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Dog Bite Nerve Damage Settlements

One of the most unfortunate outcomes of any dog bite or attack is nerve injuries. They are very vulnerable parts of the body that can have extremely deleterious consequences if injured. Here are some case summaries of verdicts and settlements from Illinois and across the country involving nerve damage done from dog bite attacks.

If you have suffered injuries from a dog bite, we invite you to contact our office for a free review of your situation with an attorney who has experience prosecuting similar matters. Our law firm is proud to represent people injured in dog bite attacks across Illinois. Contact us now for a free case review.

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; Winnebago County; $125,000:

The victim in this Illinois dog bite incident was on her property in Rockford, Illinois with her own dog when someone passed by on the sidewalk with another dog, a larger animal. The dogs started to fight and then the second, larger dog attacked the first woman who was minding her own business on her own yard. 

The attacked caused severe nerve damage as well as puncture wounds in her thumb. She sued the owner of the dog that attacked her for negligence. Her suit alleged that the defendant dog owner should have better trained the animal, controlled the animal, and confined the animal. It was brought under the Illinois Animal Control Act and asked for more than $200,000. 

The defendant responded that his animal was provoked so that provisions of the Animal Control Act did not apply. The jury said that it did because it came to the conclusion that the plaintiff was peaceably behaving where she had the lawful right to be and that dog that attacked her was unprovoked. She received $125,000.

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; Cook County; $5,812:

A young man sustained nerve damage across his arm when someone’s dog attacked him and bit him in Cook County, Illinois. Eventually, the injury escalated to the point where he lost the ability to grip in the affected hand. He sued the dog’s owner under the Illinois Animal Control Act. 

The defendant dog owner responded that, yes, his dog was responsible for the incident but, no, was the result of this attack as the plaintiff claimed. On the other hand, he contended that carpal tunnel syndrome was to blame for the loss of use of the plaintiff’s hand. 

The matter went to trial and the plaintiff received $5,812. The jury might have believed the defendant because it fell far below the last demand of $100,000 and even the last offer of $15,000.

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; Cook County Illinois; $12,977:

This dog attack involved a 67-year-old man. He was working on the electrical systems at a customer’s house in the backyard. At a certain point during this work, the customer’s dog attacked him and bit him all over his body. The results were significant: permanent nerve damage in his right hand and forearm, scarring, and lacerations. 

He sued the owner of the dog for these injuries. In typical fashion, the defendant dog owner admitted responsibility but denied the extent of the plaintiff’s claimed damages. Therefore, the matter went to trial on this issue alone. The jury settled that discussion with a figure of $12,977 for the following items:

  • Medical:
  • Pain and Suffering:
  • Punitive:
  • Total:
  • $1,477
  • $5,000
  • $6,500
  • $12,977

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; Connecticut; $313,202:

This Connecticut case involved a woman in her early sixties who was attacked by a pack of German Shepherds. They bit and hit her successfully and, as a result, she sustained nerve damage in her hands and fingers, scarring, and contusions all over her body. She sued the dogs’ owner and claimed that he was strictly liable under Connecticut law and that, in the alternative, he was negligent in exposing her to such dangerous while knowing they were dangerous, failing to control them, and failing to help her during the attack. 

The only issue at court was the appropriate amount of damages because he admitted to being responsible for the attack. After deliberations, the jury awarded the woman $313,202 in this manner:

  • Medical:
  • Pain and Suffering:
  • Lost Wages:
  • Total:
  • $20,422
  • $285,000
  • $7,780
  • $313,202

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; Massachusetts; $90,000:

This case had two stories. The plaintiff recanted that she went to her landlord’s door to speak with him when his dog attacked her when the door was opened. The defendant landlord suggested that the plaintiff taunted and struck the dog with the door several times. Whatever the case, the woman was seriously injured by the dog. 

She experienced nerve damage in her Achilles and throughout her legs as well as various scars, wounds, and lacerations. Eventually, the dispute went to trial because the two sides could not reach an agreement. Rather than merely litigate over the extent of damages (which is typical in dog bite/attack cases), this case actually fought over the issue of fault and causation. 

The jury heard the arguments of the plaintiff and defendant and then they deliberated. When they returned, they gave the award and victory to the 

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; Washington; $2,184,837:

This dog attack occurred on a small cul-de-sac in Washington. The victim was a handicapped woman in her late fifties. At the time of the incident, she was in bed. A group of pit bulls ran through a doggie door in her home and attacked her as she slept. 

She suffered extensive nerve damage and scars requiring multiple surgeries. In her subsequent lawsuit, she alleged that the dogs in question had been the subject of numerous other attacks and should have labeled “potentially dangerous.” In her opinion, this label would have required extra care and protection and could have prevented this incident. 

For this failure, she also sued the county in addition to the dogs’ owners. Neither defendant could come up with a serious defense because of the circumstances of the attack. The woman received a $2,184,837 jury award.

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; California; $89,342:

This case involved a pretty significant debate over the facts of dog attack. A 50-year-old woman was visiting her friend when a large Rottweiler jumped up and attacked her-that much they agreed upon. 

The victim said that the dog’s owner brought the dog to her. The owner said that the victim went over to the dog at her own risk. In the trial that followed, the defendant continued this chain of reasoning to contend that she assumed the risk of whatever came from playing with the dog. The plaintiff disagreed and said the nerve damage and infections that followed were the defendant’s responsibility. 

She formally asked for almost $400,000 in damages. The defendant replied that an appropriate figure was in the range of $25,000 to $50,000. Eventually, a jury decided that $89,342 was correct.

Dog Attack Nerve Injury; Pennsylvania; $1,900,000:

A married couple arrived home and hopped out of their car into their driveway when a large dog jumped on the wife. The animal’s owner was walking it when it broke loose and attacked the woman. The woman’s arms were seriously injured and, despite surgery, developed extensive nerve damage. She sued the dog’s owner as well as the manufacturer of the leash. 

The lawsuit alleged that the owner was negligent in controlling the animal and the manufacturer defectively designed the leash. In response, the defendant manufacturer contended that the owner improperly used the leash and that allowed it to corrode and rust. In its opinion, this was why it broke down and allowed the dog to attack the plaintiff and not because of any defective design. 

However, as trial dragged on, both defendants viewed settlement as more preferable to a jury award so they offered $1,900,000 and the woman accepted.

Do You Have Questions About The Value of an Illinois Dog Bite Case Involving Nerve Damage?

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As these cases are frequently covered under insurance coverage under the dog owner’s homeowner’s policy, we have been successful in get financial compensation for animal attacks that may have occurred at the home of a friend or relative. 

Regardless of your circumstance, we invite you to learn about your legal options with the assistance of our experienced dog bite attorneys. We invite you to contact our office now for a free case review as there is never a fee charged unless we are successful in obtaining a financial recovery for you.

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