may result in inaccuracies. Overall, the facility is rated five stars by the federal government and has not been fined or penalized in the last three years.

Injuries Caused by Improper Care or Neglect at an Elgin Nursing Center

Regardless of how accredited the facility may be, elderly patients may be neglected or become the victims of abuse, and it is crucial to understand what types of injuries can result from negligence so that you can seek compensation when those caring for your loved ones have failed to perform their duties.

If any family member suspects that your loved one is being mistreated or he or she is suddenly acting differently, contact an Illinois continuing care retirement community lawyer. We can speak to the entire family about the symptoms of abuse and how you can investigate the matter. Common injuries involved in a low health inspection rating that result from poor care include:

  • Contusions, internal bleeding, and fractures – These injuries are often the result of falls, and the elderly have a more difficult time recovering when they have broken a bone or endured bruises to deep tissue. Not every fall can be attributed to poor care. Still, if your loved one has fallen, it is crucial to investigate whether the facility responsible for his or her care has a history of patient falls that may open the door for an elder home neglect investigation.
  • Development of or worsening of bedsores – One of the most easily prevented injuries that result from elder home neglect is the development of bedsores. When blood is cut off to muscle and bone near a joint due to prolonged periods of inactivity, the tissue begins to die, and an open wound develops in later stages. These are painful and embarrassing injuries and can be prevented simply by moving the patient or encouraging activity if he or she can walk. Sometimes pressure sores are the result of registered nurse mistakes, reduces nurse staff hours, or not fulfilling the patient's medical needs.
  • Disease resulting from unsanitary conditions – It should be unacceptable that any medical institution be allowed to conduct business if pests are present as rodents, insects, and other unwanted organisms carry disease throughout their environment. Improper disposal of garbage and biohazards may also result in the transmission of infections or contagious illnesses.

A Brief History of Elgin, Illinois

The land that the city currently occupies belonged to Native Americans before the Black Hawk war, which expelled numerous tribes and captured lands for Union control. During the war, soldiers were frequently marched along the Fox River, and veterans returned home after the war with tales about how rich and fertile the lands were out west. James T. Gifford and his brother Hezekiah heard the stories and set out to find the perfect location for a settlement of their own.

The city was founded along the stagecoach routes that connected Galena and Chicago, and its access to transportation throughout its history would contribute to its steady growth. The city was established in 1835 and quickly became renowned for its dairy products. Gail Borden founded a condensed milk factory in the city in 1866, and the city had gained notoriety for the butter and milk sent into the Chicago.

The dairy industry in the area was eventually eclipsed by the establishment of the Elgin Watch Company, which for many years was one of the largest and most popular watchmakers in the world. Chicago's Union Station bears clocks with the Elgin name to this day, even though the factory ceased production in 1965. In addition to its contributions to the dairy and watchmaking industries, the city has a deep connection with invention and education.

The Elgin Academy is the oldest non-sectarian and coed college prep schools in the west, and Elgin's high school educated some of the brightest minds of the twentieth century. Five different navy admirals, a pair of Academy Award-winning producers, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and a Nobel Prize winner are all graduates of the school.

The inventor of the street sweeper, John Murphy and Max Adler, the founder of the Adler Planetarium, were both residents of the city. Local resident Earl Muntz invented the modern car stereo.

A Growing and Booming Community

Elgin has experienced a significant population boom since 2000, and its population has increased by over 10% in the last 15 years. Of the cities in the greater Chicago area, Elgin is ranked second in new home closings and first in the establishment of new properties. Its downtown renovations include the development of townhomes and condominiums amid art galleries, a recreation facility, and the Riverside Drive Promenade.

Its location is attractive for new families looking for homes that are within reach of transportation to the city of Chicago but located near access to parks, preserves, and outdoor activities.

One of the city's parks is home to a herd of bison, and the Poplar Creek Preserve offers access to bike trails and horse riding. Nature preserves, located near the city, offer the opportunity for children to learn about a wide variety of plant life and are host to numerous field trips.

Recreation and the Arts

The area is home to numerous historical sites. It offers a variety of recreational activities, which include a trip to see the Elgin Symphony Orchestra or a chance to listen to an outdoor concert at the Wing Park Bandshell. Numerous performances are held year-round at the Elgin Community College, including musicals, theatrical productions, dance, and comedy shows.

The Hemmens Cultural Center hosts additional shows. The Grand Victoria riverboat casino brought commerce into the city after an economic downturn in the 1980s. Many historic buildings near the casino have been renovated and turned into clubs, restaurants, and tourist attractions to provide additional entertainment to those visiting the casino.

Tourists and residents can also enjoy a trip to the Elgin Public Museum or the Centre of Elgin, which is one of the largest recreation centers in the United States. The Centre features indoor rock climbing and a water park.

For those looking for even more history, the city is home to many structures from the Victorian era that have been preserved and designated as landmarks. Some of these homes belonged to the high ranking officials of the Elgin Watch Company, and there is another section of homes from the Sears Catalog Home era, which were constructed between 1908 and 1940.

If your rights have been compromised, we invite you to contact our office for a free review of your Elgin elder home abuse case. Click here for more information on the Illinois Department of Public Health, the average number of health citations, and the total number of citations involving the victim's nursing facility.

Elgin Elder Home Abuse Lawyers Working for You

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC routinely fights on behalf of the victims of mental, sexual, or physical abuse across Illinois, including in Lake County, Cook County, and Will County. We force nursing facilities to improve the quality of care provided for our elderly.

We believe that education on the issues is an integral part of prevention, but we also believe that negligence should not go unpunished. If you believe that your loved one has been neglected or abused in any way, we would like to hear about your case.

Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our Elgin elder home lawyers so that we can gather all the personal information needed to launch an investigation involving your legal issue. We will let you know whether you have cause for concern and help you transition your loved one into a better facility if he or she is being mistreated.

Additionally, you can be assured that we will never collect payment for our services unless we can secure compensation on your behalf. You will pay all fees at the end of the trial of this case or from a negotiated settlement.

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