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Dog Bite Back and Neck Injury Settlements

Dog Bite Neck Injury Money Legalalities.Many dog bite attacks result in serious back and neck injuries to the victim. These can be very costly injuries too-surgery and recovery could easily add up to over $100,000 especially if you figure in lost wages. Here are some summaries of Illinois dog bite verdicts and settlements involving people with back and neck injuries.

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Osusky vs. Schuberth; Will County; $300,000 Settlement

The victim in this case was an 8-year-old little girl. She was invited over to the home of a friend and she went hoping to have a good time. Instead, disaster struck when the friend’s dog overpowered her, injured her neck, and inflicted other bruises all over her body. The parents of the victim sued for negligence. 

They said that the owners should have used proper restraints to deter this kind of incident from occurring and should have alerted guests to the dog’s dangerous behaviors. The defendants did not accept this. 

They insisted that the little girl was responsible for the attack because she provoked the dog by teasing and hitting it. In the end, we will never know what truly happened because both sides settled out of court for $300,000.

Szelinski vs. Martin; Cook County; $114,500 Jury Award

This story started out when a woman went to a popular bar. The bar owner had a dog walking about in the establishment and encouraged the woman to play with it. 

What he did not tell her was that the dog had previously attacked two other people and was told that it was a dangerous animal by another person. The dog wound up attacking this woman as well and bit her on the face and neck causing permanent pain and numbness. 

The woman sued the owner for these actions but he retorted that she provoked the dog. The jury did not buy it and awarded her $114,500 for these damages:

  • Medical Costs:
  • Lost Wages:
  • Pain and Suffering:
  • Punitive Damages:
  • Total:
  • $3,900
  • $600
  • $20,000
  • $90,000
  • $114,500

Hughes vs. Carrol; Cook County; $30,000 Settlement
In this case, a 55-year-old woman was minding her own business when a dog jumped out from behind and attacked her. Her neck, back, and legs were seriously injured. Not soon after this incident, she filed a lawsuit against the owner. It charged the owner with negligence by failing to restrain the dog to avoid an attack. However, the woman that was sued claimed the dog really belonged to her son. Just before trial, the plaintiff and the son settled for $1,000. At trial, the jury found against the boy’s mother for an additional $30,000 for the following damages amounts:

  • Medical Costs:
  • Pain and Suffering:
  • Punitive Damages:
  • Total:
  • $6,000
  • $6,000
  • $18,000
  • $30,000

Karnick vs. Hodgson; Lake County; $43,000 Settlement

In another play-date-attack, this case involved a 4-year-old girl who was attacked by a dog while she was playing at the home of a friend. The dog jumped on her and bit her repeatedly in the neck and face. In the lawsuit that ultimately filed, her parents argued that the dog’s owners should have put it in an area where it could not harm the children. 

While denying any negligence, the owners still quickly sought settlement. Both sides arrived at $43,000 as an appropriate sum.

D.F. vs. Russel; Winnebago County; $220,000 Settlement

In this gruesome attack, two dogs jumped upon a 5-year-old and savagely bit him until help arrived to protect him. His face and neck were seriously injured. At the time of the incident, the boy was lawfully at a party with others. 

The parents of the boy filed a lawsuit against the owner seeking compensation pursuant to the Illinois Animal Control Act and Family Expense Act. However, seeing no room to argue, the defendant offered a compromise at $220,000 and the plaintiffs accepted.

Inman vs. Hnatkowicz; McHenry County; $160,000 Settlement

In this case, a child went apple picking with his mother in a small town in northern Illinois. Before she could get a lot of fruit, however, a dog pounced upon her and bit her seriously on the face, ear, and back of the head. 

As it turned out, the dog happened to belong to the owner of the apple orchard. The parents of the attacked child sued the owner for negligence. Their suit argued that the owner should have controlled his dog to avoid such an attack. 

Without admitting culpability, the defendant chose to settle and gave the plaintiff $160,000. Interestingly, $130,000 of the settlement went to the child and $30,000 went to the mother who claimed to be suffering post-traumatic stress disorder because of the attack.

Lynch vs. Rife; Will County; $56,062 Jury Award

A child was walking out on the sidewalk one day when a German Shepherd came running out of the house on the opposite side of the street and lunged at her. In the ensuing attack, the dog caused serious injuries to her back, arms, and legs. 

The child’s parents sued the dog’s owner for negligence under Illinois Animal Control Act and charged the defendant for allowing the dog to run without proper restraints. The defendant did not deny any of these allegations but refuted the amount of damages that the plaintiff sought so the case went to trial. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff in the amount of $56,062.

Need Legal Help For Back or Neck Injuries Sustained in an Illinois Dog Attack?

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has successfully prosecuted hundreds of dog bite claims and stands ready to do the same for you. If you or a loved one has sustained back or neck injuries from a dog bite attack, we can help you get compensation for your injuries. 

Our attorneys handle these cases on a contingency fee basis-- where you are never charged a fee unless there is a financial recovery on your behalf.

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