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Dog Attack (No Bite) Settlements

Though more common and well known, dog bite incidents are not the only circumstances in which people are harmed by canines. Dog attacks and accidents (non-bite) come in a variety of other forms. Here are some examples of verdicts and settlements involving cases where a dog attacked and injured a person-- but there was not any biting.

Should you have questions about the cases below or wish to discuss your situation, we invite you to contact our office for a free review of your case with an attorney who has experience with similar cases.

Dog Attack; Will County; $10,000 Jury Award:

This controversy started off on the right food but switched dramatically. A woman moved into a new home and went to visit her neighbors to introduce herself. She had not gotten very far when the neighbor’s dog, a German Shepherd, attacked her. The incident actually took place on the sidewalk in the middle of the two residences. She sustained various scratches and puncture wounds from the dog’s claws. 

Subsequently, she brought a lawsuit against the owner of the dog that just also happened to be her new neighbor. Her suit alleged that the defendant dog owner should have better secured the dog from strangers and warned others about its dangerous character. The defendant replied that he was not at fault and that the plaintiff was exaggerating her injuries. 

The jury disagreed and awarded the woman $10,000 ($9,600 for pain and suffering and $400 for medical bills).

Dog Attack; Kane County; $34,000 Settlement:

This incident occurred at a public dog park in St. Charles, Illinois. A woman was walking the paths when two dogs ran up and attacked her, knocking her over and causing multiple injuries. 

Typically, in the lawsuit that followed, the victim claimed offenses under strict liability principles (the Illinois Animal Control Act) as well as under negligence principles. Both claims sought damages related to the medical care required after the attacks as well as the long-term pain and suffering that resulted from the attacks. 

This case never got close to trial. Both parties agreed to settle for $34,000.

Dog Attack; Lake County; $4,500 :

In this incident, a dog attacked a young girl on a city street in Lake County, Illinois. It happened as she crossed the dog and its owner on the sidewalk. As they passed, the dog suddenly scratched and clawed all over her arms and legs. She immediately went to her doctor for medical attention. Not long after this occurred, she sued the owner of the dog for negligence. 

The defendant responded that he could not have done anything differently and the dog had not previously displayed any dangerous behavior. However, the jury found that he had acted unreasonably and was responsible for the woman’s injuries. They awarded her $4,500 in damages.

Dog Attack; Madison County; $30,000 Jury Award:

A dog knocked a kid off a bike in this case. The child was riding on his bicycle on a late spring night when the animal ran up and jumped at him forcing him to fall down to the ground. He fractured his collarbone and hurt his head and shoulders. 

His mother brought a lawsuit against the dog’s owner to recover for the child’s injuries and to recovery in her own right as the Illinois Family Expense Act allows. The defendant refused to admit that he was at fault so the matter went to court. Here, the jury found for the plaintiffs and awarded them $30,000 ($24,000 for medical bills and $6,000 for pain and suffering).

Dog Attack; Champaign County; $12,024 Jury Award:

A young African American man was riding his bike on a street in Champaign, Illinois when a dog came up and knocked him over. He sprained his wrist, tore several ligaments, and sustained various contusions across his body. 

He sued the owner alleging that incident was unprovoked and sought damages for his injuries as well as for the emotional distress and reduced quality of life that came with them. The defendant denied liability. The jury returned a verdict of $12,024 for the following damages:

  • Property Damages:
  • Medical:
  • Lost Wages:
  • Punitive:
  • Pain and Suffering:
  • Total:
  • $57
  • $1,098
  • $869
  • $7,500
  • $2,500
  • $12,024
Have Legal Questions About a Non-Bite Dog Attack In Illinois?

Many people are injured by dogs in non-bite incidents every year. Many of these cases are never prosecuted as some claims are wrongfully denied by insurance carriers as being non-compensable. 

The reality is that Illinois law firmly allows a person injured or knocked down in a non-bite attack to receive compensation for their injuries. Contact the Illinois dog attack attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC for a free review of your case. 

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