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Child Dog Bite Settlements

Dog Bite Case With ChildSadly, dogs attack those among us that are the most vulnerable, our children, all too often. Animal attacks on kids pose very serious health and safety problems especially those by dogs. Here is a survey of dog bite cases involving children from across Illinois.

Was your child injured by a biting dog? Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC appreciates the concern and frustration you may be feeling following a dog attack to your child. We invite you to contact our office for a free review of your case with an attorney who has experience successfully prosecuting similar cases.

2012; Dog Attack on Minor; Kane County; $100,000 Settlement:

A small, four-year-old boy was walking down the sidewalk in Elgin, Illinois when he saw a dog on a leash approaching. When it reached him, he kneeled down to pet it with the permission of the person that was walking it (who was someone different than the owner of the dog). The dog was mixed-breed pit bull

Just as the boy started to touch it, the dog lashed out and bit him on the face, arms, and head. Obviously, the child sustained numerous scars, lacerations, and puncture wounds but some of them also developed into infections posing more serious problems. Through his parents, the child sued the owner of the dog as well as the person walking it at the time of the attack. 

The lawsuit alleged that they were strictly liable under the Animal Control Act but it also included a common law negligence claim for exposing the child to a dangerous animal without proper precautions. Included the complaint was a prayer for damages related to medical bills, disfigurement, and suffering. 

Seeing that they were entirely responsible for the dog’s attack on the four-year-old child, the defendants quickly offered to settle and the plaintiffs recovered $100,000.

2012; Dog Attack on Minor; Kane County; $29,500 Settlement:

The victim in this incident was a 12-year-old child. She was invited over to a friend’s house and her relatives dropped her off on the driveway. As she approached the home via the driveway, a pit bull from the neighboring house came running over and attacked her. 

Due to the attack, she suffered various bite wounds, scars, and general arm and wrist injuries. Also, she experienced post-traumatic stress disorder following the experience. 

She and her parents sued the owners of the dog under the relevant dog bite statute as well as negligence principles. The suit claimed the owners should have been controlled and supervised it by, for instance, putting it on a leash. It sought damages for her related health care costs, lost income, disfigurement, and pain and suffering. 

Soon after the complaint was filed, however, the two reached a settlement of $29,500, foreclosing the need for trial.

2008; Dog Attack on Minor; Winnebago County; $100,000 Settlement:

A mother and her eleven-year-old son were invited over to a party at a nearby home so they attended at the appropriate time. While enjoying the gathering, a dog came out of one room and attacked the child. It bit him several times in the face and left multiple lacerations and marks. 

Together, the mother and child sued the owners of the dog for strict liability under the Illinois Animal Control Act. They also filed a common-law negligence action and alleged that the owner and host of the party failed to control, monitor, and remove the dog. 

As for damages, the plaintiffs heavily highlighted the large medical costs the attack necessitated as well as the reduced capacity to generate income the attack incurred upon the child. Just a few weeks after the lawsuit was filed, both sides found common ground and agreed to end the dispute for $100,000.

2008; Dog Attack on Minor; Kane County; $65,000 Settlement:

A husband and wife brought their daughter with them to attend a dinner at a friend’s home one night in Algonquin, Illinois. While the parents were eating, the child was off playing in a different room. At some point, a golden retriever came in and jumped on the girl on her, biting her all over her cheeks and face. 

The bites were so severe that she required surgery. The parents of the attacked girl brought a lawsuit against the owners. It alleged they were strictly liable under the Illinois Animal Control Act because the dog had dangerous propensities, attacked the girl, and was unprovoked in doing so. Furthermore, it alleged that the owners knew about these tendencies because the dog had attacked others before this night. 

The owners replied that the plaintiff child provoked the dog by hitting and yelling at it. Also, they stated that the child had done this to other dogs before this incident. However, just before trial, they settled for $65,000 so the merit of either side went untested.

2006; Dog Attack on Minor; Cook County; $62,461.55 Jury Award:

A child in Posen, Illinois was bitten by a dog after it jumped over a fence dividing the area where the two were. The kid sustained multiple puncture wounds and lacerations. Through his parents, the child sued the owner of the dog for strict liability and negligence. 

The former claim was made under the Illinois Animal Control Act and alleged the dog was unprovoked, dangerous, and bit the plaintiff. The latter claim alleged that the owner unreasonably controlled and supervised as well as unreasonably warned others, including the plaintiff, about the dog. 

The defendant denied these charges so the matter went to trial where a jury found for the plaintiff. They awarded the plaintiff $62,461.55 with these damages amounts:

  • Medical Costs:
  • Pain and Suffering:
  • Loss of Normal Life:
  • Emotional Distress:
  • Disfigurement:
  • Total:
  • $12,461.55
  • $2,000
  • $4,000
  • $20,500
  • $23,500
  • $62,461.55

2005; Dog on Minor; Kane County; $65,000 Settlement:

This controversy started when a child was invited over to the home of a friend. She was playing with the other girl when a dog came into the room and bit her face and neck. 

The little girl and her parents sued the parents of the friend for strict liability and negligence. Specifically, they alleged the friend’s parents should have secured the dog away from the children and, because they did not, should pay for the damages that ensued including medical bills, trauma, disability, and disfigurement. 

To these issues, the defendant parents claimed that they did not even own the dog but, rather than risk a huge loss at trial, they suggested settlement. They offered $65,000 and the plaintiffs accepted.

2005; Dog Attack on Minor; Cook County; $287,000 Settlement:

A family in Elburn hosted an Independence Day celebration and invited over several people. One of them was a little girl who came with her parents. She was playing peacefully during the celebration when a little dog ran up and bit her on the lips, chin, and nose. 

She had to be rushed right to the hospital to attend to these injuries and her medical bills went well above $10,000. Her parents sued the host and owner of the dog for strict liability because, allegedly, the defendant owner knew about the dog’s dangerous propensity and then it bit the girl without it being provoked. 

Additionally, they sued for negligence and claimed that the defendant owner unreasonably monitored the animal during the party. Answering the complaint, the defendant admitted most of the plaintiffs’ charges but still said he was blameless. Maybe realizing the futility of trial, he encouraged the plaintiffs to settle and they finally relented for $287,000.

Do You Need Legal Assistance For Your Child's Dog Bite Injuries in Illinois?

An injury sustained by a child in a dog bite attack can have a lasting impact on them. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC appreciates the significance of these cases and works hard to secure the most favorable recovery for your case. Contact our office for a free review of your child's injuries. 

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